Choosing the right countertop for the kitchen – Tips before choosing

Choosing the right countertop for the kitchen – Tips before choosing

Choosing the right countertop for the kitchen is a big decision and a choice that needs to be thought through carefully because the countertop is one of the most visible parts of a kitchen.

It is also part of the kitchen that is used and worn the most. A countertop, therefore, needs to be both stylish and durable.

Today, there are several different types of materials to choose from for kitchen countertops. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

In this article about countertops, you will find a brief explanation of some of these materials.

Different types of countertops for kitchens

A countertop made of solid wood provides a beautiful contrast to black kitchen cabinets.

Countertops made of solid wood

Solid wooden benches are often made from rods of a certain wood. The types of wood vary endlessly and all have different structures, colors, and durability.

The advantage of wooden countertops is that they are durable and timeless with the right maintenance. It is easy to adapt the wooden boards to the size you are looking for and they come in several thicknesses. Another advantage is that they can be re-sanded several times if the surface becomes worn.

The disadvantage of wooden countertops is that they need to be maintained by oiling at regular intervals and can get marks from hot pans, iron pots, and damp glasses that are placed on the worktop for a long time.

The oiled surface is never completely waterproof. It is also possible to hard lacquer the surface for better durability, but then the countertop looks different.

Countertops in stainless steel

In the past, part of the work surface was preferably made of stainless steel, and that trend has returned. Countertops made of stainless steel often contain stylish sinks and can be high-gloss or matte polished, depending on taste.

Stainless steel certainly has its advantages. It is easy to clean and freshen up, no matter how hard the working pressure is in the kitchen and it can withstand almost any amount of heat and humidity.

The stainless steel does not have any major disadvantages except that the countertops must be sized correctly from the start.

Nor are all kitchens beautiful with stainless steel sinks all the way through, but often some of the countertops can be stainless, for example around the sink.

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Stone countertops

Stone countertops have become a really hot type of countertop in recent years. It is a living and natural material with a multitude of variations. It is possible to get stone slabs that are pink, green, black, white, and more or less pure in color.

Many different types of natural stone can be used for countertops such as granite, marble, limestone, and quartzite. Each type of natural stone has its unique characteristics, including color, pattern, and hardness.

The cost of stone countertops is high, but on the other hand, they are both easy to clean and durable. They do not break in the first place and are maintenance-free. They also do not absorb any odor at all, but rather heat. This means that they are often pleasant to work on.

It is important to keep in mind that stone countertops are difficult to install, so it is important to ensure that the countertops are installed by a professional installer. The disadvantage of stone countertops is that glass can easily crack if it hits the edge of the stone, which is easily the case with dishwashers and sinks.

Laminate countertops

The laminate countertops that are sold today hold up much better than the first generation of laminate worktops. They are high-pressure laminates of the highest rank.

Laminate countertops come in a variety of designs and here you can pick and choose.

It is important to find laminate boards of high quality. Poor quality results in a short shelf life, as water can penetrate the disc.

Compared to other countertops made of homogeneous materials, a laminate countertop is a less expensive option.

Composite countertops

Countertops made of composite, or artificial stone as it is often called, imitate marble but have better properties.

Composite countertops are available in a variety of designs but are often a bit more expensive to purchase. However, the countertops maintain a very high quality and therefore last for many years. They are almost completely maintenance-free.

Variation of countertops

A kitchen does not have to have the same type of countertops over the entire work surface. It can be smart to vary as needed.

Concrete is also a cool variant. It is not as common, but it is possible to special order concrete slabs for those who wish. It gives a rough and rustic impression.

Perhaps a stone countertop is perfect where wet and hot things like to be placed, while a wooden bench and a stainless steel worktop may be better suited elsewhere.

Also, keep in mind that countertops can easily be replaced if it becomes worn and does not fit.

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