How to clean the inner pot of the rice cooker

How to clean the inner pot of the rice cooker

What should we do when the paint on the inner pot of the rice cooker is peeled off? Some consumers said that at this time, it is not a wise decision to use the rice cooker and should be replaced with a new one. Some consumers said that paint peeling is a normal phenomenon, don’t worry too much. Here, we discussed some rice cooker inner tank cleaning tips.

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What should I do if the paint inside the rice cooker falls off?

What should we do after the paint on the inner pot of the rice cooker falls off? The paint on the inner pot of the rice cooker will not cause harm to the human body. Strictly speaking, after passing the quality inspection the inner liner coating is made of substances that are harmless to the human body. The rice cooker will stick to the pot when the lacquer is removed from the inner pot of the rice cooker, and some may have a sticky smell. When you cook food in the rice cooker, put the inner pot into the outer shell and turn it left and right several times to make the inner pot and the electric heating plate in close contact.

Inner tank clean

The inner tank and the surface of the electric heating plate should be kept clean to avoid poor contact. It will automatically trip only when cooking rice. If other food is stewed, it will automatically cut off when the water is dry. Therefore, you should master the heat and unplug the power plug-in time. This is the treatment method for the paint peeling of the inner pot of the rice cooker. Strictly speaking, the inner liner coating made by the manufacturer has passed the quality inspection and substances, that are harmless to the human body.

The inner pot of the rice cooker is made of aluminum, so beware of collision and deformation. If the contact between the inner tank and the heating plate does not match, the electric heating plate and the temperature controller will burn. The inner tank is deformed and replaced, and cannot be replaced by ordinary aluminum pots. With a metal spatula, the paint will come off. If the paint comes off with the shovel that comes with it, don’t use it as soon as possible. This rice cooker has a quality problem. It’s hard to say whether it’s poisonous or not. Be sure to pay attention to the treatment of paint peeling on the inner pot of the rice cooker.

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Rice cooker liner cleaning skills

Cleaning Tips 1:

You should use a softer rag when cleaning. Do not use a cleaning steel ball for brushing. The cleaning ball will damage the coating of the inner pot of the rice cooker, resulting in the inner pot being no longer smooth. Sticky pan.

Cleaning Tips 2:

Rice cooker inner tank cleaning skills: After cleaning, be sure to wipe the outer wall and bottom of the inner tank clean before placing it in the rice cooker. If the outer wall of the inner pot contains water stains, put it in the pot, which may cause damage to the rice cooker the next time you use it.

Cleaning Tips 3:

Unplug the power supply of the rice cooker, take out the inner pot and pour it into hot water for a while. Leave appropriate water after soaking, drop in the detergent, and then wipe the inner wall with a soft cloth. The action of choline or acid will corrode and produce black spots, which can be wiped off with decontamination powder or soaked in vinegar, and removed overnight. Rinse with clean water after brushing. Wipe the surface and internal moisture with a rag, and then put it into the pot inside.

Final word

Of course, you need to buy an inner pot with an anti-stick layer. The best brands of rice cookers include Philips, Midea, Yuande, etc. The ones with high prices have more functions. But it is also very practical to buy those with low prices. The inner pot with layers must not use steel wire or the ball brush. If there is coke on the bottom of the pot, soak in water for a while, and then cleaned with a soft cloth. Note that some scoring pads such as 3M are not suitable for brand cleaning. Buy a colorful scouring pad that soaks in water and has a very soft appearance. Will be all right.

When it comes to the inner pot of the rice cooker, we must pay close attention to its daily use. Once the paint of the inner pot of the rice cooker is peeled off, everyone must pay attention to this. Do not take it lightly. Only in this way can the safety of the rice cooker be guaranteed. In this way, the guest can eat cooked rice in the rice cooker.

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