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How to choose the best blenders of

A glass blender is a device that cannot be missing in any kitchen. The task of crushing and cutting food makes it quite easy for us. This type of blender allows us to achieve homogeneous smoothies. Thanks to its power, speed, and various blades to cut hard foods, crush ice and make juices, smoothies, creams, sauces, and soups.
But then comes the question: Which one is the most suitable for you?
A food processor is fine if you just want to chop and cut food into small pieces. But with a blender, you can get very fine mixtures, in many cases without lumps. Just as there are individual, small, and smoothie blenders, there are also powerful models, with greater capacity and various speeds for everyday use in the kitchen.
We have compared the best models of this year, so that, you can find your ideal blender whether you are renovating your kitchen or buying one for the first time.

The 10 best quality-price blenders

These are the best glass blenders according to the opinion of their users and the results obtained after trying them:

10. Moulinex Blend&Go LM1B1D – 300 W Cup Blender

Intuitive and easy to use, for undemanding users

Looking for a simple blender? Do you hate complicated devices with many buttons? If this is the case, the Moulinex Blend&Go LM1BD is a basic, easy-to-use jug blender at a fairly reasonable price.

Moulinex Blend&Go LM1B1D - 300 W Cup Blender

It is very practical. It only has a button that you have to keep pressing while you mix the food. Its cleaning is also simple since all the elements are removable and you can put them in the dishwasher. We have found that its power is fair enough to crush hard and frozen foods. Although to prepare fruit smoothies, you will not have any problems since its stainless steel blades can crush soft foods with ease.

One of its main attractions is that it comes with a 0.75-liter plastic bottle to take your shakes wherever you want. You can make the shake in the 1.3-liter plastic jar that also comes with it. Has another option, which can be directly in the bottle to preserve all the properties of the food.

Being a compact mini mixer, it will be very convenient if your kitchen is small or does not have much space. In addition, its base with stainless steel finishes allows it to look good on any countertop and makes it more robust.


Easy to use
Allows blending in the transportable bottle
Takes up little space
Easy to clean


Difficulty grinding hard or frozen foods
Only has one speed
Requires holding down the button while it works

9. Cecotec Power Black Titanium 1000 Cup Blender

An all-terrain glass blender at a low-cost price

The Power Black Titanium 1000 is at the top of the best blenders for several reasons:

  • Its value for money is correct. it does not exceed the $50 range and it has the features of a medium/high-range glass blender.

Cecotec Power Black Titanium 1000 Cup Blender

  • Thanks to its 1,000W power and titanium-coated blades. It can grind hard food and crush ice over time.
  • Having 1.5 liters of capacity, this model is our priority to prepare several items for 3-4 people at home.
  • It has 5 speeds and a Pulse function. You can get different textures in your mixtures and prepare everything from purees and thick creams to smoothies without lumps.

Something that has caught our attention is that it has a measuring cap with which you can add measured liquids and add food while it works and without lifting the lid so as not to dirty anything.

The glass cup is heat-resistant, which is ideal for preparing soups or creams with hot water. Although, you should wait for it to cool down before washing it, so as not to damage the glass or the rubber that goes under the blades.

It makes a bit of noise when it works. But it is a common detail in mixers with this level of power. The good thing is that it has suction cups on the base that allow it to adhere better to the countertop so as not to move.


Great value for the price
Titanium-coated blades
Heat-resistant glass jar
With a dosing cap


It’s a bit noisy
Its durability is still unknown

8. Nutribullet MBR-0328 – 0.53 L Cup Blender

The best blender for lovers of homemade smoothies

Do you often make smoothies at home? The Nutribullet MBR-0328 is a good candidate if you are a lover of green juices or do sports and want to prepare fruit smoothies to accompany your proteins.

Nutribullet MBR-0328 - 0.53 L Cup Blender

It is not designed to chop many hard foods, but with it, you can make smoothies. Chop frozen fruits or hard vegetables as long as do not fill the glass to the top, as they could overheat. Being an individual model with a fair capacity, it offers instant results thanks to its 4 stainless steel blades and 200W of power. It has a single speed and is very simple to use. You only have to press down on the glass to start it.

Its cleaning is very simple, you can put the glass in the dishwasher. It does not require disassembling the rubber of the blades to clean them.

The quality of the materials indeed leaves something to be desired, as the jug seems a bit fragile. But, it is made of BPA-free material and that is good news.


Fair dimensions
Ideal for making instant smoothies
Easy to clean


The quality of the materials is average
Can’t add a lot of hard foods
Fair capacity

7. Moulinex Blendforce Cristal LM4301 glass blender

An ideal mixer for hot preparations and frequent use

The Blendforce LM4301 is a blender with 800W of power designed for intensive use at home and capable of withstanding high working temperatures.

best quality-price blenders

  • Here are some features that caught our attention: It has a cooling system that allows greater air circulation to the motor. So, you can use it for 3 minutes continuously without overheating.
  • The glass is made of heat-resistant glass and withstands up to 80°C, so you can prepare porridge, purees, and hot soups.
  • It has 2 speeds, and thanks to its function Pulse to crush ice you can prepare granitas or smoothies with frozen fruits.

The stainless steel blades can be separated from the support that is placed on the base to clean them more conveniently. You can put the lid and the glass in the dishwasher to save yourself the work of cleaning.

Sometimes it is difficult for you to take the food because of the design of the blades. But it is not something that you cannot solve using a spatula or stirring paddle.


Refrigerated engine
Heat-resistant jug
For hot and cold mixes
Ice crush function
Easy to clean


Difficulty picking up food to grind
You will have to stir the ingredients

6. Taurus Supreme Mix – Glass Blender

A powerful blender with good capacity for large families

Are you many at home? Are you looking for a blender with a large glass to grind many foods at the same time and serve several people? If this is your case, the Taurus Supreme Mix is ​​a model that you should not lose sight of.

best quality-price blenders

Thanks to its 1.75-liter glass jug. You can make smoothies, purees, and gazpachos for several people in a short time. Due to its capacity, it is aimed at families of 5-6 and is suitable for processing many foods at the same time. It is a robust blender with which you can chop hard and frozen foods. Thanks for its 1,200W motor and its 6 stainless steel blades. We recommend it for making smoothies quickly.
As you can imagine, its power is correct for crushing ice. Although, we have verified that it must be added in small amounts to work without problems.
We find it quite useful that it has a rotary selector. It offers 5 speeds so you can get mixtures of different textures and adjust the fineness of the shake as you want.
Sometimes it takes time to grind food and they move too much. So you will have to wait a few seconds after turning it on. The good thing is that its lid has a filler neck, so you can add ingredients even while it is working.


large capacity cup
Ideal for processing several foods at once
Good power level
Wide speed range


To crush ice you must place a small amount
Takes a few seconds to start shredding

5. Moulinex Perfect Mix+ LM811D – 1200 W glass blender

Ideal for those looking for different textures in mixtures

The Perfect Mix+ LM811D is a robust, powerful, and guaranteed blender that is characterized by having an adjustable speed selector. It allows you to achieve different textures in your mixes and prepare everything from purees to creams and smoothies.

best quality-price blenders

  • It has caught our attention for its good features: It has 3 automatic programs: auto clean, crush ice and make smoothies you can control how thick or thin you want your smoothie.
  • You can use it for several minutes without stopping, as the motor is air-cooled to prevent it from overheating.
  • Due to the shape and design of its blades, it quickly sucks and grinds the food, preventing pieces from remaining at the bottom of the glass.
  • It is ideal for grinding hard foods thanks to its 1,200W of power and its 6 stainless steel blades.

Although it has 2 liters of capacity, only 1.5 are usable. Even so, it is still a good option for families of 4-5 people and for grinding many foods at the same time.

The plastic on the base where the glass is screwed on doesn’t seem very sturdy and it has flimsy-looking tabs. However, the good news is that the glass is thick, strong, and robust glass.


Wide speed range
3 automatic programs
Air-cooled engine
The blades properly drag the food


Only 1.5 liters of the glass are usable
The base where the glass is screwed on has a somewhat flimsy tab

4. CREATE Personal Blender

Ideal if you are looking for an economical blender for juices and smoothies

If you are one of those who takes the shake to the gym or to work, you will surely like the Ikohs MOI SLIM, an economical blender designed to prepare shakes, juices, and smoothies quickly at home.

choose the best blenders

We liked that the blender glass is also a portable bottle that allows you to take your shakes with you. In addition, the food is ground directly in it and thus retains many original properties that it loses when it is poured into another container. Although it is not designed for large mixes, its 230W is enough to process food in small quantities and prepare juices, porridge for the little ones, or creams and sauces.

It has a very minimalist design and hardly takes up space on the counter. So it is a recommended option if you have a small kitchen and are looking for a stand-alone mixer that is not bulky.

Its glass has a 0.4-liter capacity, enough if you live alone or for individual preparations. In addition, its cleaning is quite simple since all the parts are removable. You can put the glass and the stainless steel blades in the dishwasher.


Prepare shakes, juices, and smoothies instantly
The glass is also a portable bottle
Takes up little space
Dishwasher-safe parts


Designed for small preparations
Fair power and capacity

3. Deck TB23YM Blender

The best blender for small kitchens and lovers of freshly ground coffee

The Deik TB23YM is a blender of fair dimensions but much more powerful than other individual models. It is perfect for crushing both soft and frozen fruits for smoothies, milkshakes, creams, and sauces.

  • These are some of its main features: The 0.57-liter glass where food is shaken is also a portable bottle that allows you to take your shakes with you. so the properties of the food are better preserved.
  • It includes another glass of equal capacity so that another person can carry juices and smoothies.
  • It comes with an extra set of blades and a 0.30-liter container for grinding spices and coffee. So you can enjoy freshly ground coffee at home and make espressos with more aroma and flavor.

We have found it easy to use. You place the glass and press it down until you get the consistency you are looking for. In addition, its speed is adequate for grating and chopping food into small pieces, but also for grinding and making creams.

The glasses are not excessively resistant and it is necessary to treat them with care, although the body of the base is covered in fairly robust stainless steel.


It has more power than other small mixers
Takes up little space
Includes various accessories
Ideal for grinding coffee and spices


The cup material could be better
Single speed

2. Russell Hobbs Velocity Pro Blender

For those looking for a smart blender with several programs

The intelligent programs of the Russell Hobbs Velocity Pro can choose the most suitable speed for a smoothie, a cream, or a granita. You just have to add the ingredients and select what you want to prepare.

It has 6 stainless steel blades and a titanium coating that adds extra quality to keep the edge longer. They are ideal for crushing hard foods, nuts, and ice, and have a specific Pulse function for the latter. Its jar is made of heat-resistant glass, which will allow you to prepare hot soups, creams, and purees to serve immediately. In addition, being a model with 1.5 liters of capacity, we recommend it for families of 4-5 people.

In reality, it only has 3 speeds. Although its motor has 1000W of power, it reaches the right revolutions to achieve fairly homogeneous mixtures with different textures.

It makes a lot of noise when it works, but it is a common detail in mixers with similar characteristics.


Smart programs
Titanium-coated blades
Ideal for hot preparations
Good capacity


It is somewhat noisy
It only has 3 speeds.

1. Homgeek Blender

A high-performance blender for those looking for the best

The Homgeek Blender is an absolute bestseller among jar blenders and the most recommended model if you are looking for one that will simplify your kitchen tasks.

choose the best blenders

  • It offers 4 preset programs: you can crush ice, make mincemeat with the Pulse function, crush food or add frozen fruit and prepare smoothies instantly.
  • It is a recommended option if there are many of you at home and you cook for several people since the jug has a 2-liter capacity and has 8 stainless steel blades to quickly grind various foods.
  • It is very useful for achieving different textures and preparing everything from smooth shakes to thick creams since it has 8 speeds.

It is also a great candidate for crushing nuts and preparing hazelnut or peanut butter and creams, as its 2,000W motor is powerful enough for these tougher tasks.

It is not exactly cheap, but it is a good investment if you think about everything you can prepare with it due to its good performance and great power.

One aspect that does not convince us is that a high-end blender, it has many plastic components such as glass and a large part of the base. But, even so, it is still robust and perfect for everyday use.


High-power engine
8 blades to grind food in quantity
large capacity cup
Various default programs
Ideal for crushing nuts


The glass and part of the base are made of plastic
Not cheap

Our recommended blenders

The best quality-price glass blender: Cecotec Power Black Titanium 1000 Cup Blender

This Cecotec model has fascinated us for several reasons. It is a powerful blender. It allows you to make all kinds of smoothies due to its features and it is within the reach of most as it has a fairly affordable price.

Although it makes some noise (like any blender with a similar power level), its titanium-coated blades keep their sharpness very well. It allows you to chop both soft and hard foods to make everything from creams and juices to smoothies with frozen fruit.

Something that makes the difference is its jug. It covers up to 3-4 people and is heat-resistant. So it is not only suitable for cold mixtures but also for making hot preparations such as soups or creams with vegetables.

In summary, it is an excellent option if you are looking for a blender with good features, is economical, and is for day-to-day use in the kitchen.

The best small jug blender: Deik TB23YM

We find its advantage is that this Deik is the most practical glass blender for those who do not have much space in the kitchen or on the counter. It is perfect for those who are looking for a compact and functional model for regular use.

choose the best blenders

In addition to the price, one of its main attractions is the variety of accessories that includes:

  • Two bottles of Tritan to take your shakes wherever you go.
  • A small jar for grinding coffee, grains, spices, and small foods.
  • A blade with four blades for daily use and another with two blades to chop food, acting as a processor.

Certainly, there are mixers with more power and speeds, but its 500W is enough to grind semi-hard, frozen foods, and in general to make various recipes for smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, and creams.

The best blender for smoothies: Moulinex Perfect Mix+ LM811D

It is a fairly powerful blender that integrates a special program to prepare smoothies and allows us to achieve a smoothie texture regardless of the fruit we use.

In addition to smoothies, it is very suitable for preparing other cold drinks such as granitas and frappés. It also has an automatic program for crushing ice and a Pulse function to cut the fruit.

Although only 1.5 liters of the glass are usable, it is enough to make smoothies for 4-5 people.

Its self-cleaning function is also a plus, as well as the fact that all its parts disassemble and can be put in the dishwasher.

The truth is that this Moulinex model has almost everything you could ask for in a blender, from automatic programs and adjustable speed to high power with quality blades for daily use.

The best cheap blender: Moulinex Blendforce LM4301

It seems like a challenge to find an economical mixer with guarantees. But we have loved this Moulinex for its reasonable price and the good features it offers in the kitchen.

choose the best blenders

It doesn’t have many speeds, but it has decent power to crush ice and chop hard foods without too much trouble.

It is greatly appreciated that the motor is cooled to use it continuously, especially when you have to chop food in quantity and make several preparations in a row.

It is also one of the best options we have found for making hot mixtures such as soups or creams. The jug is made of heat-resistant glass and withstands high temperatures.

In summary, a glass blender covers the needs of most users without assuming a large outlay.

Criteria for buying a glass blender

With so many models and brands available, choosing a good jug blender seems complicated. To make things easier for you, below we will show you the most important aspects to consider to make the right purchase. In addition, we choose the best blenders that perfectly meet your needs.

What use will you give?

The frequency of use and the recipes you want to prepare to define the most convenient type of blender for you.

For example, if you tend to prepare smoothies to take to the gym or work, or prepare sauces and purees regularly, a basic, individual, and economical blender capable of crushing soft foods may be enough for you.

On the other hand, if you want to prepare more elaborate recipes daily or grind hard foods in quantity, we recommend choosing a model with various speeds or programs. Which also offers decent power to achieve the results you expect.


Power is directly related to the speed and strength of the mixer. The more power it has, the greater its ability to grind hard foods. It is usually expressed in watts [W] but also in revolutions per minute [rpm].

  • A 250 – 500W model may be sufficient if you are going to grind soft foods in small quantities (bananas, strawberries, mangoes, etc.) such as to prepare smoothies, purees, and creams.
  • The 600 – 800W blenders are quite functional and versatile since they allow you to crush ice, and raw vegetables and quickly offer finer and more homogeneous textures.
  • The models from 1,000W onwards are a recommended option if you need to chop nuts, large amounts of food, and want very fine mixtures in a matter of seconds.

Jar glass material

Generally, the jars of the mixers are made of glass or some resistant plastic such as Tritan.

Although the glass ones are more delicate and heavier, they do not accumulate bad odors. They resist high temperatures very well when they are made of heat-resistant glass, an important aspect to consider if you want to make soups or grind hot foods.

Plastic cups, on the other hand, are lighter, more manageable, and cheaper, but not very resistant to heat.

Bowl capacity

Ideally, the jar should be a suitable size so that all foods fit and mix properly, especially when preparing large portions.

Thus, for example, if there are several of you at home and you need to make preparations for 4-5 people, a 1.5-2.0 liter glass is the most recommended.

On the other hand, if you live alone or as a couple and want to prepare individual smoothies or small mixtures, a blender with a capacity of 0.4 – 0.6 liters may be sufficient.


Quality blades allow you to obtain fine mixtures, without lumps, and at the same time easily grind food in a short time.

The most common is to find stainless steel or titanium-coated blades. Both options retain their sharpness very well even after use and offer good results.

What usually varies in the blades is the number of blades. You can find blades with 2, 4, 6, and 8 blades. The more blades it has, the finer and more homogeneous the mixture will be, although this also depends on the power of the blender.


A mixer with several speeds allows you to get mixes with different textures. For example, a low speed is ideal for purees or creams, while a high speed is useful for finer blends.

Some mixers have a knob to select the speed precisely and allow you to experiment with different textures.

There are also blenders with one speed, designed to prepare simple recipes such as shakes and smoothies. They are a good option for those who do not intend to spend a lot of money on a blender.

Automatic programs

They are nothing more than predetermined speeds to prepare certain recipes in a practical and fast way, which makes preparation quite easy and allows you to achieve desired results.

The most common programs allow you to make smoothies, soups, ice, and crushed ones. Although some models also have a self-cleaning program so that the glass is cleaned by simply adding water and detergent.

Thus, if you choose the best blenders with automatic programs, you only have to add the food, select the program you want, and that’s it! You will have the mixture with a suitable consistency.

Ease of cleaning

Many times, at the bottom of the glass, there are usually some food residues that end up being a headache to clean, especially when very thick creams are prepared.

Cleaning your mixer is not cumbersome, firstly remove the blade from the glass. Make sure all the parts of the blender are suitable for putting in the dishwasher.


Many models include a bottle to take your smoothies wherever you go. It is an extra that you will appreciate if you usually go to the gym or take your food to work.

However, the most common accessories that usually come with the blenders are a stirring spatula and a paddle to push the ingredients.


Like many appliances, the better features a jug blender has. The larger its dimensions will be and it will be necessary to make a good space on the countertop.

However, there are individual cup blenders that take up very little space and are ideal for those who do not have a lot of counter space or have a very small kitchen.

Difference Types of Blenders

In addition to the glass ones, you can find other types of mixers that you may already know. Due to their design, they are more appropriate for certain tasks. Let’s see how they differ and their recommendation to use:

  • Cup blenders: As you already know, it consists of a cup with blades at the bottom that is attached to a base where the motor that rotates said blades is located.

We can use it to crush, chop and beat hard and fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits. Depending on its power it can even crush ice and nuts. These features are essential for preparing shakes, smoothies, sauces, creams, and soups.

  • Hand mixers: This is a mixer with an elongated body that contains the motor, handle, and at the end the blades. It can use directly in containers. In addition, some come with an elongated glass where the food is added.

They are mainly used for beating, grinding, and emulsifying soft foods in small quantities and are ideal for preparing purees, creams, and sauces.

  • Rod mixers: These are small and light devices with a handle at the top to which a pair of rods are attached at the bottom.

They are suitable for kneading and beating ingredients such as flour, butter, oils, and eggs. They are special for preparing decorative creams and doughs.

  • Kneading mixers: They are more robust and bulky machines that incorporate a kneading arm and are designed solely for kneading tasks.

They are responsible for beating, stirring, and mixing the ingredients to make the dough in medium or large quantities.

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