The best vacuum cleaners to clean your house comfortably

best vacuum cleaners to clean your house

A sled, broom, or robot vacuum cleaner is essential in any home. After all, we all like to go barefoot.

Asked, broom or robot vacuum cleaner is essential in any home. After all, we all like to go barefoot and not run into dirt and lint in our path. In addition, these vacuum cleaners speed up cleaning and allow us to spend less time on it.

Here we have carried out an in-depth analysis of vacuum cleaner opinions on Amazon to find the best vacuum cleaners on the market according to them and based on the different existing types. And we have concluded that the Philips PowerPro Compact is the best vacuum cleaner on the market for its cyclonic action system, its TriActive brush, and for filtering almost one hundred percent of the dirt. However, the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic, for its features and value for money, has deserved a special mention.

Philips PowerPro Compact Vacuum Cleaner

The Philips PowerPro Compact bagless vacuum cleaner picks up more dust and filters 99.9% of dirt for clean floors and fresh air. Its powerful cyclonic action and advanced design blast away debris to control dust, even while emptying. Its TriActive brush applies 3 cleaning actions in one pass, vacuuming up carpets, large pieces, and dust and dirt near furniture and walls with its left and right side air channels. It has an ergonomic handle and large wheels, which make it easy to use.

Philips PowerPro Compact

A vacuum cleaner that has not disappointed me. It has a tab on one of the brushes that, when lifted, sucks up what is in the neighbor’s house downstairs, apparently it is to vacuum the carpets. The deposit does not have a bag or water, but it is very easy to clean and very comfortable to empty. The cable is retracted by pressing a button like in most vacuum cleaners. Very happy with the purchase, since, in addition, it is a vacuum cleaner that does not make much noise. The brush has two wheels that make it very easy to maneuver. I recommend it,” says Jorge in a review on Amazon, where this vacuum cleaner has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic

Rowenta presents the new Compact Power XXL bagless vacuum cleaner that, despite its size, achieves thorough cleaning in all areas of your home. Thanks to its cyclonic technology specialized in separating air from dirt and its high-performance head, it sucks up dirt without leaving anything behind. Its emptying is very simple and includes a 2-in-1 slot nozzle. It has a very wide coverage radius, up to 8.8 meters, and high performance on hard floors, thanks to its 550 W motor.

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic

The evaluation of this product among those who have bought it through Amazon is 4.4 out of 5. 66% of those who have bought this vacuum cleaner have rated it with 5 stars, like Tamara, who is delighted: “The roll of bags is over. Easy to empty and clean the filters. It does not have a power regulator, but by opening the airflow on the handle, you can lower the applied power. I use it for parquet, stoneware floors, and even artificial grass, and it goes well everywhere by putting the corresponding accessory”.

Dyson vacuum cleaner

The Dyson V7 cordless vacuum cleaner is powered by a battery that guarantees up to 30 minutes of suction without a memory effect. Its 15 cyclones arranged in two parallel rows increase airflow and capture fine dust. It has an innovative Direct-drive cleaning head that makes the bristles penetrate the carpet better to remove the most embedded dirt.

The vacuum recharges and stores in the charging port so it’s always ready to go and, like all Dyson brand vacuums, quickly convert to a handheld vacuum for quick cleanups, in tight corners and tight spots

dyson vacuum cleaner

75% of people who have bought this powerful cordless vacuum have rated it 5 stars. Almudena is one of them: she has been with it for two months and she is very happy with her purchase, since “it is very versatile and comfortable.

I always have it attached to the charger and I take it constantly as if it were a broom or handheld vacuum cleaner, and It gives me much more play than the others. My fear was the duration of the operation and it does not give any problem, it is a matter of organizing yourself with the tasks. If at any time it discharges due to using the turbo a lot, you put it on a charge while you do something else and after a while you can take it, even if it’s not fully loaded, to finish off what you have left”. The rating is 4.4 out of 5.

Read more about Dyson vacuum: Characteristics of the Draeme V11 broom vacuum cleaner 

Karcher WD 3 Premium wet and dry vacuum cleaner

The WD 3 Premium multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is very powerful, with an electrical consumption of only 1000 W. It is equipped with a shock-resistant 17-liter stainless steel tank and a cartridge filter to vacuum dry and wet dirt without making any changes. of the filter. Thanks to the removable handle, the accessories can be mounted directly on the suction hose and vacuumed even in the tightest places with ease.

Kärcher WD 3 Premium wet and dry vacuum cleaner

This wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a rating of extremely high 4.7 out of 5. And it is that almost 89% of the people who have bought this vacuum cleaner are so happy with their purchase that they have rated it with 5 stars. Andrés comments enthusiastically that it is ” the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had! It has an exaggerated power and thanks to its 4 wheels it is very easy to take everywhere. It is a vacuum cleaner that, without being industrial, has the same characteristics, but with a smaller size to go around the house. I recommend it, it’s spectacular!”

Taurus cordless vacuum cleaner

Ultimate Lithium is the Taurus brand’s unlimited broom and handheld vacuum cleaner, which has multiple cleaning positions, lithium batteries, and 180º articulation, which makes it a powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner, suitable for all types of surfaces and easy to handle and store. In addition, it has an ergonomic soft-touch grip handle and an elegant and modern design that everyone likes.

It has accessories that are easily assembled and disassembled, in a single click, among which the 70-centimeter-long lance accessory stands out to reach high and low areas with total comfort, and two brushes: one for furniture and the other for upholstery. It also includes a wall bracket for easy storage.

Taurus cordless vacuum cleaner

“Very good vacuum cleaner, I have a Dyson V7 and I bought this for my parents. It has aspects in which it even improves on the Dyson, such as the battery indicator and the LED light on the brush. The suction force is quite good, sometimes you have to go back to collect everything, but this happens with many vacuum cleaners”, comments Sergio, one of the people who has bought this vacuum cleaner, which has a rating of 4 out of 5.

Powerful handheld vacuum

A lightweight cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that cleans all parts of your house or car easily. The vacuum cleaner features a stainless steel HEPA filter that can be washed clean and an LED light ideal for dark corners and cleaning at night. It has a 2500mAh battery that fully charges in about 3-4 hours, and can be used for 25-30 minutes.

Powerful handheld vacuum

The rating of this handheld vacuum among Amazon customers is 4.1 out of 5. 57% of the people who have bought it have rated it 5 stars, like Ruth, who wanted a handheld vacuum cleaner for the car and decided on this model and is happy: ” It vacuums very, very well I find the light that can be turned on for when you are inside the car in a place with little light (for example, in the parking lot) very useful. It is charged with a cable and, once charged, it has enough autonomy to clean your car thoroughly. I loved it”.

Cecotec Conga vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids with a power of 1400W that guarantees a complete and total cleaning of all dirt, even the most complicated. The Cecotec Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner is designed to suck up liquids efficiently and cleanly and it is the vacuum cleaner itself that performs self-cleaning on all its internal components, preventing possible breakdowns and extending its useful life.

Cecotec Conga Wet Vacuum Cleaner

The accessories included with the Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner are the following: hard floor brush, parquet brush, fabric accessory, multi-purpose brush, and corner brush. It has a 15-liter capacity bagless tank, easy movement thanks to its four wheels, and comfortably reaches all corners thanks to its five-meter detachable cable.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a cleaning function has a suction force of 2500 Pa and almost two hours of battery life. The included components are the robot vacuum cleaner itself, the charging station, the main and side brushes, the cleaning brush, the cleaning nozzle, the dust container, the water tank, the power cable, and the user manual.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

The rating of this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is 4.4 out of 5 and 70% of the people who have bought it have rated it with 5 stars. This is the case of José, who has had it for three months and “I would buy it again a thousand times. It is the second vacuum cleaner of this style that I have bought and, without a doubt, the best.

Without a doubt, it stands out for its efficiency since, in less Than an hour, it has cleaned 100% of my house thanks to the area mapping. The map generated in the app is very useful to know which areas have been cleaned and how much is left. The suction power is quite good cleaning the carpets very well. I thought that these vacuum cleaners were not for my house, but I was wrong, it does not matter if your house has nooks and crannies, if the vacuum cleaner enters… it cleans it. I recommend it”.

Conga robot vacuum cleaner

The Conga 6090 robot vacuum cleaner has 4-in-1 technology to sweep, vacuum, mop, and mop. It is created to map the environment, to know at all times what has been cleaned and what remains to be cleaned. Its features include its 8000 pascals of suction pressure, its multifunction central brush, its special silicone central brush for pets, another side brush, time programming, the special mode for carpets, its 3 suction power levels, its 3 water flow levels and its 10 cleaning modes (auto, spiral, spot, smart area, restricted area, manual, deep cleaning, scrubbing, edges and back home).

Conga robot vacuum cleaner

The rating of this robot vacuum cleaner is 4.1 out of 5. “Impressive. The only thing I regret is not having bought it before,” says Inés, and continues: “When it arrived I had already cleaned it, but I put it on to see how it worked and you can’t imagine what it took out of dirt, and It is that it leaves absolutely no place without cleaning.

In my case, the ground floor of my house is almost 200 meters long and it does not do it all at once, but it recharges itself and continues cleaning where it left off. The second floor is 100 meters and yes, he does it in one go. You can see what he cleans on his mobile and you can see how much he has left. I leave the house, he left it on and when I arrive I find the floor clean. Clean it is very easy and it doesn’t bother me at all considering the time it has saved me with the floor. 

Conga broom vacuum cleaner

The new Conga Thunderbrush 560 vacuum cleaner is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner that incorporates an upright vacuum cleaner, a broom, and a handheld vacuum cleaner, all in one. Thanks to its ‘Conga Cyclonic System’ without bags, the vacuum cleaner guarantees great suction power always like the first day, regardless of the hours of use of the equipment. In addition, it is designed with 360º technology so that you can reach every corner with hardly any effort. It has 2 accessories included with which all the dirt will be removed since each one of them is specially designed for a type of surface or utility.

Conga broom vacuum cleaner

The evaluation of this Cecotec vacuum cleaner is 4.3 out of 5. “I bought this vacuum cleaner to avoid having to use the broom every day, pick up crumbs from the sofa, clean the car… that is, for everything that does not deserve to take out the big and powerful vacuum cleaner… and it is a total success! You are not going to do the deep cleaning of a house, but the maintenance and specific things yes In our house we have two small children, two cats, and a dog and we use it several times a day It is easy to load and clean. Without a doubt, 100% recommended,” says Mara, one of the people who have bought this broom vacuum cleaner.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home?

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for each user is not easy. There is a great variety of types and models on the market and there are many aspects to take into account. From the size of the house to the presence of animals, different factors can determine the vacuum cleaner that best suits our needs.

Photo: A robot vacuum cleaner cleans a living room. (iStock)

Here we want to summarize the factors that should mark the decision to purchase a vacuum cleaner:

  1. How is the housing? The best vacuum cleaners for large homes are canister vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners. Both types are capable of leaving the house very clean in a very short time. On the other hand, if it is a small apartment, broom or vertical vacuum cleaners are more suitable for intensive cleaning and not leaving any dusty corners.
  2. Are there animals at home? Pet hair requires powerful and easy vacuum cleaners to reach all corners. For this reason, the best vacuum cleaners for dog or cat hair are the sled and the vertical ones. Of course, these animals are usually scared by the noise generated by these devices, so we should try to buy a silent vacuum cleaner.
  3. Are there allergies to dust in the house? Buying a vacuum cleaner with a good filter for allergy sufferers is essential in homes where a member has problems with dust. At this time, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are recommended for allergy sufferers.
  4. How often will the vacuum cleaner be used? The best vacuum cleaners for daily use are robot vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, if we only plan to use the vacuum cleaner occasionally or intensively, a sled or broom will be better. These are powerful and large vacuum cleaners with increased suction capacity.
  5. What type of soil is in the house? Another important question. For example, the recommended vacuum cleaner for parquet is the robot vacuum cleaner. Instead, sled vacuum cleaners are perfect for porous ceramic floors. We must bear in mind that to remove dirt from them it is necessary to have the most powerful vacuum cleaner. Likewise, vertical vacuum cleaners are suitable for marble, terrazzo, and other floors with a low percentage of porosity.
  6. What is our budget? The cheapest vacuum cleaners on the market are corded handheld vacuums. However, these are not suitable for cleaning the floor. In this sense, if we are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner, it is best to buy a vertical or broom. In an intermediate range are vacuum robots. However, the best brands of vacuum cleaners already have high-performance models capable of mapping the house, scrubbing, and mopping that have a fairly high price. For their part, sled vacuum cleaners are the most expensive, but also the most powerful. In any case, it is common to find good deals on vacuum cleaners and models from brands such as Cecotec that offer excellent value for money.

Types of vacuum cleaners and their recommended use

We can say that broadly speaking, there are 6 different types of vacuum cleaners. Making a comparison of vacuum cleaners and taking them all into account is essential to buy the ideal vacuum cleaner:

  • Bagless sled vacuum cleaners

They are lifelong vacuum cleaners for cleaning the home. They offer many advantages in the domestic sphere. The most important is power. They are very powerful vacuum cleaners, so they are capable of leaving the house very clean in a short time. Some models offer more than 1600W of nominal power, which is what marks the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner.

The cheapest vacuum cleaners on the market are corded handheld vacuums. However, these are not suitable for cleaning the floor

But, in addition, these are the vacuum cleaners with the maximum suction power. By this, we mean that they can catch even the smallest dust mites and particles. And, if they have high-efficiency HEPA filters, even more so. Also, the best modern bagless canister vacuums should be considered quiet as they emit less than 70dB at full power.

Also, these vacuum cleaners are convenient to use and clean as they are bagless. They generally have a cyclone system that separates the air from the dirt, which remains in their HEPA filters.

Photo: Comparison of the best cordless handheld vacuum cleaners (Courtesy Cecotec)

The use of bagless sled vacuum cleaners is focused on the home. Its good suction power allows you to leave the floor spotless quickly. They are also suitable for demanding and intensive cleaning when necessary and, thanks to their many accessories and long tube, they are also suitable for removing dust from sofas, carpets, and other household textiles.

  • Sled vacuum cleaners with bag

Bagged sled vacuum cleaners have a good balance between power and consumption and are ideal for quickly cleaning the house. They have the same features as bagless canister vacuum cleaners.

However, sucked-in dirt collects in a vacuum bag, not the HEPA filter. Therefore, we must clean it every time we use it and periodically replace it. This makes buying bagged sled vacuum cleaners cheaper at first, but more expensive in the long run.

  • Corded handheld vacuum

This is the ideal type for those looking for a small vacuum cleaner that weighs little. Corded handheld vacuum cleaners have an ergonomic handle to hold them and, obviously, a power cord that must be connected to a plug or the car’s cigarette lighter.

Corded handheld vacuums are ideal for those looking for a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner.

The power of the corded handheld vacuum cleaner is considerably less than that of the canister vacuum cleaner. They are ideal, for example, to vacuum the sofa and remove animal hair from it. They are also very useful vacuum cleaners to remove dust from window rails and frames.

  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is a variant of the previous type. It is ideal for those who want to have a manageable and versatile vacuum cleaner. They are battery-powered vacuums that plug into a charging station when not in use. Afterward, they provide a range of 15 or 20 minutes.

The uses of the cordless vacuum cleaner are the same as in the previous case. However, they provide more freedom when it comes to removing pet hair or breadcrumbs from the table, for example. They are also the best vacuum cleaners to clean the car.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner and mop

Robot vacuum cleaners are in fashion as they offer good power levels and are fully autonomous. Simply activate them in ‘Auto’ mode to start cleaning your house. Without a doubt, they are the recommended vacuum cleaners for people who work a lot and spend little time at home and for those who do not like to clean.

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more common in homes

Robot vacuums have some drawbacks. For example, they have a hard time getting into corners and corners, they can’t get to the back of furniture or the sofa, and they can get stuck in socks, rugs, or anything else on the floor. However, the fact that they are autonomous vacuum cleaners that take care of cleaning when we are not at home is an advantage that compensates for all of the above.

Robot vacuum cleaners can leave the floor of the house very clean. However, since they cannot access other surfaces, it is advisable to complement them with corded or cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. They are also, in many cases, vacuum cleaners with a scrubbing and mopping function.

  • Upright vacuum (also called a broom)

Vertical vacuum cleaners or broom vacuum cleaners offer the possibility of manually sweeping and vacuuming at the same time. They have telescopic support that makes them very comfortable and easy-to-use vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum broom is the ideal type to clean the corners and nooks of the floor. In addition, simply remove the support so that they can act as handheld vacuum cleaners. They are also cordless vacuum cleaners and, if they have a carpet brush, they are ideal for these textile elements.

Photo: The best bagless vacuum cleaners to clean the floor of your house

With all this information, buying the best vacuum cleaner for you will be a little easier. Read the comments of other users and compare various models until you choose the one that best suits your needs.

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