How to find best baby food processors of 2023

7 best baby food processors

Being parents is a wonderful thing, but we cannot deny that we no longer own our time. Between diaper changes, crying during the night, and preparing bottles and food, the days go by and you don’t know what to do to steal time from time. 

And of course, like any good parent, you want your child to grow up healthy and strong. To achieve this, pediatricians recommend that they eat fresh and natural foods. Cooked in a way that preserves all their nutrients, especially during the first years, which are the most important for their development.

Saying it is easy… but doing it requires extra effort, especially time, which is precisely what you don’t have to spare. Thanks to baby food processors, also called baby cooks, you can prepare all the porridge of the day in a matter of minutes and even freeze it. Everything automatically, in a single device and without having to dirty half the kitchen.

The mess comes when it’s time to choose. Between functions, features, and brands that make everything very nice for you, it’s easy to end up spending more on a robot that does everything it promises.

So that you can see it clearly without having to think about it a lot. I have selected the 7 best kitchen robots for babies on the market. They are reliable models that have passed the most important filter, that of their users. 

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The 7 best food processors for Babies and Children of 2022

I have included robots of all ranges and prices, so you can find yours regardless of what you want to spend.

1. BEABA, Babycook Solo 4-in-1 baby food processor

An ideal bestseller for parents looking for a practical and easy-to-use robot.

BÉABA , Babycook Solo, 4-in-1 baby food processor,


 Functions: 4

 Capacity: 1,100ml

 Servings: 3

 Mobile app: yes

 Accessories: Basket, spatula, and lid

Editorial Review

Beaba is a benchmark in baby products. Their Babycook robots are possibly the most popular on the market. Her secret from him? They are practical and really easy to use

This Babycook Solo can make 2 or 3 porridges, so you are not cooking all day. The jug comes with water measurement marks that you must put according to the food you are going to prepare. Steam cook, mash, defrost, and reheat. You simply put the ingredients, program it from its only button, and forget about it… In 15 minutes it notifies you when it is finished

Something that I liked is that it is operated with one hand. It is much easier when you have your baby in your arms and you are preparing food. When crushing, it achieves a fine texture, although it is true that not as much as a blender. Still, pediatricians recommend that when introducing crushed, it is good that the baby gets used to having some texture.

It includes a small recipe book, but the best thing is to download the Mobile App, where you will find a wide variety of recipes so that you never run out of ideas and your baby eats varied.

Beaba Babycook Duo

The Duo version of the Beaba Babycook has the same features as the previous one but twice the capacity.
It seems to be the most interesting option if you have twins or prefer to cook food for several days at once.
You can also prepare two different recipes at the same time, for example, vegetables and fruit.

2. Multifunction Kitchen Robot – Multifunction 7 in-1 for Babies

A food processor with many functions in a compact size.

Multifunction Kitchen Robot - Multifunction 7 in 1 for Babies


Functions: 7

Capacity: 600ml

Servings: 3 small

Mobile app: yes

Accessories: Basket

Editorial Review

What we are looking for when buying a kitchen robot is to have several devices in one. This is the strong point of this Sweety Fox, a functional robot, capable of doing up to 7 functions. So you don’t have to buy a pot for each thing.

In addition to the typical functions: of steam cooking, shredding, heating, and defrosting, it performs other less common functions:

  • Disinfect. Useful for sterilizing teats, pacifiers, etc.
  • It has automatic cleaning. 
  • You can shred automatically or by “hitting” the blade.

It has a modern design and compact size and takes up little space in the kitchen. Of course, it does not have a large capacity, its 600 ml is enough to prepare 2 large or 3 small porridges.

The handling is simple: you select the function on the touch screen, and it automatically starts, and you can get on with other things until it tells you that it has finished. When you buy it, it includes the steam basket. If you register on the manufacturer’s website, they send you a pdf with recipes and 3 jars to store food. All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe

In short, a tiny robot, with many functions with which you won’t need to have a kitchen full of junk.

3. Babymoov Nutribaby 6-in-1 Multifunction Robot

A robot with a lot of capacity and useful functions from the first days.

Babymoov Nutribaby (+), 6-in-1 Multifunction Robot


Functions: 5

 Capacity: 2,200ml

 Servings: 8

 Mobile app: 

 Accessories: Spatula

Editorial Review

Babies grow very fast, and it is difficult to find devices that are useful to us over time, and we do not stop using them in 3 or 4 months. This is not the case with this Babymoov Nutribaby +, a robot designed to help you at all stages of your child’s development and ensure that you give him a healthy and balanced diet as he grows. Of course, it is somewhat more expensive than the rest.

Things that I liked: its large capacity (ideal if you have twins) and that it can do two functions at the same time, for example steaming and grinding. It has two containers, a 2-tier steamer, and a blender jar. This gives you to prepare a lot of food, store it in the fridge or freezer and forget about cooking for several days.

Its shredding function adapts to the baby’s age: speed 3 from 4 to 6 months, speed 2 from 6 to 8 months, and speed 1 from 8 to 12 months. Thanks to this, you will not heat your head by adjusting the texture to your ability to chew and swallow.  Be careful, it is not small, and it will take up space on the counter. It is also true that, by performing up to 5 functions, you will not need, for example, a bottle sterilizer. The robot itself makes them perfect.

Finally, it has a mobile app and a blog with recipes classified by age that will support you on days when you can’t think of what to cook.

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4. BEABA Babycook Original, 4-in-1 Baby Food Processor

A basic and cheap baby food processor, ideal for tight pockets.

BÉABA Babycook Original, 4-in-1 Baby Food Processor


Functions: 4

Capacity: 800ml

Servings: 2

Mobile app: 

Accessories: Spatula and lid

Editorial Review

The Original version of Beaba Babycook is the most basic food processor model that the famous French brand has. Due to the price (it does not exceed $100), it is aimed at parents with a tight budget.

The main difference with its older brothers is the capacity of the jug. It’s 800 ml, depending on the age of the little one, given for 2 porridges. The advantage is that it is tiny, and apart from taking up little space at home, you can even take it on a trip 

In terms of features, it does practically the same as the rest of the brand’s models: steam cooks grinds, heats, and defrosts. Being the updated version of the manufacturer’s first kitchen robot, it maintains a retro design, which is also reflected in its handling. Simply turn the lever to the left to cook and to the right to grind. Simple but effective.

Once you start it, you don’t have to be aware, you can take advantage of it to attend to your little one, rest, or do whatever you want. As soon as it finishes, it turns off automatically.

It includes a small recipe book, a spatula, and a lid so that the food does not come out when grinding. Everything, including the jug, can be washed in the dishwasher.

5. Philips Avent 4-in-1 infant food processor

Practical and compact robot from a prestigious brand.

Philips Avent 4-in-1 infant food processor


Functions: 4

Capacity: 1,000ml

Servings: 4

Mobile app: 

Accessories: Spatula and porridge container

Editorial Review

The most common downside of baby food processors is that you have to transfer the food from the steam basket to the jar to grind it. Well, that does not happen in this Philips Avent. To solve it, it has an ingenious system with which you place the food in the jar, cook it, turn it over, and grind it. All in the same container.

In addition, the water tank is located under the jug, so that the steam is produced from the bottom up. It guarantees cooking nothing is left raw.

The jug is large (although everything is vertical so it doesn’t take up much space), and it’s enough to prepare food for the whole day, especially the first months of complementary feeding for the little one. The support recipes come in a small book that includes an app (in English) for mobile. All made by a famous child nutritionist. 

Both the jug and the accessories that it includes: spatula and food container, are dishwasher safe. Although some users comment that dirt accumulates on the handle with use, so from time to time it is worth washing it by hand.

6. Avec Maman – Baby Chef, 4-in-1 Baby Food Processor

High value for money and 5-year warranty.

Avec Maman - Baby Chef, 4-in-1 Baby Food Processor


Functions: 4

Capacity: 1,000ml

Servings: 3

Mobile app: 

Accessories: Basket, spatula, tongs, and container

Editorial Review

One of the most annoying things about technology is when you buy something and it stops working after 4 days. Avec Maman’s Baby Chef baby robot comes with nothing more and nothing less than a 5-year warranty. It will last you for the second little one. 

When you take it out of the box, the plastics and finishes give a feeling of quality, and it has nothing to envy the rest of the robots in this ranking.

In terms of functions, it is not far behind either:

  • Steam cooking.
  • Grind (get puree texture, not cream).
  • Heats food and bottles.
  • Sterilizes pacifiers, teats, bottles, etc.

You receive it with an instruction manual in Spanish where its operation is clearly explained. Everything is handled from a small touch screen that includes a timer that tells you the time left to have the recipe ready.

You simply put the chopped food in the basket, set the temperature time and you can continue taking care of your baby or whatever you want. When it’s finished, it alerts you with a beep. 

Indeed, it does not include a recipe book or mobile application, but that does not mean that it is one of the robots with the best value for money on the market. 

7. Robot Kitchen Baby | Food Processor

A low-cost robot with a lot of functions.

Robot Kitchen Baby | Food Processor


Functions: 7

Capacity: 700ml

Servings: 3

Mobile app: 

Accessories: Basket and spatula

Editorial Review

If you are looking for an authentic all-in-one to prepare healthy food for your little one, but do not want to spend more than $100, you can go with this Grownsy. A robot with great functionality at a very affordable price. This is the best-known baby robot on the market cost.

The strong point of this robot is that it does everything: steam cooks, grinds, warms bottles, heats food, sterilizes, and keeps food and bottles warm (up to 24 hours). It is one of the most functional.

Something very comfortable and that I liked is that you can cook the food and grind it in the same container, without dirtying anything else. And if you use the auto mode, when cooking is finished, it automatically grinds the food and notifies you when it’s ready for you to give to your baby.

It does not have a mobile application nor does it include a recipe book. Something logical considering its price. What it does come with is an instruction manual and a table with the recommended cooking times depending on the food.

Guide to buying the best food processor for babies

Now we are going to review in a moment the characteristics that you should not overlook. if you want to make the right purchase and allow you to choose a food processor for babies that suits your needs, then this guide is for you.


The capacity of baby food processors is determined by the dimensions of their jars. The bigger it is, the more food you can prepare in one go.

If you manage with a robot that prepares a couple of portions, it will be enough for its jar to have about 800 ml of capacity. In case you want to prepare more food, make sure that the jar has at least 1 liter.

If you have twins or you plan to prepare food for several days and freeze it, you are interested in a robot that includes two jars, which are the ones with the most capacity.

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This is where many people get lost. My recommendation is to be practical and buy the one that does what you are going to need, no more, no less.

The essential functions, the ones that cannot be missing, are: steaming and grinding. Although most robots are good, they also defrost and heat food.

And from there, whatever you see. What do you want to use from your baby’s first days? Choose one that warms bottles. In this case, make sure that it also sterilizes and thus saves you from having to buy another device to do it.

There are always those who want to forget about buying anything else and prefer a food processor for babies that does everything. If this is your case, go without hesitation for those that do 6 or 7 functions.


Many times we become obsessed with giving our little ones the best possible food, and we neglect another important part: the kitchen appliances we use to prepare it.

Virtually all baby food processors are made mostly of plastic. 

Although it is a safe material for cooking food for children, you should always pay attention to one very important detail: both the robot and the accessories it includes are completely free of BPA, which is harmful to the body.

Don’t worry, all the ones I have selected for this article are. But if you choose any other, please, never forget to check that it is not made with that toxin. 

What advantages of buying a food processor for babies?

I think a complementary diet based on natural products is vital for your little one to grow healthy and strong, and to prevent him from developing food allergies. 

If you are not entirely clear on how the process should be to give solid food to your little one, it is best to ask your pediatrician, but so that you can get an idea.

And now we are going to see how kitchen robots for babies help you:

  1. You save time. In 15 minutes you have the puree ready.
  2. Cook in such a way that all the nutrients are preserved.
  3. You do it all on one device.
  4. It only stains one pot, so it’s the only one you’ll have to clean.
  5. You can prepare food for the whole day and even for several at once.
  6. They are small and you can take them on your trips and vacations. 

How to descale a food processor for babies or babycook

That lime does not accumulate in the kitchen robot with which you prepare your child’s food is important for two reasons:

  1. You ensure that no residue passes into your baby’s food
  2. It will last you longer.

You will agree with me that just for the first one we cannot neglect this part. The truth is that descaling a babycook is simple, the only thing you will need is vinegar, or better yet, a special descaling liquid, like the one sold by Beaba, (it also works if your robot is of another brand).

In general, it is recommended to do it every 6 or 8 uses, but if you normally use weak mineralization water to cook, it is not a problem because you do it every 10 or so.

Let’s see the steps to follow to descale a babycook:

  • Mix equal parts white vinegar and water (if you’re not using descaling liquid).
  • Pour it into the tank and let it rest for at least 8 hours (ideally, leave it overnight).
  • Once this time has passed, empty the tank and rinse it with clean water.
  • Then refill it, and program a steam cooking cycle with no food in the jar.
  • When finished, you clean it with water and grease-removing soap, and you have it ready to continue cooking.

And nothing more, I hope I have helped you choose the food processor you need to prepare your baby a homemade and natural meal that will help him grow healthy and strong. 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment in the box below, and I will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Nancy Myers

I look forward to sharing my discoveries, comments, tips, and suggestions to improve the quality of your Home. My purpose is to recommend only high-quality products, which help you live better.