How to properly clean a kitchen robot


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Having a kitchen robot is great because it makes your life easier. The problem is that it is another appliance that we have to wash thoroughly if we do not want to get poisoned the next time we use it.

You must clean the kitchen robot well after using it, as this will prolong the life of the appliance and keep the blades in perfect condition. If you do not have one yet, with this guide we teach you how to choose the best one for you.

Also, no one wants their whipped cream to have a hint of onion flavor because the food processor hasn’t been cleaned properly after use.

How to properly clean a kitchen robot

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From a food hygiene point of view, there are many reasons to be thoughtful when cleaning your food processor. Read on to find out how to clean a food processor, which is not difficult, but it is not very easy either

If you have a dishwasher and your food processor has parts suitable for it, then cleaning it will not be too difficult, you can put everything in the dishwasher and continue with your day. But even so, there are a few more things to keep in mind. 


First of all, read the product manual and keep in mind that they advise washing certain accessories only on the top shelf. This tip is based on the fact that the top rack of the dishwasher is softer and less damaging. So don’t ignore the tip to wash accessories on the top rack.

The second important thing to keep in mind is how to load sharp blades in the dishwasher. The blades must be loaded in such a way that they are not dangerous to the person unloading the dishwasher.


Also, we must not allow sharp blades to come into contact with other dishes in case they are damaged. You’ll also need to make sure the blades don’t rub against the dishwasher racks, as they can cut through the plastic shelf liners.

Unlike ovens, food processors do not come with automatic cleaning programs that allow you to clean the appliance by adding water and dishwashing detergent and then running an automatic program.

To wash it by hand, use lukewarm water and your usual dishwashing detergent. Always disassemble the food processor completely before attempting to clean any part of it.

To facilitate the process, it is advisable to rinse the machine and accessories immediately after use. As this prevents food from drying out and leaving residue that is difficult to remove.

Never leave blades or sharp accessories soaking in the sink, as there is a danger that another person in the house could put their hand in the water(especially for people with children). It is also important to never use strong abrasive detergents.

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