How do you clean wool rugs at home?

How do you clean wool rugs at home?

Wool rugs create a unique atmosphere of well-being and warmth in the home. Maintaining their appearance and softness to the touch is possible as long as they are clean and without stains. In addition, the natural fiber of wool prevents bacterial growth and the proliferation of mites.

But as with all rugs, you have to do it right so as not to damage it. In this article, we are going to see how to clean a wool rug correctly and safely.

How do you clean wool rugs?

Perform the vacuum routine at least twice a week, if you can afford it, the most comfortable option is a good robot vacuum cleaner, it will work only for you! It will help keep the beauty of the fiber intact. It is normal for a new wool rug to shed some material in the process, especially in the first few months.

Use a vacuum with a motorized brush to help lift dust and embedded dirt, you can see options that incorporate this type of brush in our article on the best vacuum cleaners. Avoid the edges, especially if your rug has fringes. In the latter case, finish cleaning with a handheld vacuum.

How to clean a very dirty wool rug?

If the wool rug surface is not very large, you can take advantage of doing a deep cleaning by washing it. For this you must proceed with each of the steps that we present below:

How to clean wool rug

  • Vacuum the rug on both sides to remove any loose dust particles.
  • Shake off embedded dirt, preferably in an open space. If you have an appropriate place you can hang the rug. If not, lay the rug out on the floor, upside down, and using a broomstick, racket, or cane, hit the rug repeatedly across the area to loosen dirt. It is convenient to lift and re-vacuum the carpet. You can repeat the procedure to confirm if it is still shedding particles.
  • Prepare your wash solution by dissolving two tablespoons of mild carpet detergent in cold water.
  • Dip a clean sponge in the solution and rub the carpet vigorously. Work in sections, so you can wash the sponge in the cleaning solution and scrub the same section of carpet again.
  • You can keep a bucket of cold water and a clean sponge to rinse the washed area. Change the water as often as necessary. Make sure to thoroughly remove the detergent on the carpet.
  • Try to remove the excess water on the carpet with the help of a clean cloth.
  • Repeat the process until the entire area of ​​the rug is covered.

Vacuum cleaner

You must let the carpet dry very well, on both sides, before placing it in its place. You can leave it on two chairs in a ventilated place. Use a hose if you have one available, to make sure you remove all the detergent.

Once the rug dries, it may be a little stiff and the fibers flattened. Vacuum again to restore the original appearance.

You can use a water extraction injection vacuum cleaner. These types of vacuum cleaners, also known as lava vacuum cleaners, apply water with a cleaning solution at the same time as they vacuum, and are very effective at removing stains.

What do we do with the stains?

  • In cases of spills Never rub a new stain! You will only push the dirt, deepening it and making it more difficult to treat the stain.
  • Remove the solids using a blunt tool (from the outside to the center), and dry the liquids with the help of a napkin.
  • Never use any chemicals on your wool rug without testing them, it will save you a lot of hassle. Check that they do not fade the colors or damage the fiber when applied to a small area. Always use products specially formulated for the maintenance of wool. If you don’t have any within your reach, use a mild detergent, preferably neutral, and lukewarm water.

How to clean wool carpets with a steam cleaner?

The steam cleaner helps to remove dirt embedded in the wool carpet and disinfect it. It eliminates germs and mites without the need to use chemicals. When you use the steamer, moisture accumulates in the area. Although, the drying process will take much less time than conventional carpet washing.

How to clean wool carpets with a steam cleaner

The use of the steam cleaner is conditioned to the type of material of the carpet, always check the label. Be careful, when using it on natural fiber rugs.

When you use the steamer:

  • Always vacuum the carpet to remove dust, solid particles, and hair using the vacuum function.
  • Select the appropriate accessories for your rug.
  • Fill the water tank and use the steam function, and start cleaning. Some steamers include a detergent tank, you can replace it with a vinegar solution and completely avoid the use of chemicals.
  • The steam cleaner helps to remove dirt embedded in the wool carpet and disinfect it. It eliminates germs and mites without the need to use chemicals. When you use the steamer, moisture accumulates in the area. Although, the drying process will take much less time than conventional carpet washing. If the stain is embedded, apply spot steam for a few minutes.
  • If it’s a carpeted room, start diagonally from the room’s exit, and avoid stepping on the already cleaned area.
  • If the cleaning accessory uses a brush, make sure to cover it with a microfiber floor cloth, it will help remove all the dirt residues released by the action of steam and the surface of the carpet will be cleaner.
  • The steamer attachment cleans on contact, so move the head slowly over the carpet to allow it to pick up loose dirt.
  • If you used detergent, it is convenient to go over the area in a second round, using only water, or a vinegar solution (in substitution of detergent), to remove any remaining soap. Replaces microfiber cloth.
  • Let the rug dry completely by ventilating the room, using a fan, and turning on a dehumidifier, or the air conditioner.

How to clean wool rugs with ammonia?

Avoid using bleach, ammonia, or any oxygen cleaners. They can affect the fiber of natural wool and alter colors.

If you use ammonia on a fur carpet or hairpiece you’ll ruin the fur. This is because ammonia is high in alkaline and that will lead to unrecoverable damage to the fur carpet or hairpiece filaments. If you use ammonia for drawing stains on the synthetic carpet there’s a chance the alkaline will degrade the carpet filaments.

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