How to find best quality induction hobs?

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Induction hobs are the favorite option of many people when renovating their kitchen for their operation, appearance, ease, safety, and other features that other types of kitchens do not offer.
These hobs can heat up faster than gas stoves and other electric stoves. Due to their operating principle based on Faraday’s Law, the coils (copper winding) induce a magnetic field in the base of the pot/pan generating an electric current and transforming it into heat.
They also have low energy consumption, even with a 50% reduction compared to other electric cookers. For this reason, they are considered economical and ecological.
It is easy to clean because the food does not stick to the ceramic glass surface. In addition, the risk of burns can be avoided since heat transfers between the base of the plate and the container. In this aspect, induction hobs are especially suitable if we have children at home.

To choose an induction hob it is important to consider several keys, such as:

  • The size: there are plates from 28 cm to 90 cm. The larger, the more burners it will have, allowing you to cook different foods at the same time.
  • Other factors such as power levels, timing functions, sprint, and alarms, allow you to comfortably control the operation of the board.

Keep reading if you want to know more about this type of kitchen and the most recommended models.

What are the best induction hobs?

After testing different models and analyzing the opinions of various users, this is our list of the best induction hobs. After reading this article you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Top 5 best induction hobs

1. Balay 3EB864ER – Induction hob

The ideal induction hob to expand the kitchen

Balay 3EB864ER - Induction hob

If you have a gas stove but are looking for a cheap induction hob to expand your kitchen, the Balay 3EB864ER can fulfill the need. It has three simple burners of 15 cm, 18 cm, and 24 cm, in addition to basic and advanced functions:

  • Memory
  • auto start
  • Alarm
  • Operation programming (timer)
  • Sprint
  • Blocking

It has 17 power levels, offering greater precision when adjusting the temperature with which we want to heat a dish.

Its control panel is tactile. It is activated by drops of water or by rubbing against our clothes, so it is highly sensitive. However, it is very easy to handle and clean.

In our tests, we have observed that when pressing its buttons it emits a loud sound. However, by using the silence function, the audible warnings can be deactivated.

It takes a few minutes to heat up. With its sprint function, it is possible to speed up the cooking process and have the food ready in no time.

For the number of burners it has, it consumes little energy (4,600 W when they are all used at the same time). For this reason, its impact on the electricity bill is regular.


Various power levels
Different functions
Intermediate energy consumption


It takes time to heat up
High sensitivity on the buttons
Emits a loud sound when you press its buttons

2. Cecotec Full Crystal Portable Induction Hob

The best induction cooktop for small kitchens

Cecotec Full Crystal Portable Induction Hob

If your kitchen countertop is small, this may be the hob you are looking for as it takes up very little space. It is also ideal for you since it allows you to prepare simple dishes. It is a portable induction hob with a simple 28 cm burner where you can prepare and heat small and large pans and paellas.

It has different functions:

  • Automatic shutdown once heating is finished
  • Timer up to 180 minutes
  • Overheat protection

It is light (weighs 2.2 kg) and can be easily carried anywhere. In addition, it has a base to place on the countertop without the need for a special cavity.

It incorporates 4 preset programs to heat rice, soup, and coffee, or keep a container warm. This facilitates its use and saves energy since the temperature is adjusted to the necessary one.

Although it has 10 power levels, adjusting the temperature is not very intuitive in the intermediate levels, since it heats with the same intensity as in the maximum level. However, it takes very little time to heat up.

We have found that your manual omits important information such as the duration of some programs or their different functions. But, it is a minor inconvenience.

With this board, it is possible to save since it only consumes 2,000 W when used at the maximum level. This low-consumption hob can be an excellent choice for you.


Portable and lightweight (2.2kg)
Low power consumption
Heat up quickly


Incomplete instruction manual
Difficulty controlling temperature

3. Siemens iQ300 Induction Hob

The best induction hob for large families

Siemens iQ300 Induction plate

The Siemens EH651FDC1E is characterized by having large burners where you can heat pots, pans, paella pans, and large pots. This is ideal in large family homes where food is prepared in large quantities. It has two single burners of 15 cm and 21 cm, and a triple burner of 21 cm, 26 cm, and 32 cm. In the latter, you can place large containers to prepare more elaborate dishes.

It incorporates different functions:

  • Frying sensor: controls the temperature of the oil and prevents food from burning
  • Sprint: reduce cooking time
  • Quickstart: activates the necessary zone according to the size of the container
  • Memory: saves previously set settings
  • Lock: temporarily disable the panel (child safety)
  • Consumed energy indicator
  • timer
  • Alarm: 3 types of alarms, that notify if the food is ready

We found it somewhat inconvenient. Always have to select the zone to use first, since it uses the same slider potentiometer to control all three zones. However, it has 17 power levels, allowing the food to be at the desired doneness.

Due to its high power, it generates some noise when working. It can be a bit annoying if you are looking for a quiet board.

It consumes 7,400 W when all its burners are used, which can be reflected in the electric bill. However, due to its great power, it can quickly heat several dishes at the same time.


Quick to heat up
Large area (32 cm) for large containers
Variety of functions


Make some noise
It does not have a power selector for each zone
Consumes a lot of energy

4. Teka IZ 6315 Integrated Induction hob

The ideal hob for kitchen experts

 Teka IZ 6315 Integrated Induction hob

If you like to cook elaborate dishes, possibly the Teka IZ 6315 is your ideal hob. it has a slider for each zone and allows great adjustment of the cooking temperature. It has two simple burners of 14.5 cm and 18 cm and a double burner of 18 cm and 28 cm. Due to its measurements, you can even heat paella pans, casseroles, and large frying pans.
It has 9 energy levels to heat food to the right temperature. This will allow you to regulate the cooking point according to the type of food.
We find the STOP & GO function very useful, which interrupts the cooking process for 10 minutes in case we need to be away. It also incorporates other functions: silence, auto-off, residual heat, and timer.
We have found that the timer is not very practical since it is the same for all areas. In addition, its touch buttons are highly sensitive and can be activated by water or clothing. However, it has a lock function that deactivates the panel.
Its installation is very simple to its Fast-Click system, which allows a quick adaptation in the countertop cavity.
It has a high energy consumption (7,200 W) when all the burners are used at a time. However, it heats up quickly, which saves time and resources.


Quick to heat up
One slider for each burner
Easy to install


High electrical consumption
The timer is shared for all three burners
High sensitivity buttons

5. Balay 3EB865FR – 60 cm wide induction hob

The best plate to renovate the kitchen

Balay 3EB865FR - 60 cm wide induction plate

This induction hob seems to us to be the best option if you need to remodel your kitchen or replace the gas stove. It has excellent value for money and low energy consumption. It has two simple burners of 14.5 cm and 21 cm and a double burner with zones of 21 cm and 28 cm where you can heat from a small coffee pot to an induction pan.

It incorporates different functions:

Memory: saves the set configuration in case of power off
Auto start: turns on at a preset time
Alarm: emits a sound when the cooking time has finished
Sprint: speeds up the cooking process
Timer: allows you to define the cooking time

It has 17 energy levels, offering greater precision when controlling the temperature. This is especially suitable when preparing more elaborate dishes.

The separation space between burners is small. It does not make it easy to use all the zones at the same time, since pots and pans can take up some space.

It also generates some noise when operating and it takes some time to heat the containers. However, with the sprint function, you can speed up cooking.

Its installation is simple due to its dimensions and the explanation in the manual. It is easy to use and clean as there are no stains when food remains fallen.

For the number of burners it has, it is a highly energy-efficient hob. It consumes 4,400 W when using all the zones simultaneously.


Low power consumption
Easy to install, use, and clean
Variety of functions


The little separation between burners
Make some noise
It takes time to heat up

Our recommended models

Among the induction hobs analyzed, we have selected two that stand out for their performance in their category. We recommend you choose one model or another according to your specific needs.

The best cheap induction hob: Cecotec Full Crystal

This model is suitable for those who have never had an induction hob but want to buy one without spending a lot of money.

For its price range, it offers a large area that allows you to heat large containers and prepare different dishes.

It may be the ideal option when:

  • You don’t usually cook much at home
  • You live alone and usually cook few meals
  • Your kitchen is small and you don’t have much space
  • You are looking for a portable induction hob for walks and camping days

Having a single burner consumes little energy. This means that the impact on the electricity bill is not high.

The drawback of this type of plate is that it is more difficult to cook on them when we need to heat several containers at the same time.

The best price-quality induction hob: Balay 3EB864ER

Without a doubt, this Balay cheap induction hob has a very reasonable price for the features it offers.

Its three burners of different sizes allow you to cook several foods at the same time. In addition, it has 17 energy levels that provide a more precise adjustment of the cooking temperature.

Although it may take time to heat up, the sprint function speeds up the cooking process to have everything ready in no time.

In our tests, we have verified the ease of use when using the functions of timing, alarm, and automatic start. They also offer greater comfort when working.

Despite having three burners, this hob consumes less power than other cookers, making it a very efficient option.

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Induction hobs purchase guide

Before buying an induction hob you should keep in mind some important factors to make the right purchase and acquire one that suits your specific needs.


Induction hobs come in different sizes. This depends on the number and size of burners as well as the layout of the buttons for their operation.

Usually, the height of the plates does not exceed 5 cm. For its part, the width varies from 28 cm (plates with a single burner) to 90 cm (plates with 4 burners and flexible). However, the most common options are 60 and 90 cm.

The size of the plate is usually defined by the following factors:

  • The size of the countertop: countertops usually have a cavity for the installation of a kitchen. Therefore, you must acquire an induction hob according to the dimensions of said cavity. For example, if this cavity is 60 cm wide, a 60 cm plate would be most suitable.
  • Kitchen projection: if you are going to remodel the kitchen, it is the ideal time to think about the size of the hob that you plan to install. Thus, you will be able to estimate if you require a 60 cm or 90 cm hob.

Number of burners

Also known as fires or cooking zones, they are the number of spaces where the plate can heat pans, pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.

There are portable induction hobs with 1 burner, with 2 burners aimed at small kitchens, with 3 and 4 burners, which are usually the most common.

It is possible to find induction hobs with flexible burners. This technology consists of several zones that light up when detecting the container and estimating its size. This type of plate allows the use of large containers in addition to circular: rectangular, oval, and square, among others. However, they are usually the most expensive on the market due to their features and versatility.

Some hobs have 2 or more concentric burners (also called double or triple burners), which allows you to heat containers of different sizes in the same area. In this way, electricity can be saved, since only the necessary energy is used according to the size of the container.

Power levels

Power levels, also called cooking levels, allow you to adjust the heat of the burner. Some plates may have 10, 15, 17, or more levels.

The more power levels the plate has, the more sensitive it is to the magnetic field that is generated and, therefore, the greater precision in the temperature adjustment. This allows food to be heated to the most suitable temperature to obtain the desired results.

There are two types of control for adjusting the power level:

  • By touch buttons +/- (increase/decrease power)
  • Through a touch slider that allows you to adjust the power simply by moving your finger over it (slide potentiometer)

Frequency of use

You need to think about how often the hob will be used. If you are a person who barely cooks at home, a cheap hob with 1 or 2 burners and low power levels will probably be useful for you.

On the other hand, if your home usually cooks up to 5 times a day, the most convenient thing would be to get a hob with 3 or 4 burners, more than 15 power levels, a timer, and sprint functions to speed up the cooking process.

Although these types of plates are not the cheapest, they are suitable for cooking several foods at the same time and are also designed to be used more frequently.

Timer and alarms

Most induction hobs have a timer, which allows you to program the cooking time for a certain period.

Timing is a versatile function, once programmed we can dedicate ourselves to other tasks at home. When the set time has expired, the hob automatically turns off and notifies you with an alarm.

Some hobs incorporate a reverse process timer, that is, they can interrupt the cooking process for a certain time and then let the hob continue operating. However, this time is usually predetermined and cannot be changed. This is useful when we are cooking and have to be away for some reason.

Advanced features

Although there are induction hobs with basic functions (timer, power adjustment), it is also possible to find models with advanced functions that, despite possibly having a higher price, provide greater comfort and ease when cooking.

Some advanced functions in induction plates are:

  • Sprint: Also known as the turbo function, it can double the speed of the cooking process. Although it increases the electrical consumption of the hob, it allows the food to be ready in the shortest possible time.
  • Lock: locks the control panel, offering greater security when you have children at home.
  • Control the temperature of the oil: with this function, it is possible to maintain the oil at a certain temperature according to the type of food that you want to prepare. Once the oil has reached the indicated temperature, the plate notifies it through an alarm indicating that it is the appropriate moment to place the food.


The aesthetics of the plate is not a feature that should go unnoticed. Get a model that matches your kitchen according to the color (black, white, beige, grey, etc) and the material of the countertop (granite, marble, ceramic…).

If you already have a gas stove and you simply want to expand the furniture in your kitchen, you will possibly come to these two conclusions when locating the induction hob:

  1. Place it on a base on the counter
  2. Place it flush with the countertop in a cavity

The first option is suitable if you are not worried about the plate being visible, however, you should make sure it has a metallic glass or stainless steel finish to prolong the life of its edges.

If the second option seems better to you, it will be necessary to carry out additional work on the countertop, to embed the plate and maintain the aesthetics of the kitchen. The disadvantage is that it implies more expense since remodeling work must be carried out so that the plate is recessed.


Induction hobs consume a considerably high level of power (although less than other electric cookers) when all burners are used.

However, this depends on the number of burners and the energy levels that the hob has. The more zones and levels you have, the higher your electricity consumption will be.

For this reason, it is important to select a model that meets our needs but also has a low impact on the electricity bill.

Although the sprint function speeds up the cooking process, keep in mind that it doubles the energy consumption to achieve increased heat.

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