Five tips to clean your pans and make them look like new

tips to clean your pans

Pans are one of the utensils that we use the most when cooking. But many times we do not know how to clean them correctly. When it comes to removing grease and burns from our pans, there are a large number of remedies.

Pans are our great allies in the kitchen, but we don’t always know how to take care of them properly. Unlike many other utensils that we can put in the dishwasher without any problem, pans require special attention so that they do not lose their non-stick properties. We often make mistakes when cleaning them that end up completely ruining them.

And is there anything worse than cooking with a burnt pan? To solve these types of problems, at Uppers we have compiled a series of tips that will help you clean your pans so that they look like new.

1. White vinegar and baking soda

Baking soda is one of the life-saving products that we should all have in our homes. This solid white chemical compound has a large number of applications in domestic life, either as a remedy to cure indigestion, as makeup, or as yeast for making cakes. In this case, baking soda combined with white vinegar will help us remove fat from our pans and leave the base completely shiny.

To do this, we will place the pan upside down in the sink and pour baking soda, distributing it well on the outside. Once this is done, we will repeat the process with the white vinegar. We let it act for about five minutes and, finally, we rub it to remove the dirt. When you’re done, don’t forget to rinse your pan well with water and dry it with a cloth.

2. Lemon and bicarbonate

One of the great advantages of baking soda is that it is astringent, which allows us to remove fat from our pans very easily. However, if we combine it with lemon, we can also use it to remove burnt residue, one of the great enemies when it comes to cleaning pans. First, spread the baking soda over the pan. Once this is done, we will take half a lemon and rub it well over the entire surface for a few minutes. Doing this until the burned parts come off. Finally, we will pass the water and dry the pan with a cloth.

3. White clay

If we do not want to use baking soda, another option is to opt for white clay, a kind of ecological and biodegradable wax that, thanks to its antibacterial and disinfectant properties, allows us to clean stains from all types of surfaces.

For pans, simply take a bit of clay with a sponge and apply it against the pan until stains are removed. Once this is done, you just have to pass a little water and dry. As a curiosity, in the market, you can also find green clay. Which is made with greenish sidewalks and with properties similar to white.

4. Coarse salt and aluminum foil

Coarse salt and aluminum foil are two products that are never lacking in the kitchen. Although, together they can help us remove burnt remains from a pan. Sprinkle salt on the pan, make a ball with aluminum foil, and rub until the stains are removed. When you finish, rinse the pan with water, dry it, and voila: no trace of burning.

5. Potato and coarse salt

But it is very effective, especially when it comes to removing the burned parts of our pans. Start by rinsing the pan to remove all traces of fat and food. After this, sprinkle coarse salt on the surface and rub it using a potato cut in half, making circular movements and covering the entire pan. Once this is done, rinse it with water to remove the residue. Finally, pour a small teaspoon of oil into the pan to protect it. It will be like new.

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