The 10 best good and cheap mattresses of 2023

best good and cheap mattresses

Before choosing…The most important thing

  • To choose, you must first be clear about the weight of the sleeper, the greater the weight, the greater the firmness of the mattress. For your to have a reference, a person weighing less than 70 kg should avoid high-firmness mattresses, and a person weighing more than 90 kg should avoid low-firmness.
  • If you sleep accompanied pay attention to the independence of beds and the absorption of movements, otherwise the mattress will move to disturb the other person.
  • If you tend to sleep on your back you can choose between a medium or high-firmness mattress, but if you sleep on your side or stomach a medium-firmness mattress is more suitable.
  • The length of the mattress should be about 10-15cm longer than the height of the sleeper. If you sleep accompanied, this rule applies to the tallest person.

Details of the 10 good and cheap mattresses

Sleep Online Fresh Reversible Foam Mattress

The cheapest mattress on the list. Very useful for caravans or spaces where low height is required.

Sleep Online Fresh Reversible Foam Mattress
  • Materials:  HR foam and Super-Soft (2cm)
  • Firmness:  Medium
  • Thickness:  10/13cm
  • Reversible:  Yes (summer/winter side)
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite and antibacterial
  • Certifications:  Oeko-Tex and Cerfipur

Avoid spending a fortune on a mattress for specific moments, for that you have options like Sleep Online Fresh. Perfect for low budgets because for less than one hundred euros you have a fairly decent mattress. 

It is a very simple multi-layer mattress, with a  25kg/m 3 HR foam core and a 2 cm layer of Super-Soft on one side. In addition, It also has hypoallergenic fibers to improve comfort and prevent dust mites or bacteria from accumulating. 

I was surprised that it is breathable and reversible, with a winter side and a summer side, since other more expensive models do not offer this possibility. Of course, it is not removable and it is convenient to buy a cover. 

What I like least is its height, because, in theory, it measures 13cm, but in practice, it can be reduced to 10cm. It is uncomfortable for adults due to the weight, but it is perfect if you have special needs  (eg caravan or folding bed)  or for children

It has more than 30 measures to choose from! If it is for a box spring,  I advise you to choose a single bed and not a double one, because it sinks easily. The sensation is hard at first, then it loses firmness, but the seams are strong. 


The cheapest
Perfect for caravans or folding beds
A good option for children
Face for winter and summer
Many measures to choose


Not useful for daily use
Not good independence of beds
The low height of about 10cm

Star Mattress from The Mattress Store

An affordable option for your children. It is a good solution for trundle, folding, or bunk beds.

The Mattress Store - best good and cheap mattresses
  • Materials:  HR foam and fiber (300gr.)
  • Firmness:  Medium-high
  • Thickness:  15cm
  • reversible:  yes
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite, anti-mold and antibacterial
  • Certifications:  Certi-Pur and Oeko-Tex

The Star version of The Mattress Warehouse is a very affordable option ideal for trundle beds or guest rooms. I don’t recommend it for daily use, but if you don’t have more budget, it is a better option than the previous one: it has a  high firmness, but it is very comfortable. Of course, it may be a bit soft for some people. 

Unlike Sleep Online Fresh, it is more comfortable for adults due to its height of 15cm, but for overweight people, it can be annoying and sink easily. 

The interior is made up of a high-density HR foam core and 300gr fiber on both sides.  It has the same materials on both sides, so you can turn it around, but it is not designed for winter and summer. 

As for the fabric, it is 3D with aloe vera, it smells good, but I have not noticed that it improves rest at all. What I do like is that it is breathable and hypoallergenic, and it is very pleasant to the touch.  

What it shares with the previous model is the number of available measurements it has,  more than 30 different sizes


Good price
Good firmness
Breathable and soft fabric
It is hypoallergenic
Many sizes available


It has no face in winter and summer
The low height of 15cm
Not recommended for daily use

Dormio Zafiro – Memory Foam Mattress

A simple and comfortable mattress, perfect for children or second homes.

Dormio Zafiro - Memory Foam Mattress
  • Materials:  Eliocel HR foam, silicone fiber, and Stretch fabric
  • Firmness:  High
  • Thickness:  19cm
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite and antibacterial 
  • Certifications:  Oeko-Tex, Alex, and Hyg Cen

The Spanish manufacturer of Dormio Zafiro offers one of the cheapest mattresses you will find with reasonable quality. It has 10 sizes available and none exceeds the barrier of 200 euros. 

It is a great option if you are looking for a firm mattress with a  high hardness that is more comfortable than the traditional spring mattress because its core is made up of HR foam. Although the sensation may vary according to your weight and tastes. 

The foam of this mattress is very simple, with a  density of 26 kg/m3. Of course, it has a layer of Supersoft fiber on one side for a more padded sensation. And it has a  breathable Stretch fabric, ideal if you live in humid places, as well as an anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatment, perfect for allergy sufferers. 

What I have missed is that it has one side for winter and another for summer. In my opinion, it’s a bit hot. Although it can be something positive if you live in cold areas. 

CasaConfortable Tip: Having only one layer of Supersoft fiber, it should not be turned around, as it is not equally comfortable on both sides. Although it is advisable to rotate it every 3 or 4 months to prolong its useful life. 

As it is not viscoelastic, it does not adapt as well to the body and sags a bit over time, especially when you are two people. That is why I do not recommend it for daily use if you are an adult, but it is great for second homes or guest rooms. 

For children, it is a very good option, since its weight is usually low and it is quite comfortable for them. Since the height of 21 cm is promised, in practice it turns out to be about 19 cm. In addition, this model is a good option if you sleep on your back or your side,  but it may be somewhat uncomfortable if you sleep on your stomach, due to its hardness. 

I did not like that it is not removable, so we cannot see the layers that it has. We have to trust what the manufacturer tells us. And you can’t wash it either, so I advise you to buy a cover.


Ideal for second homes
Comfortable for children
Breathable and hypoallergenic fabric
10 sizes available


It doesn’t have a winter/summer face
Gives a little heat
With time it sinks

Cecotec Flow PureVital Mattress 

The cheap mattress with the best value for money.  It is perfect for families on a low budget.

Cecotec Flow PureVital best good and cheap mattresses
  • Materials:  FoamCore and viscoelastic
  • Firmness:  High
  • Thickness:  21cm
  • Reversible:  Yes (summer/winter side)
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite and antibacterial

If you don’t want to spend more than 100 euros on a mattress, but one that has above-average quality in this price range, I recommend Cecotec Flow PureVital 1800. 

It is one of the simplest mattresses of this brand, but it is still multilayer. It has a  dense FoamCore core of 18cm and 23 kg/m3, also unlike the previous ones it includes a  viscoelastic layer of about 2 or 3 cm, although only on one side.

The fabric is elastic and the seams are strong. But what I liked is its padded and soft touch, and, like most, it is hypoallergenic. I also have to highlight that it is reversible, with a winter side and a summer side, just like the Duérmete Online Fresh.

Another of its advantages is that despite having a  height of 21cm, being taller than the previous ones, it is very light and you can move it without difficulty. Which is perfect if you use it for sporadic occasions. 

It does not have as many measurements as other models, but it has 13 different ones, including the  200x200cm Super King version. It is quite firm, so it could be a better option than the previous ones for a double bed and for adults who are not overweight. The only thing that is not removable, so I recommend buying a cover. 


Best value for money
It has a thin layer of viscoelastic
Winter and summer face
21cm height
Stretch fabric and strong seams


It is not removable
Not recommended for daily use
Memory foam layer on one side only

Natural PerfectSleep Memory Foam Mattress 

An option with very good ventilation and adaptability, ideal for hot and humid areas.

Memory Foam Mattress
  • Materials:  FoamCore and viscoelastic
  • Firmness:  High
  • Thickness:  21cm
  • Reversible:  Yes (summer/winter side)
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite and antibacterial

The Natural PerfectSleep model is a mattress that gains ergonomics compared to the previous ones. It stands out for its viscoelastic layer with memory (between 15 and 18%) that adapts well to the contour of the body. And unlike the previous ones, it has several firmnesses. It is harder at the ends and more padded in the middle.

The 3D fabric is also hypoallergenic and highly breathable. It avoids humidity. So it is perfect for very hot areas or if you tend to sweat a lot. In addition, it has a winter and summer face. 

If you are looking for a hard mattress, I do not recommend this model, because it tends to be softer than others. Its FibraFeel core has a  moderate density of 23kg/m3  and the sensation is soft. It’s perfect if you sleep on your side!

Like the rest of the previous models,  I would not use it for day-to-day, especially if it is for two or one overweight people. I have been a little disappointed with the sides that sag over time and the seams are not as strong as in other mattresses. 

Various heights are available: 15, 22, or 30cm, although in practice it does not always reach that thickness and can vary by a few centimeters. So, my recommendation is that you buy a higher height than you need to avoid making a mistake. 


Very good ventilation
7 different firmness zones
It adapts very well to the body
It has a viscoelastic layer with memory
Winter and summer face


Loses a bit of height in practice
Not recommended for day to day
Improvable seams and sides

DORMIDEO Elixir Memory Foam Mattress

A mattress of medium-high or balanced firmness, with great adaptability and two sides for winter/summer.

DORMIDEO Elixir Memory Foam Mattress
  • Materials: Eliocel HR foam, Viscoelastic (3cm) and Super-Soft
  • Thickness: 24cm
  • Firmness: Medium-high
  • Treatment: Anti-mite, anti-bacteria, and anti-allergens
  • Certifications: –

Dormideo Elixir is a mattress made in Spain, with very good value for money.

It has 2 sides, one designed for winter with 3 cm of soft viscoelastic and TNR fabric (which gives it warmth) and another side that is very suitable for summer, with 3D gel fabric that creates a micro-layer of air between the mattress and the skin to improve breathability.

The core is made of HR Eliocel, a high-density foam that provides firmness and, after being subjected to pressure, quickly recovers its original state. For this reason, the Dormideo is a highly adaptable mattress, ideal for people with neck or back ailments, who need firmness without sacrificing comfort.

Regarding the finishes, the feeling I have had is that the seams are resistant and well-made.

It has good independence of beds, regulates the temperature well, and can be placed both on a sofa, as a box spring, and as an upholstered base. Regarding the measurements, there are more than 30 to choose from, and what I would advise you is to choose the largest that fits you at the base since this mattress tends to deform at the edges over time, and if it is too small for you, you will press the edges and it will deform sooner.


Good balance between firmness and adaptability
Face for winter and summer
Strong seams
Lots of sizes to choose from


The edges warp over time if you sleep on them.

KUO Dream Bio Memory 22 Mattress

A thick and high-firmness mattress, ideal for overweight people.

KUO Dream Bio Memory 22 Mattress
  • Materials: Aquapuar HR foam  and Visco Innogel
  • Firmness:  Medium-high
  • Thickness:  26cm
  • Reversible:  Yes (summer/winter side)
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite and antibacterial
  • Certifications:  Oeko-Tex

The Kuo Dream Bio Memory 26 is a great option for people who are overweight since it has a height of 26cm,  the highest on the entire list,  and a high firmness. In fact, for some people, it can be a bit harsh. It is recommended if you usually sleep low down or on your back or have back problems. 

Its composition makes it very comfortable to sleep in it. It has a high strength  (HR) Aquapur core and a  thin layer of visco innocent.  It includes a resistant, hypoallergenic, and flame-retardant 3D mesh fabric, as well as a reversible winter and summer face. 

Although it is suitable for overweight people, keep in mind that they are not long-lasting mattresses, so over time they may become deformed. 

You can choose between 20 different sizes and if you want it only for sporadic use or for children, you can buy the 22 cm thickness, which is a little cheaper. In addition, for this mattress, I recommend that you allow about 3 or 4 days to pass, as it takes time to reach the desired height and shape. 


Ample thickness of 26cm
Ideal for overweight people
High firmness and good adaptability
Memory foam layer
Resistant fabric for winter and summer


It is not removable
It takes 3 or 4 days to take shape
Can deform over time

Kuo Dream Bio Memory 22

High firmness option ideal for back pain.

KUO Dream Bio Memory 22 best good and cheap mattresses
  • Materials: Aquapuar HR foam  and Visco Innogel
  • Firmness:  Medium-high
  • Thickness:  22cm
  • Reversible:  Yes (summer/winter side)
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite and antibacterial
  • Certifications:  Oeko-Tex

The Kuo Dream Bio Memory 22 made in Spain is the same mattress as the previous one, the only important difference is the thickness, which goes from 26cm to 22cm. Therefore, it is a little cheaper. If you are not overweight and want to reduce your budget, this is a great option. 

The characteristics are the same: made from a  combination of 3 materials that the manufacturer calls Acuapur (high recovery polyurethane foam), Innogel (viscoelastic with gel particles that provide freshness), and Stretch Luxe fabric (an elastic, soft fabric that provides independence of beds ). Double-sided winter/summer and robust fabric. 

It is a quality mattress at a good price, it can be somewhat hard for the first two or three nights of use, but after this adaptation period, it is very comfortable and cozy. Of course, remember to leave it a couple of days more than usual so that it reaches the correct height. 


Good firmness and support of the spine
Excellent bed independence
Great adaptability
Cool and breathable
Resistant fabric for winter and summer


It is not removable
It takes 3 or 4 days to take shape
Something hard the first weeks

Novilla Viscoelastic Mattresses

A comfortable and good quality mattress for daily use.

Novilla Viscoelastic Mattresses
  • Materials:  Viscogel (2cm), Air Flow Foam (4cm), Air Circulation Foam (6cm), and HR Foam (6cm)
  • Firmness:  Medium
  • Thickness:  18cm
  • Reversible:  No
  • Treatment:  Anti-mite and antibacterial
  • Certifications:  CertiPUR-US, Oeko-Tex, and ISPA

If you are looking for an inexpensive mattress that you can use for day-to-day, I recommend the Novilla Viscogel. It stands out for its 4 layers: viscoelastic gel memory foam (2cm), airflow comfort foam (4cm), air circulation foam (6cm), and high-density foam base (6cm). 

Each of these layers has a different shape and size to make the rest more comfortable. It also has a breathable and elastic stretch fabric made of bamboo carbon. Also very pleasant to the touch and includes a cooling system to keep it warm. 

It can adapt to any position  (face down, face up, or side) unlike previous models. And to any type of bed, be it a box spring, bunk bed, or another format. 

But without a doubt, one of the things that I liked the most is that it is removable!  You can remove the cover with a  practical zipper and easily wash it when you need it. The only drawback is that it cannot be turned over as the layers are designed to use the mattress on one side only. 

As for the measurements, it has a  height of 18 cm, recommended for people who are not very heavy, and up to 18 sizes to choose from. 


Perfect for daily use
It has 4 layers for greater comfort
It is breathable, elastic, and not very hot
Adapts to any posture
You can place it on all types of beds


May be soft for some people
It is not reversible

1. Emma One

The best good and cheap mattresses of those analyzed. Very good option if you are looking for a  long-term investment.

Emma One best good and cheap mattresses
  • Materials:  Memory foam and Foam
  • Firmness:  Medium
  • Thickness:  18cm
  • Reversible:  No

The Emma One mattress has been awarded as the best mattress of 2021  according to a test carried out in Spain while remaining an economical option below 300 euros. Like the Novilla Viscogel,  you can use it for daily use without worrying that it will become uncomfortable over time. 

Its interior is made up of three layers: a  high-density core with air vents to prevent humidity inside and decompress, another thinner layer of cold foam to improve adaptability to any posture, and, finally,  a layer of viscoelastic with memory It also includes a thermoregulatory fabric that prevents sweating and is hypoallergenic. 

Like the previous model,  it is removable with a built-in zipper. The cover is non-slip so it can be placed on any type of surface without slipping. You can put it on adjustable beds with an inclination of up to 45º. 

Even though its height is not one of the widest at 18cm,  it supports heavy weights of up to 130 kilos very well, since it does not sink easily. 

I liked that you can choose the type of firmness you want because not everyone has the same tastes or needs. Of course, it is a mattress that can be more uncomfortable if you sleep on your side, in which case I advise you to buy a softer mattress topper. You also have 12 sizes to choose from. 


Good for daily use
Breathable and decompressive foam
Viscoelastic layer
Valid for adjustable beds up to 45º
Supports up to 130 kg
It is removable


It can be hard for some people
It is not reversible

Buying guide to choosing a mattress

Buying guide to choosing a mattress

If we take into account that almost a third of our lives are spent sleeping and that sleep is a necessary biological activity of great importance for our physical and mental health, the logical thing would be not to skimp on resources that help us to get a good night’s sleep.

As you can imagine, to achieve this purpose, the mattress becomes an essential element.

We are aware that, given the great offer that currently exists on the market, choosing the appropriate mattress can become a somewhat intimidating and confusing task.

To facilitate this task, we provide you with a guide to the most important aspects that you should consider when purchasing this product for your rest.

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How to choose a mattress that suits your needs and preferences?

If you wake up feeling tired and restless, with muscle aches or you wake up frequently during the night, perhaps the time has come to consider changing your mattress to solve all these discomforts. But of course, this will be the case as long as you choose the right product.

Do not worry, to help you in this choice, we indicate the key points that you must take into account:

  • Size
  • Support for
  • Firmness
  • Comfort

Let’s take a closer look at all these points!


To achieve optimal rest, the width and length of the mattress are issues that you cannot lose sight of, especially if you sleep with someone else. The purchase of the mattress should be based on your physiognomy and, as a general rule, the length should exceed your height by 10-15 cm. In the case of a mattress for a double bed, the reference will be that of the tallest person.

As for the width, it will depend on the people who sleep on it. Let’s see what types of measures are the most common for single or double beds.

  • Single mattress: The standard and most recommended size for single mattresses is 90×190 cm. Unless your weight exceeds 100 Kg or your height does not allow the 10/15 cm margin that the mattress should have, this width will be enough for you to rest properly. However, you should know that there are also single mattresses of 80, 105, and 120 cm, so it will be easy for you to choose depending on the space available or your physical conditions.
  • Double mattress: Double mattresses also come in different sizes:
    • Width: 130, 140, 150, and 160 cm. The recommended width is 150 cm since they are wide enough to allow a good rest without invading the other person’s area.
    • Length:: 180, 190, and 200 cm. As with single mattresses, the standard length is 190 cm, but if you require a special length and you have enough space in the bedroom, you can always opt for a “King Size” mattress (200×200 cm), the size largest currently marketed.

Support for

We must bear in mind that our body has curves and in order not to wake up with back or lumbar pain, the mattress must be able to adapt to them, that is, it must provide the correct support for the entire body.

very hard mattress does not allow the spine to remain straight since the hips and shoulders would be elevated.

One that is too soft does not allow the correct position either, since it would be like sleeping in a hammock. It is recommended that the chosen mattress counteracts the weight of your body.


It is very common to confuse support with firmness, but both concepts are very different. Support refers to the correct body posture during sleep while firmness is related to comfort. With this term, we refer to how soft or hard the mattress is and it is perhaps the most difficult criterion to define.

The appropriate degree of firmness can vary significantly from one person to another since, in addition to being a very subjective idea subject to very personal tastes, to choose the correct degree of firmness, factors such as weight, height, or the position in which you sleep.


The comfort or feeling of well-being that a mattress provides is the sum of the three previous points. If it doesn’t have the right degree of firmness, it can cause nerve pinching or cut off blood circulation, often causing you to wake up with a tingling sensation.

Similarly, if you change positions frequently and the mattress does not adapt to your postures, it can cause sleep interruption and not reach the REM stage or, what is the same, the deepest phase of sleep with what that when you wake up you will feel tired despite having slept enough.

For those who do not want many complications, they can always opt for the so-called universal comfort mattresses. They are mattresses with a single level of firmness but which, due to their structure and design, can offer an excellent level of comfort to all types of people (regardless of physical constitution or sleeping position).

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Types of mattresses depend on their manufacturing material

Types of mattresses based on their manufacturing material

Now that you know the main characteristics that a mattress must have so that it can offer you the best rest, let’s see the most commercialized depending on its material.

Latex mattress

Latex is an elastic material that is obtained from rubber resin and for the manufacture of mattresses, both natural and synthetic latex is used, as well as a mixture of both. Depending on the type of latex used and the maintenance provided, the average life of these mattresses can range between 8 and 10 years.

Latex mattresses are characterized by offering great elasticity and a medium/high degree of firmness that gives them a high capacity for recovery and resistance to deformation due to weight. This elasticity also makes them highly adaptable to the body, offering optimal body support.

Spring mattress

These types of mattresses are the most durable. They have a spring structure covered by different layers of fabric. Depending on how this structure is formed and the quality of the materials used for its covering (latex, cotton, synthetic, viscoelastic…) its price and the capacity for adaptability and well-being that it offers will vary. In general, they are characterized by their good breathability and by having a high degree of firmness, although for many people they can be somewhat hard.

spring mattress

Depending on how the structure of the springs is configured, we can find different types of mattresses:

  • Biconical springs: They are the spring mattresses of a lifetime. Its structure is made up of independent springs, they offer medium firmness and are the ones that offer the best support to the body. Within their range, they are the most affordable.
  • Continuous wire springs: This type of mattress has a type of springs that are joined by a single steel wire, which provides extra consistency and firmness. They offer greater flexibility than biconical springs and better distribute body weight.
  • Pocket springs: These mattresses are made up of hundreds of independent springs, each one inside a bag, and all these bags are sewn together. This structure avoids the noise that this type of mattress produces with the movement since the springs do not rub against each other. They also provide great firmness that makes them the ideal mattresses for corpulent people.

Viscoelastic mattress

This type of material has the peculiarity of reacting to body heat. So its firmness is variable, that is, it offers a medium firmness in summer and somewhat higher in winter.

viscoelastic mattress

In any case, this characteristic gives it the property of distributing the entire weight of the body evenly, without exerting pressure on any specific point. Another of its advantages is that it can absorb movements, making it an interesting option for a double bed. The useful life of these mattresses is approximately 10 years.

If you opt for a viscoelastic mattress, you should keep in mind that there are two types:

  • Molded viscoelastic: Its foam core is covered by a layer of viscoelastic. Depending on the thickness of the said layer will be the comfort and adaptability it offers and, of course, the price.
  • Foamed viscoelastic: They have a more porous core and less consistency than the previous model and, therefore, their firmness is somewhat less. On the other hand, they offer greater breathability. So if you are very hot, they can become a quality and somewhat cheaper alternative.

Personal factors to consider when choosing a mattress

Before launching yourself in search of a mattress, it is convenient that you take into account a series of personal factors that will help you define and limit your purchase options. Let’s see what they are!

Sleeping position

Personal factors to consider when choosing a mattress

The position in which you sleep is a key aspect in deciding the degree of firmness of the mattress. This measurement is represented on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest value and 10 being the firmest.

  • Face up: If this is your position while you sleep, you should opt for a mattress that helps you prevent a bad position of the spine, a degree of medium firmness (between 4 and 7) is the most advisable.
  • On your back: In this case, you should opt for a mattress of medium firmness (between 3 and 6) since they are the ones that best adapt to the shape of the body.
  • Face down: If you adopt this position, it is recommended that you choose a mattress with a degree of firmness between 5 and 7. This will prevent a bad posture of the neck and not force the spine excessively.

Body weight

Body weight influences the support, temperature, and feeling of comfort that a mattress offers. Therefore, it is another important factor that you must consider before deciding on the type of material and its density.

Although there is no perfect formula, depending on your preferences and your body weight, the following recommendations can be very useful:

  • Lightweight (less than 70 kg): Most firmness levels are set for people of average weight (80 Kg), so if you are a lightweight person, you will not have much difficulty finding your ideal mattress. You just have to assess your preferences and consider that a mattress with a high density can be uncomfortable.
  • Average weight (between 70 and 90 kg): If you are in this weight range, you have a large number of options before you as it is the most available offer. Medium-firm mattresses (5-7) or those classified as “universal comfort” will be a successful option.
  • Heavyweight (more than 90 kg): In this case, the difficulty in finding the appropriate mattress may increase and special attention will have to be paid to the density since the weight it can support will depend on it. Foam, latex, and memory foam mattresses will gradually sag and deform under weight, not offering the support you need. In this case, pocket spring mattresses are one of the options that should be considered as they are capable of providing the necessary support and softness.

Do you move a lot while you sleep?

Mobility during sleeping hours is also a factor to consider. If you are one of those who do not stop all night, a firm and highly adaptable mattress that allows you to move without great difficulty and that provides you with the necessary comfort in all the positions you acquire is convenient for you.

In the case of not moving excessively, you can guide the choice of the mattress based on the position in which you sleep.

Are you hot or rather cold?

Depending on the material of the mattress, it will have the ability to provide more or less thermal sensation. So if you are one of those who need to wrap yourself up, even in summer, foam, latex, or viscoelastic mattresses are the most appropriate for you.

On the contrary, if you are one of those who uncover continuously during the night, a spring mattress is the one that can provide you with the best rest since they are the ones that offer greater air circulation and breathability.

Do you suffer from asthma or allergies to dust mites?

If you suffer from any of these pathologies, the most advisable thing is that, regardless of the material. You always opt for a mattress that includes a washable cover.

As for materials, the most recommended options to prevent allergy symptoms during night rest are:

  • Latex mattresses: Although they are not exactly anti-allergic, latex is a material in which mites do not find good living conditions, which prevents their proliferation.
  • Viscoelastic mattresses: Generally, anti-allergic and anti-mite treatments are included in the manufacturing process of this type of mattress. It makes them the most suitable for people with these health problems. If you also choose a mattress with a core made of HR foam (a material that prevents the reproduction of mites and the accumulation of allergens) you will increase protection for your allergic problem.

Do you share a bed

If you share a bed, viscoelastic or pocket spring mattresses are the most advisable since they are the ones with the greatest capacity to absorb movements. With both mattresses, you will be able to move without the postural changes bothering the person with whom you share the bed.


Although it may seem irrelevant, a mattress has to adapt to each moment of our lives.

For young people, a mattress should be firm, but as the years go by, our physical condition changes and it is necessary to reduce its hardness to minimize joint problems. For the elderly, viscoelastic mattresses become the best option and the one most recommended by specialists.


How to know which cheap and good mattress to buy?

The main thing to choosing a mattress is to be clear about the firmness and size you need. Then you must take into account many other characteristics such as the independence of beds or even the materials. In this guide, you have everything you need to choose a good mattress at a good price.

Where to buy cheap mattresses?

Until recently, the only option to buy a mattress at a good price was in specialized stores. Now it is much easier since it is possible to buy in online stores or even directly from the manufacturers on their web pages.

Is a hard or soft mattress better for back health?

It depends on the position in which you sleep. If you sleep on your stomach the best is a soft firm mattress. If you sleep on your back it should be high and if you sleep on your side you should choose a medium-firm mattress.

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