The most successful home coffee maker

most successful home coffee maker

All the reasons why the Cafelizzia 790 Steel model has become Cecotec’s best seller and now has a 60% discount

Having a good cup of coffee is one of those small goals and rewards that we can continue to maintain daily, even when we are confined to our homes. We used to drink coffee from a bar or in the cafeteria at work, so we did not miss having a quality machine at home. It is almost essential that we are able to give ourselves that subtle pleasure on a daily basis in today’s world.

The Cecotec website has registered more sales than ever for one of its star coffee machines. The Cecotec Cafelizzia 790, is perfect for preparing delicious espressos and cappuccinos. Also for getting the milk hot and frothy and the water at the perfect temperature for your infusions.

So not only has it seemed like the perfect ally for these days of quarantine at home, but also a unique opportunity. Since, right now, it has a 60% discount and you can save on your purchase.

Cecotec Cafelizzia 790


Designed for true coffee lovers, the coffee maker is convinced of its external qualities. To its elegant and compact design with stainless steel finishes, the pack is joined by all the accessories that it includes:

– Individual filter for a coffee

– Double filter for two coffees

– Filter holder arm

– Measuring and pressing spoon

Thermoblock system, 20 bars, and Auto Mode

Its rapid heating system by Thermoblock guarantees that the temperature is maintained in its optimal range to obtain the best coffee. Also, heat the water faster using only what you need at the moment. Avoid heating the same one over and over again.

Its 20 bars of pressure, for its part, guarantee a superior coffee. The essence of a coffee depends to a large extent on its extraction method. That is why, its powerful 20-bar pressure pump with ForceAroma technology achieves the best cream and maximum aroma in each cup.

Its AutoMode allows the cups to be filled automatically without overflowing and without you having to be aware. And, also the consequent energy savings thanks to its automatic shutdown and its standby mode.

Thermoblock system, 20 bars and Auto Mode

Two coffees at the same time, large tank, cup heating, foam, and infusions

This portafilter arm with double output will allow you to serve your coffees two by two simultaneously without having to wait while you prepare the second coffee. The tank has a capacity of 1.2 liters, which can easily be extrapolated and filled without the need for constant replacement.

best-selling coffee mug on Amazon

The best-selling coffee mugs on Amazon are just as great as these: double-glazed, heat-resistant, super-light, and shatter-proof to put in the dishwasher.

As a coffee lover, you understand that achieving the perfect cup of coffee involves more than simply choosing the best beans and brewing techniques. It’s the small details that can truly take your coffee experience to the next level. One such detail is a tray that heats your cups before pouring in the coffee, ensuring an even better cup of coffee. Avoiding the thermal contrast that usually occurs makes your coffee sublime.

In addition to coffee, it will also help you prepare milk with its adjustable steamer. Thanks to its hot water function, which is always at the ideal temperature.

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best-selling coffee maker on Amazon

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