Mistakes when cleaning your kitchen robot

Mistakes when cleaning your kitchen robot

We have to tell you that you may be making mistakes when cleaning your food processor and this has consequences for its operation and maintenance. Are you investing precious time in this task without being necessary?

Cleaning the kitchen robot is an issue to take into account to keep it in perfect condition and avoid bad odors. That is why it is important, when purchasing an appliance of this type, to find out how the parts are cleaned and whether they can be put in the dishwasher. A comfortable cleaning of a robot will make you not lazy to use it and thus become the perfect kitchen helper.

Errors when cleaning the kitchen robot

The most common and easiest way to clean a food processor is with a soft sponge (so as not to scratch the glass) and hot water and dish soap. This is how you remove grease and dirt regularly. But maintaining the kitchen robot well in terms of cleaning has tricks. Let’s go with a list of mistakes with the aim of not making them again:

Not knowing which parts of the robot you can put in the dishwasher

Because depending on the model of the kitchen robot you have and the materials, you can put some parts in the dishwasher. You will not have to clean them manually. But sometimes we do not pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. We can damage parts, making them not fit well later. Which would spoil the effectiveness of the kitchen robot when preparing recipes. Keep in mind that plastic parts can be damaged by the high temperatures of the dishwasher, losing color or deforming.

Not paying attention to the placement of the robot parts in the dishwasher

And you can wash some parts in the dishwasher. One of the errors related to cleaning is not paying attention to the proper placement in the dishwasher. Precisely so that the position is correct, both so that they wash well and so that they do not become deformed.

Error: do not disassemble the glass to clean it

Many times due to the rush, after using the food processorthe parts that make up the glass are not disassembled and washed as is. It is a cleaning mistake because the appropriate thing is to disassemble the blades to access each nook and cranny.

Errors when cleaning the kitchen robot

Not cleaning the blades properly

The blades of the glasses or containers of the kitchen robot are a fundamental part because they move, grind, and beat. They have nooks that are difficult to access, and dirt and food remains can remain there. So it is a mistake not to clean them thoroughly, for which it is enough to have a specific small brush with which to reach every crease or corner.

Mistakes when cleaning your kitchen robot

Do not use the kitchen robot washing machine

Did you know that some kitchen robots have self-cleaning programs? They are very useful for giving a quick wash to the glass or container. For example, when making a cake in which you need sponge cake dough, cream, cream, and topping. This way you won’t have to wash under the tap at each step. Use the self-cleaning program. They are also recommended when the jug is very dirty or there are remains stuck to the bottom or on the walls. The remains will soften and then it will only be necessary to give a gentle step (without needing to rub) the glass underwater.

Not drying parts well after cleaning

When you wash the glass, jug, or container of the kitchen robot, you must dry each piece before assembling it. And, above all, pay attention that the area of ​​the electrical connections of this piece with the body of the robot or base itself is very dry.

Mistakes when cleaning your kitchen robot

Do not let it cool down before cleaning

Before cleaning the robot’s glass, it must be allowed to cool completely. You will avoid burns and you will be able to perfectly handle the glass to clean it correctly.

Not reading the manufacturer’s instructions

When we work in the kitchen with a new appliance, it is convenient to know to take advantage of it and take care of it. So a mistake when cleaning the kitchen robot is not reading the instructions because we will not know what the instructions given by the manufacturer are when it comes to disassembling. Only by knowing the process will we avoid damaging the pieces.

Using an inappropriate scourer that scratches the robot

To clean the food processor from the outside, which is the base or foot, which can always get splashed when cooking, just use a soft cloth soaked in a soapy solution or some non-aggressive cleaner. Do not use bleach or abrasive products or scourers that can scratch. It is the seen part and you will only manage to deteriorate it. And in the case of cleaning inside the glass, a frequent mistake is to use scourers that grate. The steel ones (known as “lullabies”) are appropriate but do not scratch, such as the Stanhome brand.

Mistakes when cleaning your kitchen robot

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Tips for cleaning the food processor

What do you think if we add some tips from Instacleaner to this list of errors when cleaning the kitchen robot to clean it in the best way and eliminate all residues?

  • A practical trick that has to do with disassembling the parts of the robot to clean it is to take a photograph of each step you take to disassemble it and then it will be easy for you to place the parts in the proper order and place.
  • If you have a piece that you notice has become “greasy” or is too stained and you don’t want to put it in the dishwasher (or it has even remained that way after the washing program), fill a container with hot water and dishwasher soap, insert it and let stand 10 minutes to remove fat completely.
  • Apply vinegar with a spray on very dirty parts or that have picked up an odor. Do it with the pieces spread out on a surface, let them act for a few minutes, and then dry them.
  • If you add a little white vinegar or lemon juice to the water in a self-cleaning program, you increase efficiency by removing dirt and eliminating odors that the glass may have picked up.
  • If you wonder if you clean your food processor properly, we will tell you that manufacturers always recommend doing a good thorough wash before first use but then once a month or a maximum every three months -depending on the use you make of the appliance – It should be given a good review.
  • To make the glass clean and shiny, you can add a piece of dishwasher tablet or a tablespoon of baking soda to the water you use to clean the glass inside.

Mistakes when cleaning your kitchen robot

How do the self-cleaning programs of a kitchen robot work?

We have already mentioned that an error when cleaning the robot is not using the self-cleaning programs. Some models incorporate it and indicate it specifically and in all of them you can clean it by adding water until the blades are covered with a few drops of detergent. Then set a low temperature (37 degrees) and stir at low-medium speed for 5-10 minutes.

For heavily encrusted dirt, increase the temperature, and after a few minutes of cleaning at that temperature, program a progressive speed to start up that already softened dirt. If there is dirt “caught” on the blades, give a few “turbo” strokes before adding the water to clean, and then continue with the steps we just explained.

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