How to choosing the best kitchen sink

choosing the best kitchen sink

To have a spectacular kitchen you have to pay attention to even the smallest details. If you are thinking of renovating the kitchen and want to make it a trend, you may be interested in learning about the new designs to know how to choose the best kitchen sink.

Kitchen sinks and faucets also change with fashions and adapt to the needs of each moment.

Although there are certain trends on the rise, logically there is no single line to follow and everything will depend on the general style of the kitchen, the space available, and also the personal taste of each owner.

How to choose the best kitchen sink

To make the right choice for a sink, you must remember several aspects: where or how you want to place it, the material, and the shape. Below we will give you more information about each of these factors to help you find the perfect types of kitchen sinks.

According to placement

If we focus on the types of sinks that exist according to their placement, we can distinguish three main types:

  • Undercounter: This is the most recommended type of sink for granite, stone, or synthetic countertops (Silestone countertops, marble, etc.). Aesthetically, the countertop and the sink come together creating a sense of continuity. In addition, surface joints are eliminated, making them easier to clean. And it also favors a better use of the workspace.
  • Built-in: This type of sink is recommended for laminate and wood countertops. However, this does not imply that it cannot be installed on other types of materials. The sink flaps are located above the countertop and usually incorporate a drainer. The main drawback is that, when fixed to the surface with silicone, the joints end up getting dirty. As an advantage, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes, materials, and shapes. It is manufactured mainly in steel or resins.
  • On the countertop: In these cases, the bowl is completely on top of the countertop and allows the entire body of the sink to be seen. If your sink has a special design and you want to highlight it, this is an option to consider.

According to the kitchen shape

It is also possible to classify the types of sinks according to their shape. In the following list we have collected the most common:

  • Single Bowl Sink: This is a fairly common type of sink. They are very convenient if you need to save space or if you already have a dishwasher. If you have a small kitchen and need to maximize space, you can choose to install a round sink.
  • Single bowl sinks with drainer: These sinks, as their name suggests, incorporate a space to drain the scrubbed objects. It is also possible to find double-bowl sinks with a drainer.
  • Bowl and a half sink: This model of sink includes a small hole next to the bowl, very useful for leaving certain utensils.
  • Sink with two buckets: It is more comfortable since it allows you to leave the objects that you are going to scrub in one of the sinks while you use the other to clean them. This type of sink can also be placed in a corner, to optimize the available space.

Depending on the sink material

Finally, we have left to talk to you about the different materials from which a sink can be made:

  • Stainless steel: Steel sinks are very hygienic and easy to clean. Their main problem is that they are not very resistant to scratching and can accumulate lime stains. However, it is generally very durable.
  • Synthetic materials or resins: Compared to stainless steel, synthetic sinks offer high resistance to scratching and do not retain as much lime. In addition, this type of material is very resistant to shocks and high temperatures. Finally, it is possible to choose from a wide range of colors, making it a perfect choice for a designer kitchen.
  • Stoneware or ceramic: Stoneware sinks are quite resistant and durable, and their ease of cleaning also stands out. They are perfect if you want to get a rustic-style kitchen. Its main drawback is its price. On the other hand, there is not much diversity in terms of shapes and colors.
  • Marble or granite: Natural stones always offer greater resistance and durability. However, its price is quite high and, if the stone is porous, its maintenance can be complicated.
  • Glass: This type of material offers little resistance against impacts but, on the other hand, it is very hygienic. In addition, it resists scratches and lime quite well.

How much does it cost to install a sink?

The total cost of installing a sink will include the price of the sink itself plus any labor required. The price of the sink usually depends on all the factors that we have mentioned (shape, material, placement, etc.). This will depend on your choice.

However, we want to tell you what the average price of labor is for this type of installation. In this way, you will be able to calculate approximately the total cost of placing the sink you want.

What about the kitchen faucets?

If you’re replacing your kitchen sink, you’ll probably need to get a new faucet in as well. It is a decision that, at first, may seem simple, but there are several aspects that you must take into account: location, type of pipe, and finish design…

New sink designs

These are some of the new trends in sinks that we are already finding in the catalogs for this year.

Small single-bowl sinks

If just a decade ago these types of sinks seemed to have been completely banished, now they reappear as an option for those small kitchens in which there is a dishwasher. You do not want a sink that steals prominence from the countertop.

Small single bowl sinks

The most minimalist ones do not even have a drainer next to them, although there are very original models capable of integrating the sink, the drainer, and the dishwasher in a single unit. Ideal for small apartments.

Full-color sinks

These are modern sinks, integrated into cheerful and very lively kitchens. You can choose between all kinds of finishes and colors, and they are generally not large.

Bowl and drainer seem the ideal option for this type of sink, which if they were larger would be excessively striking.

They are perfect in kitchens with very cheerful and youthful designs, in which the most casual trends prevail.

Corner sinks

Although they have been showing up for some time, they are beginning to become more and more popular. They are perfect for those who do not want to give up large sinks but do not have much space. In this way, an area of ​​the countertop that is generally dedicated to storage is used.

They fit in all kitchen models, from the most classic to the most modern, and are perfect for large families or for those who want great comfort.

Multifunction kitchen sinks

One of the most modern and most successful options in recent seasons. They allow you to wash the dishes and have a drainer function for both dishes and food, which also has a cutting board.

Perfect for the most modern kitchens, with elegant cuts and very practical designs aimed at people who love to cook and seek to combine style and utility.

Gold sinks

Whether it’s gold aluminum in the most modern kitchens or authentic copper in the most rustic, or with a truly vintage feel, gold or copper sinks are very much in fashion.

This tone allows them to be combined with dark and elegant furniture and with glass, one of the materials that are also making a strong appearance in kitchen countertops and decorations. An adequate faucet is essential for them to look correct.

Perfect for those who want to be in the latest fashion, as it is the most current trend in the market and is still being presented at fairs and theme shows throughout Europe.

Remember that regardless of the type of kitchen you choose or the style of sink you like best. At USA Appliance Guide, we can help you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. We will put you in contact with up to four companies or professionals who will be in charge of providing you with different prices for your project.

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