How to find the best knife sets 2023

best knife sets

A good basic set of kitchen knives can be a smart investment for the future and is a good way to increase one’s interest in cooking. Just like with other crafts, kitchen knives are an important tool for cooking. It is also a requirement for you to be able to cook efficiently.

You usually save money by buying a knife set right from the start. If you buy one knife at a time, it will usually be more expensive in the end. However, we do not recommend overly large knife sets, as many kitchen knives will never be used. Start with a good basic set and supplement when needed.

Below you will find the best knife sets on the market based on individual tests, product reviews, and customer reviews. A good knife set does not necessarily need to cost several thousand and the fact is that even cheaper options have performed well in various test sources.

Global G-9211 knife set 3-piece – Best in test

Global G-9211 knife set 3-piece

  • Best in the test – The chef’s knife from Global received the best in test at SVT Plus in 2014
  • Top rating – The chef’s knife received top ratings in the New York Times, Testfakta, and Smartson’s test of chef’s knives
  • Top rating – Brodkniven has received the top rating from, among others, Mittkok
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon US based on over 160 customer reviews

The best knife set was Global’s G-9211 and a big reason for this is because several of their knives have received the best in tests in several independent tests. The knives from Global are something out of the ordinary and many home chefs and professional chefs recommend their knives. Even the Swedish national chef team uses these knives.

Sleek and stylish design

Now, design is a very individual matter, but most people can probably agree that the Global knives look very nice. As they are made entirely of steel without any wooden handle, these knives can withstand a lot. It is also easier to clean.

If you are thinking of buying a set of knives from Global, we can also recommend buying their magnetic strip. The design of the magnetic strip matches the design that the knives follow and fits perfectly.

In this case, in this package, you will find three of the kitchen’s most common knives. The first knife you get is the Global G-2, which is Global’s best-selling 22 cm chef’s knife that has won several major independent tests. You also get one of the market’s best bread knives, the Global G-9.

The last knife in this Global knife set, you will find the small fillet knife GS-11. It is perfect for smaller filleting tasks, but it also works well for other things where finesse is required.

All Global knives are sharpened in three different steps, where the last step is done by hand in Japan by a so-called “knife master”. The steel in these knives is of first-class material, which is called Cromova 18, a proprietary blend/recipe used only by Global.

Reasons to buy

  • Made and hand sanded in Japan
  • Both the chef’s knife and the bread knife have won numerous tests
  • Made of unique steel called Cromova 18, unique to Global
  • The national chef team uses these knives, even some winners of Chef of the Year
  • As a birthday present or gift, this set of knives is almost unbeatable

Reasons not to buy

  • Nothing negative

Victorinox 3-piece knife set – The best budget choice

Victorinox 3-piece knife set

  • Top rating for Amazon stores from regular customer reviews

If you are looking for a very affordable knife set of chef’s knives that has also received the best in tests in, among others, Mitt Kok for its quality bread knife. Then the knives from Victorinox are a perfect choice. With a relatively low price, you get a good basic set that covers most areas of the kitchen. In addition, they are very stylish with their classic look with rosewood handles.

Swiss quality

Victorinox is mostly known for its popular multi-tool Swiss Army knives, and the fact is that Victorinox has been manufacturing first-class knives since 1884. Today, Victorinox is also known for its chef’s knives, which are used by both professionals and ordinary happy home cooks.

In this knife set from Victorinox, three of the most common knives are included, i.e. a simple paring knife of 9 cm, a chef’s knife of 19 cm, and then a slightly larger chef’s knife of 22 cm. There is also a knife set that includes a bread knife from Victorinox.

The Victorinox knife set is also a perfect present or gift, which also comes in a nice gift box. The knife set is also perfect for those looking for a basic set of knives when, for example, moving to their first home. However, it may be worth supplementing with a bread knife to get the complete set.

Perfect knives for both professionals and happy amateurs in the kitchen. A well-balanced chef’s knife that beats significantly more expensive brands and models.

As the handles are made of rosewood, it may be worth mentioning that these knives should not be soaked for too long. As usual with kitchen knives, they should also not be washed in a dishwasher as it wears on the blades, but also on the wood. Stick to washing knives by hand and they will last a lifetime.

Reasons to buy

  • A perfect basic set of knives for the kitchen at a good price
  • Paring knife 9 cm, smaller chef’s knife 19 cm, larger chef’s knife 22 cm
  • Manufactured by the famous Victorinox who also manufacture the classic Swiss Army knives
  • Rosewood wooden handle

Reasons not to buy

  • Nothing negative

Yaxell Zen Knife Set 3-piece – Three-time test winner

Yaxell Zen Knife Set 3-piece

  • Test winner New York Times 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Top ratings at Swedish stores from regular consumers who tested the knives

The Yaxell Zen knife series has, among other things, been tested by two experienced chefs in New York Times chef’s knife test in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Yaxell Zen took first place three years in a row. Both chefs thought the knife had the best sharpness, balance/weight, and a handle that is a little stiffer for a better grip. Two chefs Johack Jureskog and Natasa Hodzic Jansson who were part of the test panel also thought that the knife was very nice with its Damascus pattern.

Ancient Japanese traditions and skills are the secrets

Damascus pattern is probably the best-looking design a chef’s knife can have, but it also provides important features. Damasking is a forging technique to improve the steel’s properties, which leads to both better sharpness and toughness. A samurai sword forge that has been around for over 1,000 years.

Is Yxaell Zen the best knife set for you? If you are a person who appreciates fine craftsmanship and design that is unique to each knife, this is a fantastic choice. The knives also have a fantastic black micarta handle which is a durable plastic blend of linen and paper fabric.

When you buy the knife set, a chef’s knife of 20 cm and a slightly shorter universal knife of 15 cm are included. The smallest knife 8 cm is a so-called herb knife and it is used to work with herbs, small vegetables, and fruits. Perfect for chopping, dividing, cutting, or peeling both vegetables and fruits.

If we read customer reviews on the Yaxell Zen knife set, many testify to how sharp they are and can most closely resemble the sharpness of razor blades. Therefore, make sure that you have learned the technique of how to hold the knives.

Reasons to buy

  • Best test winner in New York Times 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Japanese Damascus steel for better sharpness and toughness
  • The knife set consists of a chef’s knife 20 cm, a universal knife 15 cm, an herb knife 8 cm
  • The craftsmanship that provides unique designs and patterns for each knife
  • Perfect balance and weight

Reasons not to buy

  • Nothing negative

Chroma Type 301 4-piece – Unique ergonomics

Chroma Type 301 4-piece

  • Top rating at Swedish stores from customers who tested the knife set
  • Test winner Testfakta 2011 and second place 2015

Wherever we turn, the Chrome Type 301 has received top marks, but there are many discussions about ergonomics. You either love the ergonomics, or you hate them. The Chrome Type 301 chef’s knife has, among other things, won best in tests when Testfakta tested chef’s knives in 2011.

Porsche’s unique knife series Chroma Type 301

The kitchen knives Chroma Type 301 are undoubtedly unique in their appearance and ergonomics. You either love or hate the ergonomics, which becomes clear when we read customer reviews on the model. The handle is designed in a special way that is unlike anything else on the market. The handle starts like a regular knife but then transitions to a flatter handle. The shape is very similar to what we see in Global knives but is significantly more prominent on the Chroma Type 301.

The blade is made from Japanese 301 steel which has then been joined with a stainless steel handle. The handle is also substantial with a lot of weight behind it and this balance between the knife blade and handle is not for everyone. The knife blade, on the other hand, is sharp and has good sharpening properties according to several independent tests.

The Chroma type 301 basic set contains four of the most common knives for the kitchen. A proper chef’s knife of 20 cm, a bread knife is 21 cm, a paring knife is 8 cm, and a normal vegetable knife of 14 cm. This is a perfect basis to start with and can be supplemented with additional knives such as e.g. filet knives or similar.

Who should buy the Chroma Type 301? 

The model is very popular among American home cooks. But at the same time, not everyone likes the series. The ergonomics are very unique and you need to test it yourself to see if it suits you. If you use a classic pinch grip, there is a greater chance that the knives will suit you.

Reasons to buy

  • Japanese 301 steel which gives good sharpness and which keeps the sharpness for a long time
  • Included knives are a chef’s knife (20 cm), bread knife (21 cm), vegetable knife (14 cm), and paring knife (8 cm)
  • Stainless steel handle that is not so sensitive (do not wash in the dishwasher)
  • Sturdy handle with good weight
  • Sharpened with a ceramic whetstone or whetstone

Reasons not to buy

  • The handle is very unique and you have to try the knives yourself to determine if they fit or not.

Zwilling Four Star Knife block 5 pieces – Top rating

Zwilling Four Star Knife block 5 pieces

  • Top rated 4.3 out of 5 on US Amazon after 60 customer reviews

Zwilling is perhaps one of the market’s most popular brands regarding kitchen equipment. Everything from barbecue cutlery to awesome pots and pans. However, Zwilling is also world-renowned for its kitchen knives and is considered one of the best on the market.

Zwilling, on the other hand, is not a cheap brand and many of their kits/sets cost a couple of thousand dollars, but many who buy kitchen gadgets from the Zwilling brand, do so as a form of investment. The fact that kitchen gadgets last a lifetime is no surprise when it comes to Zwilling products.

Perfect knives from Zwilling with a wooden block

Many of Zwilling’s products and series have won several different awards around the world, their knives are no exception. The German brand has been manufacturing knives for over 280 years and therefore possesses a lot of experience and knowledge that many manufacturers lack.

In this set from Zwilling, you get 4 knives that can handle most things you do in the kitchen, and it also comes with a proper knife edge to be able to maintain the knives regularly. With this package, you also get a nice block of wood so that you can easily store your knives.

The knives included in this package are a paring knife, an all-around knife, a chef’s knife, and also a bread knife. As usual, the manufacturer writes that the knives are dishwasher safe, but this is something that we and others do not recommend. If you take care of these knives, you will have kitchen knives for the rest of your life.

Reasons to buy

  • 4 knives and a knife edge included
  • Stylish knife block to store the knives in the best way
  • German knives of high quality from Zwilling
  • Zwilling has been manufacturing knives for over 280 years and therefore has an enormous amount of knowledge

Reasons not to buy

  • Nothing negative

Sabatier Trompette Knife set 3 parts – For the enthusiast

Sabatier Trompette Knife set 3 parts

  • Top rated 4.7 out of 5 on US Amazon after 100 customer reviews
  • Top ratings from customer reviews at most Swedish stores

Another very affordable kitchen knife set is the Sabatier Trompette. Which comes in three different parts and is perhaps the most affordable package. If you are passionate about cooking and are looking for a complete knife set, this is probably one of the best and most affordable packages on the market. If you like French, you will like these knives.

Scandinavian design of high quality

The design of the knives from V Sabatier is perhaps the look that most home cooks look for as it is the most classic design that almost everyone can relate to

The knife edge/blades are made of Japanese stainless steel, while the handles are made of hard ABS plastic. As usual with kitchen knives, you should only wash the knives by hand and not in the dishwasher. According to the manufacturer, these knives can be washed in the dishwasher, but this is not something we recommend and should be avoided.

The Sabatier Trompette has both good balance and weight with a handle that provides a good grip. Some users, on the other hand, think that the sharpness is even better when the raw edge is ground away but is not a requirement for using the knives.

What is included in the set from French V Sabatier

  • Large chef’s knife 20 cm
  • Between chef’s knife 15 cm
  • Paring knife 12 cm

Reasons to buy

  • High-quality Japanese steel
  • Comfortable ergonomics that provide good balance and weight
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher, but hand washing is recommended
  • Sabatier is suitable for both beginners and professional chefs
  • Classic design that fits into any Swedish kitchen

Reasons not to buy

  • Nothing negative

Satake Houcho Knife set 6 parts – a Japanese knife set

Satake Houcho Knife set 6 parts

Most experts agree that Japan makes some of the best knives on the market and like the best test winner from Global, these Satake knives are also sharpened/made in Japan. The Japanese knife set from Satake is one of the market’s most popular options when it comes to Japanese knives. It is also a perfect set to give away if something is celebrating a birthday.

For serious home cooks or professional chefs

We American love Japanese culture and design. The knives from Satake are something out of the ordinary, both in terms of design but also ergonomics themselves. Many who have purchased Satake Houcho have told us that it is the best knife they have ever tested or tried. This statement is consistent with all the positive customer reviews that exist regarding these knives.

Something even better about this knife set is the low price. The fact is that this Japanese set is very cheap considering what you get. With a price tag of approximately $35, you get six high-quality Japanese knives that also cover the entire need for which knives you need in the kitchen.

The knife blade is made of first-class Hi Carbon Steel, which means that the knife edge stays sharp for a very long time. The attractive handle is made of magnolia wood, which is the wood in Japan that blooms so beautifully in the spring.

The Japanese set includes

  • Chef’s knife 17 cm
  • Bread knife 20 cm
  • Vegetable chopper 17 cm
  • Sashimi knife 12 cm
  • Meat knife 17 cm
  • Paring knife 12 cm

It is worth mentioning that these Japanese knives are sharpened at a 15-degree angle, which is not the same as European knives. This is something you should know if you ever want to sharpen your knives, the alternative is to resharpen them to a European angle, which is between 20 – 25 degrees.

Reasons to buy

  • 6 different knives that handle most things in the kitchen
  • Japanese knives that are sharpened at a 15-degree angle
  • Magnolia wood handle
  • Stainless steel of Hi Carbon Steel
  • A set that suits both ordinary home cooks, but also professional chefs

Reasons not to buy

  • Nothing negative

Buying guide – How to choose the best knife set for your needs

The choice of a knife set should ideally not be underestimated if the goal is to find some knives that will last for a long time to come. A pair of really good knives can undoubtedly last 10 to 30 years. It depends on how they are used and just because they become dull after a few years you should not throw the knives away. If it is a good knife with good steel, it can always be saved as long as there is still left to sharpen.

There are several very good services such as a Knife letter where you can send in your knives to give them new existence even if they are quite worn.

But a good knife is more than just good sharpness and easy-to-sharpen steel. Knives must also be ergonomic and fit well in the hand when in use. The balance of the knife is also important and here there is a big difference between cheap and slightly finer knives.

Number of knives – Find a knife set that meets your needs

How big of a base set should you buy? Are the three most common models enough? For the vast majority of people, a set with the three most common knife models is all well and good. The most important knife is the chef’s knife, then one or two smaller knives for smaller work with fruit or the like. If you eat bread, a bread knife is of course a must.

In the case of other types of knives such as fillet knives or meat knives, the need is not as great. But it is very individual. Should it be the case that one day you want to completely buy your knife set? You will profit by buying a knife set from a well-known brand such as e.g. Global, Satake, or similar. Then there is a good chance that your new knife will also fit the older set in terms of design.

Then there are also larger knife sets with up to 15 different parts and this is best for those of you who want knives for all different purposes. But for the vast majority of home cooks, 70% of the knives will just end up on the shelf, which is quite unnecessary.

So our tip is that you think about what you will need in the kitchen. Start with a smaller knife set and supplement when you notice a need.

Knife handle – Material selection

Should one choose a model with only steel or knives with a beautiful wooden handle? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Wooden handles are beautiful with different types of wood, but at the same time, they are also sensitive when it comes to water. Kitchen knives with wooden handles (even though they are treated) should never be wet as they can be damaged and in the worst case can crack when they dry.

Steel knife handles do not have these problems at all and are therefore a better choice for many home cooks. If you are a person who often waits with the dishes and leaves the knife in the sink, a steel handle is preferable. Of course, there are also kitchen knives that use some form of composite material and that sometimes imitate wood. These composite materials should withstand water just like steel.

  • Wooden handle – Wood is a hygroscopic material, i.e. it absorbs moisture from the environment. It is stylish and provides a good grip but is sensitive to moisture. Kitchen knives with wooden handles can be washed but should be dried immediately to avoid damage.
  • Steel shaft – Easy to keep clean and can lie in a water bath without getting damaged.
  • Composite shafts – Now there are a large number of different composite materials used by manufacturers but usually these are very durable.

More good brands than the ones we have included in our best in test

In our best-in test, there are only a few brands to choose from and even if these are some of the best on the market, there are significantly more options. There are probably as many brands as there are knife models and unfortunately not all of them can be included in the test. Below you will find other brands/models that we have commented on.

Dorre knife set

The Dorre knife set is something of a low-cost option and is available in a couple of different models. Despite a rather poor rating from regular customer reviews, they are quite popular. But it is probably the low price of SEK 200-300 for five knives that attracts many consumers. Unfortunately no alternative we can recommend.

Fiskars knife set

You really shouldn’t underestimate knives from Fiskars as many of their knives have received top marks in several different independent tests. They are both cheap and functional. The design may not always be the best with its plastic handles but it is also available with metal. Fiskars knife set Functional Form is a fairly popular option with good customer reviews.

Jamie Oliver’s knife set

Jamie Oliver has quite a wide range in kitchens and some of the products they make have also received top marks in several independent tests. When it comes to their knives, it’s usually a rather mixed result when we look at customer reviews. A knife set that has received good customer reviews is, among other things, the Jamie Oliver Acacia knife set, which does not seem to be sold in Sweden at the moment.


The Swedish chef Mannerström is very popular and in recent years several different kitchen gadgets with this brand have also started to appear. Mannerström’s 11-piece knife set looks like a luxurious option with a nice storage box and nice steel knives. But unfortunately, we have not found any customer reviews or independent tests on these knives. Overall, Mannerström products maintain high quality when we look at other categories.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about knives and knife sets

Why buy the kitchen knife set instead of individual knives?

The biggest advantage of buying a ready-made package of knives is the lower price. If we compare the price of loose knives and ready-made knife sets, the price difference is quite large. Sometimes it can differ over SEK 1,000 for a 3-piece knife set.

What types of kitchen knives are most important?

Which knives are best for your kitchen and cooking is determined somewhat by what you eat regularly. In general, the chef’s knife is always the most important in a knife set as it can be used for basically everything. It is used for everything from chopping vegetables to cutting up meat. If you like to fish, the filet knife is undoubtedly an important model. Even the bread knife is superior when it comes to bread.

A vegetable knife and a paring knife are also two handy knives to use if you eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Other knives such as meat knives and so on can be considered at a later date if you want to complete the equipment.

Are there good cheap knife sets?

There are several affordable kitchen knife sets that don’t cost much, including the Victorinox 3-piece knife set that is recommended in independent tests. Swiss quality where the chef’s knife, among other things, won Testfakta’s test in 2019.

Are kitchen knives from IKEA good?

IKEA Briljera is a relatively inexpensive series that received good marks in several tests of kitchen knives. It may not be the best on the market but they have performed very well in tests and we can highly recommend these if you want to keep a low budget.

Why do the results differ so much in independent tests?

Knives are a very interesting topic when it comes to testing knives and knife sets. Some things like sharpness, rust protection, or grinding are quite easy to test in the lab, but when it comes to feel and grip, the results differ quite a bit. Test panels where both women and men get to test kitchen knives quickly show how personal knives can be. The test panel has different hand sizes, grips, assessment of weight, and balance and therefore the feeling is highly individual.

So we selected the best knife set for our best in test

Now there are not directly any independent tests that test the entire knife set, but what is an available test on individual knife types such as e.g. chef’s knives or bread knives? Something we have already written about before. Therefore, this result is based on how the chef’s knives have performed in independent tests. It is also the knife that is used in the kitchen 90% of the time and is therefore the most important.

As there are no tests of the entire knife set, customer reviews have been a very important aspect regarding which knife set we consider to be the best on the market. Price has also been a deciding factor when looking at the different packages. We were quite surprised at how cheap some knife sets are. Although the price may sometimes seem high, it is a one-time cost where you get several different knife models. Buying these knives loose would have cost significantly more in most cases. So it is usually an immediate advantage to buy a knife set if you want to keep the cost down.

If you make a good investment, you’ve probably bought knives that will last a lifetime. Provided you take care of your new knives and there is a steel blade left, they can always be sharpened.

2022 – Global knife set retains the “Best in Test” award and continues to perform at the top in several independent tests. It also tops sales at both stores and marketplaces. In addition, they are affordable and forgiving in terms of maintenance due to steel shafts. New for autumn 2022 is the Chroma Type 301 which is a rather unique series of kitchen knives. The chef’s knife has, among other things, won best in tests when Testafakta tested models in 2011.


We’ve already written test guides on both chef’s knives and bread knives, so these tests have formed the basis of this compilation of the best knife sets. Some of the test sources that were used in both chef’s knife and bread knife tests can be found on the respective page or article.

Some of the test sources used were Mitt Kok, SVT Plus, Goteborgs Posten, Testfakta, Smartson, and Hus & Hem. In addition, we have taken great account of all the thousands of customer reviews that are available at, among others, American Amazon, reviews that are verified, i.e. correct reviews from real users.

The evening paper

In 2021, 2022, and 2023, the chef’s knife Yaxell Zen won best in tests when the New York Times test panel got to try a large selection of Japanese and European kitchen knives.

Customer reviews

We believe that a mix between independent tests and regular customer reviews is the best way to create a complete best-in-test list. This combination tells how the product performs in the test lab, but also when the product finally ends up in the customer’s hands.

It happens from time to time that models perform perfectly in the lab but then more or less flop when they could be tested. Therefore, it is especially important to also include what customers say about the product. Of course, there must be a lot of customer reviews to be able to confirm the rating, and if there are only a few customer reviews, those statistics are not used.

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