Reusable water bottle. Plastic, aluminum, glass or stainless steel. Which is the best option?

Reusable water bottle. Plastic, aluminum, glass or stainless steel

Which reusable bottle to choose?

The good weather arrives, the heat and we are already thinking about getting a bottle of water to accompany us on hot summer days. Luckily today the use of reusable bottles is becoming more and more widespread.

They are usually made of plastic, glass, aluminum, or stainless steel. But…

Are all reusable bottles equally safe? What is the best option when choosing a reusable bottle?

Plastic water bottles

They are cheap and light. Although there is a lot of talk about BPA (most plastic bottles are BPA-free today) we have to take into account other toxic components such as BPS, phthalates, or PVC that are transferred to the water with heat or wear.

Plastic bottles also come from fossil sediments (oil), causing wars, deaths, and ecological disasters, they take hundreds of years to degrade and pollute the soil and oceans as they decompose.

This is undoubtedly one of the worst options when choosing a reusable water bottle.

Aluminum water bottles

They are cheaper and lighter than stainless steel, which is why they are often used by hikers.

Aluminum is a metal that reacts to some liquids, migrating its toxic particles to the drink and altering its taste. For this reason, they have to be covered with enamels, resins, and even epoxy, which contains BPA. This coating can crack when bumped and degrade with time and use. In this way, the aluminum ends up being transferred to the liquid that we are going to drink.

This is another pretty bad option when choosing a reusable bottle.

Glass water bottles

Without a doubt, glass is a good option when looking for reusable water bottles. Glass is an inert material, it does not alter the taste or transfer toxic particles to the water.

Borosilicate is normally used to make these reusable bottles, a very strong and durable type of glass. They also usually go with a silicone case to protect them from bumps. Their drawback is that they weigh more than the rest of the bottles.

Stainless steel water bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are another of the best options when choosing a reusable bottle. They are not reactive to any liquid. There are no associated health problems, they are resistant, light, and opaque. There are several qualities of stainless steel (alloys). So, it is very important to know what type of steel the bottle contains.

A high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel is 18/8 (also called 304). The only drawback is that in summer they get hot when the sun shines directly on them. One option is to use stainless steel thermos. They are made of two stainless steel walls with an air chamber in the middle. So you can fill them with cold drinks in summer and hot drinks in winter.

Ultimately, the best options for a reusable water bottle are glass or high-quality stainless steel. Online, you can find a wide variety of bottles and thermoses. All non-toxic, durable, and environmentally sustainable materials. And now at Mimook, you can also personalize your reusable bottle with your name, that of your children, or your company logo.

Specifically, they are the thermoses of the Spanish brand Runabout. They are double-walled thermos flasks with a ceramic interior coating that keep drinks cold ( 24 hours ) or hot ( 7 hours ). The metal never transfers any smell or taste to the water. You can customize children’s water bottles or adult bottles. Ideal for school, work, going to the gym, or the excursions of the little ones. Customize your bottle with your logo, your name, or the detail you prefer, laser engraved.

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