Characteristics of the Draeme V11 broom vacuum cleaner

Dreame V11 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dreame brand is one of the best exponents of the Xiaomi world. Dreame has managed to enter the western market with its elegant designs, great features, and unbeatable value for money.

Advantages of the Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner


  • The digital motor that reaches 125,000 RPM
  • 90 minutes of autonomy
  • Built-in screen
  • 5 Stages of deep filtration
  • 450 watts of power
  • Dimensions 122.1 x 25.6 x 20.2 cm
  • Weight 5 Kg

Dreame has been reinvented in each model. Since its first great success, the Draeme V9, the Draeme V10, or the Draeme XR Premium has strengthened its brand image. With each model, the company has offered functional vacuum cleaners. Easy to handle with excellent cleaning results.

The Dreame V11 Mistral goes even further positioning itself at the forefront being able to compete in performance with models such as the Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner. Although much more price, it performs without the need to reduce its performance.

The Draeme V11 vertical vacuum cleaner provides an elegant design. It includes some of the most requested features today by users of high-end devices, such as the OLED information screen.

Technical characteristics of the vertical vacuum cleaner Draeme v11

We consider the Draeme V11 broom vacuum cleaner to be an excellent purchase option for the following reasons:

It is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner which makes it a very versatile vacuum cleaner together. Its low weight (2.5 Kg) makes this a very easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. It has great autonomy reaching up to 90 min at maximum power and large capacity (500 ml). It has an informative OLED screen from which you can control its 3 power levels.

One of its main characteristics is its low noise (72 decibels) despite having a power of 150 volts that allows it to function freely on any surface.

Advantages of the Dreame V11

High performance

This vacuum cleaner responds perfectly to what one expects from a high-end product: design, technology, and a low price.

High-performance engine

Its brushless digital motor reaches 125,000 rpm, making it one of the most powerful vacuum on the market. Thanks to its 150 watts of air.

The progress in the spread of new lithium batteries and the different patents implemented in the design has facilitated the incorporation of a powerful motor without affecting the comfort of the vacuum cleaner or its weight.

Wide autonomy

With 90 minutes of battery life, it is one of the longest vacuums on the market. This cordless vacuum can clean medium to large homes on a single charge.

Great versatility

This broom vacuum cleaner can also be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner. It includes a wide variety of accessories, making it a complete solution for cleaning the home and the vehicle.

Powerful filtering system

Its 5-stage filtering system traps almost 100% of microparticles of dust and mites, returning cleaner air. In addition, its various components can be washed under the tap for greater comfort and hygiene.

The cyclonic technology separates the solid particles from the airflow, managing to separate 99.67% of the microparticles of dust and mites, which greatly reduces the work of the filter.

Easy to use

The V11 is very light, and you don’t have to press the trigger to get it going. It is easy to disassemble and clean and its filters are washable for greater comfort and hygiene.

Digital screen

Its informative OLED screen quickly and conveniently provides the most relevant information about power, battery, or any incident that may occur.

The incorporation of this feature has been one of the great milestones in this model since it responds to the type of features demanded in high-end vacuum cleaners. This model is much cheaper than its direct competitors.

Silent operation

The Dreame V11  incorporates up to 7 noise reduction systems. Achieving a low noise level compatible with carrying out other activities, despite its high power level.

Accessories contained in the Draeme V11 Vertical vacuum cleaner box

Draeme V11 broom vacuum cleaner

Box contents

  • Aspiradora vertical Dreame V11
  • extender tube
  • Soft multi-surface brush
  • 2-in-1 small multi-purpose brush
  • Anti-mite mini brush
  • 2-in-1 corner accessory
  • Flexible tube
  • Manual

Tips before using the vacuum cleaner for the first time

As in almost all cordless upright vacuum cleaners, the battery comes partially charged. From here we recommend avoiding the temptation to start using it. We encourage you to make a full charge before using it for the first time.

tips for using voccum

According to the manufacturer, the battery takes 4 hours to fully charge the 3000mAh battery, giving it a range of 90 minutes: undoubtedly one of the highest on the market.

While we make the first load, we recommend exploring the accessories that this broom vacuum cleaner has because its variety is one of the most complete when compared to other manufacturers. In addition, the fitting of the pieces is very easy and intuitive.

Operation of the Draeme V11 vacuum cleaner

The suction power is one of the notable aspects of the Dreame V11, reaching up to 150 watts, a figure similar to some of the most prominent vacuum cleaners on the market.

Draeme V11 broom vacuum cleaner

If we consider the power in Pascals, this vacuum cleaner would be over 25,000 Pa, placing it among one of the best on the market. To be able to consider this data in perspective, we must consider that a normal corded sled vacuum cleaner can be around 17,000 and 21,000 Pascals. So we are talking about a very high suction capacity.

This high power is provided by a new generation Dreame Space 4.0 brushless digital motor, designed using aerospace engineering techniques and holding 26 design patents.

Its powerful 450-watt motor gives it the ability to spin at 125,000 revolutions per minute. In addition, as it is a brushless motor, it minimizes friction, which extends the useful life of the device and significantly reduces noise.

With this suction capacity, the Dreame V11 is capable of sucking up dirt from any type of surface with great efficiency. Its soft cashmere brush also contributes to this, capable of trapping dust, lint, and hair with great effectiveness, making it very interesting for homes with pets.

You will not have problems cleaning large homes also considering the speed with which these types of vacuum cleaners clean. In addition, its 5 additional filtering stages bring cleaning efficiency closer to 100%. Making the Dreame V11 a good option for people with some type of allergy or respiratory problem, for homes with small children and pets, or simply for those who want to have the cleanest air.

Draeme V 11 upright vacuum cleaner power regulator

As always, we recommend adjusting the power levels according to the needs. Thus achieving a balance between the cleaning time and the autonomy that the battery gives us.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Dreame V11 is its autonomy. Thanks to its large 3000 mAh capacity battery,  it reaches a range of up to 90 minutes, one of the highest on the market and well above average

Draeme V 11 upright vacuum cleaner power regulator

The Dreame V11 Mistral has three power levels :

  • The lowest power (Eco) is sufficient for everyday cleaning, especially on hard floors.
  • You can use a strong level (Strong) for greater suction capacity. This power level is usually used on carpets. Keep in mind that with this power the vacuum cleaner has an autonomy of 30 minutes.
  • In more demanding situations where large particles or very dense carpets are involved, the Draeme V11 vacuum cleaner has a turbo mode. It is convenient not to abuse turbo and use it in very specific situations since its autonomy is reduced to 10 minutes.

Ergonomics and ease of use

The Dreame V11 has a  robust yet light and elegant design, in line with the models that this brand has accustomed us to. Thanks to this, it is very easy to handle, with a weight of 2.5 kilograms (or 1.6 as a handheld vacuum cleaner). It is very manageable, helping to facilitate cleaning in the most adverse conditions.

The lightness and the lack of cables make this vacuum cleaner much easier and faster than a conventional canister vacuum cleaner.

Information display digital screen

One of the novelties introduced in this model is the incorporation of the OLED information screen in line with the latest trends in high-end vacuum cleaners.

The screen shows us in a piece of very intuitive way information related to our vacuum cleaners, such as the battery charge level, the power, or aspects related to the state of the filter, the maintenance of the machine, or an error message if necessary.

Next to the screen, we have the controls to modify the power levels or the block button that allows us to vacuum without having to press the trigger. It allows us to vacuum continuously in a more comfortable way.

The design of the Draeme V11 Mistral vacuum cleaner is the complete cleaning solution for your home and your vehicle. Concentrating the weight on the handle facilitates cleaning both the floor and high areas and interiors of vehicles.

Large deposit

Draeme V 11 upright vacuum cleaner power regulator

The tank has a capacity of 0.5 liters. On average this type of vacuum has a sufficient capacity to clean a medium-sized home and is very easy to empty. At the push of a button, the bottom lid opens and empties.

A silent vacuum cleaner

Dreame has concentrated its efforts on improving the insulation of its vacuum cleaners and achieving quieter performance. Its 7-stage noise reduction system focuses specifically to reduce noise.

In this way, the Dreame V11 is a fairly quiet vacuum cleaner, which is not annoying at all, despite its great suction power.

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