How to choose the right sink for your kitchen

How to choose the right sink for your kitchen

The area around the kitchen sink is the most visited place in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to choose equipment that suits your needs. Stala’s wide range of hobs has been developed to offer good hob and sink options for all tastes and purposes of use. What should you think about when planning the kitchen and the area around your sink?

I recommend starting with practical needs. In the small kitchen of a single person in the city, you are naturally faced with different requirements than in the kitchen of a large family, notes range manager Jari Peltonen.

A man rinses salad at the kitchen sink
Having a large kitchen sink is often enough if you do most of the washing in the machine.

Master chef cooking
In the master chef’s kitchen, a robust expression combined with durable materials is appreciated. The sink is near the stove.

How many sinks should you have in your sink?

Even things like how much you wash dishes by hand or whether you handle large dishes or cooking utensils, affect the choice of sink size and the number of dishes. For one person, perhaps a single bowl is enough, while another wants a big-sized, where you can easily fit a long pan, as Peltonen describes.

Cleaning large oven trays is easy with the quartz composite CEG-50B

The modern sink LAGOM-34-18 combines stylish design with maximum functionality.

In the cabin or when washing dishes by hand, it is practical to have two sinks next to each other. Those who cook a lot can use a double bowl sink instead of a small or single bowl sink.

Do you do a lot of washing by hand? Stainless steel withstands water splashes perfectly.

A sink made of stainless steel fits perfectly even in kitchens with a retro style.

Should I choose a full-covering sink or a built-in sink?

For those who handle large quantities of meat and fish, a sink with a highly hygienic stainless steel work surface is a practical and safe choice as a kitchen counter. The sink with a raised edge so that the water stays on the counter and does not flow onto the floor.

Stala’s sinks are made of high-quality stainless steel and are hygienic & easy to clean.

The Tailor-made series sinks have highly designed details. You can choose, among other things, benches over 3 meters long, kitchen islands, and optional edge shapes.

Once you get an idea about your kitchen style, it’s good to think about what type of bench material you want around your sinks.

A stone countertop does not need protection around the faucet. As the stone can withstand water splashes, and the faucet mount is not exposed to potential moisture problems. For a nice stone countertop, at least you can choose a nice sink to achieve an elegant surface, says Peltonen.

Black quartz composite stereo CEG-50BF undermounted in a Cosentino stone top.

The modern sink MX-50 is suitable for all types of installation and can be combined with different countertop materials.

If the countertop is made of laminate or wood, the sink should be fitted with a faucet. As attaching the faucet directly to the countertop poses a risk of moisture. If you have a countertop made of wood or laminate, it is good to plan at least a little rust-free storage surface. Because wood does not withstand water splashes very well and is not suitable as a storage surface for wet pans.

Stala-Ease-storage surface-vattenstänl-900x600.jpg
The practical storage surface protects the countertop from water splashes.

Thanks to the tap hole and the storage surface. The LAGOM-T34 sink fits perfectly with wooden and laminate counters. Support around the fixture area is strong. 

Find your favorite or design yourself

In Stala’s wide range, you will find a suitable solution for all countertops, dimensions, styles, and needs. You get maximum freedom in kitchen remodeling with Stala’s made-to-measure sinks. Then you can get the sink exactly as you want it and with the dimensions you want it to have. In other words, you no longer need to choose a sink according to the kitchen, but instead, the stainless steel sink is adapted to fit your kitchen. Feel free to try how easy it is to plan your sink with the determined program Stala Designer.

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