How to make your kitchen clean and tidy

How to make your kitchen clean and tidy

Nowadays, we are becoming more and more aware of maintaining a healthy diet. But, do we give the same importance to order and cleanliness in the kitchen? It is clear that you want to guarantee the safety of the space where you handle the food you eat. This room must be a place, where order and cleanliness take on special importance.

Since the kitchen is the area of ​​the home that we use the most, it is also where most dirt and clutter are concentrated. And, on many occasions, the lack of time is not impossible to make this space fully functional, clean, and organized.

If you want to know how to clean and organize the kitchen without much effort, do not miss these tips:

10 tips to make your kitchen a clean and tidy space

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, for this space to be clean and tidy, it is important to carry out some basic routines that guarantee proper hygiene. Besides, helping to keep everything close at hand while cooking.

Starting by getting rid of all the objects or utensils that we do not use. Keeping everything in its corresponding place, counters clean, and washing the utensils that we use as we cook. These are some of the most efficient routines to achieve our goal.

If you also follow the simple tips that we propose, your kitchen will not only look like those in a decoration magazine, as well as, its maintenance will be much easier to carry out.

1. Ceramic hob or gas cooker cleaning

Ceramic hob or gas cooker cleaningClean the area where you cook as such, whether it is a ceramic hob or a stove. It is a surface that requires specific care for hygiene and neatness. The splashes of oil and the food itself make it lose its most impeccable appearance.

you can wipe it with a cloth that you have previously dipped in a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda. One whitens and the other disinfects, also they are natural products. Of course, be careful when mixing them, since some chemical compounds can react with each other. Do not forget to pass a cloth with water alone to remove excess product.

2. Countertop cleaning

Countertop cleaning, kitchen clean and tidyLike the previous section, cleaning the countertop is crucial for the kitchen to have the desired appearance. We must be aware that it is one of the dirtiest parts of a kitchen. Because, in addition to being in direct contact with food, it is also in direct contact with other surfaces and elements.

The remains of oil, dirt, and debris are left in it. Sometimes it is so extreme that they solidify and it is difficult to remove them. In this case, I, therefore, recommend that you first use a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner, since with just one press it sucks up the dirt. Once a complete vacuum is, to clean it correctly, you have to identify the material it is made of: 

  • Steel: It is the material you find in bars and the most hygienic. Clean it only requires a cloth with water and bleach. Subsequently, you must rinse with plenty of water.
  • Wood: In this case, you must not only leave it clean, but you must also nourish it. As bleach is strong, use a little detergent with a neutral PH or, if you prefer, use water and baking soda. In both cases, you must dry it thoroughly since the water can affect it. From time to time, you will also have to hydrate it. For this, use specific oils.
  • Granite or laminate: For these materials, you can also use water with neutral PH detergent.

3. Floor cleaning

Floor cleaningThe floor is a part that covers the entire kitchen. So its appearance will say a lot about how clean and tidy the kitchen is. No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, you have no choice but to brush it every day. But to free us from this slavery, robot vacuum cleaners have come into our homes, which can do many hours of cleaning. Even, some of the best robot vacuum cleaners are capable of scrubbing.

If you prefer to be in control of the cleaning, some solutions are much more comfortable and efficient than traditional brooms. (if you want to see options you can consult our article on the best broom vacuum cleaners)

4. Refrigerator cleaning

Refrigerator cleaning

Checking the fridge once a week will keep it clean in the long run. As it is a cold area that only opens to take or store food, it usually goes unnoticed. However, its interior is one of the things most prone to staining, dampening, and therefore producing a bad smell.

One way to keep it in good condition is to put a bag of activated carbon inside, which will eliminate all these problems. And, as I told you at the beginning, try to wipe it once a week. This will prevent bacteria from accumulating and going further.

5. Cleaning the oven and microwave

Cleaning the oven and microwaveWe are dealing with two of the basic kitchen appliances and, to keep them looking new, you will have to clean them every time you use them.

Not strictly necessary, try not to use the microwave as a shelf to store tappers or other kitchen accessories. The place needs to be truly clear to throw away everything that is not useful before walking.

6. Throw away or recycle everything you don’t use

We emphasize that everything that you do not use or use, recycle by giving it to whoever needs it. If their expiration date is already over, remove the utensils, you do not need them, it will only take up more space.

The key to maintaining order is that you use these tips daily in your routine. Keeping it running smoothly will make you feel satisfied when you get home.

7. Order of the storage area

Try to put the utensils and gadgets you use the most on the lower shelves. And in the same way, what is for more special occasions, place it on the highest shelves.

If you play with the different heights of your kitchen furniture, the result will be that you will have a much more efficient storage area.

8. Correct distribution of household items

Another way to be practical in the kitchen is by placing each element according to the place where it is to be used. For example, pans and pots should go on a shelf next to the ceramic hob, plates, and glasses near the sink. Spices are also next to the fire. And thus, you can be optimizing your resources.

It’s like dividing your kitchen into different categories in which you find everything in the place where it belongs, without further ado.

9. Clear countertop

We have already talked about cleaning the countertop. But just as important as keeping it clean, you don’t need a thousand pots on top of it. So try to have only the coffee pot and the fruit bowl. Group the rest of the elements, and store them, so that they are not seen.

Remove everything that is not for daily use, keep only what you use daily. When everything is hidden, you see greater amplitude and order. Kitchen robots help save time, but they take a lot of space, if you don’t use them, better store them.

In the same way, say no to the typical drawer that is full of those utensils that you do not use but keep for some strange reason. It’s about being practical, if it doesn’t work, give it. If it doesn’t work at all and can’t be recycled, throw it away. Don’t get attached to objects that no longer have any use.

10. Homogeneity in space

If you want to walk into the kitchen and have the feeling that everything is under control, you have to play with the vision.

Cover the plugs and put panels on the appliances, so that they are integrated with the furniture. This will give you harmony and order and will make you focus on the existing balance and not on what stands out for being different.

How to organize kitchen drawers?

The first thing is, as we have said before, to throw away or recycle what is unnecessary. The second is to divide each drawer by utensils:

  • The first one is used for cutlery. Put dividers or boxes that divide each section. So that you differentiate between small and large spoons, forks, and knives. You can make an inventory beforehand, so in addition to knowing for sure what you have and what you need, you will know what utensils you should place in each place.
  • The second drawer can be used for cloth napkins.
  • The third drawer can be used as a pantry for precooked food, such as cans of tuna, cling film, etc. You must keep in mind that these tips are for drawers with little height. The lower drawers, which are usually the largest, are used to store jars or tappers vertically. If you prefer, they are also ideal for storing more everyday appliances, such as the toaster or the blender.

How to organize kitchen cabinets?

Take everything out, take inventory, and as with the drawers, define the areas and decide what goes on each shelf. You can set three zones, food, utensils, and cleaning products.

How to organize kitchen cabinets

Once the areas are organized, if it is food that you are going to store on the first shelf, check the expiration dates. Put in front of those that expire first, it will help you optimize your resources. Get used to storing food in jars and using organizers to help you place each product in its proper place.

Using door hangers is another functional way to get more space. Using the hangers to organize the lids will not only help you to have them visible, but it will also allow you not to lose them and they are always at hand. You can place it at the height of the second shelf if that is where you will put the utensils.

Some people prefer notebooks to write down what they have to buy at the supermarket, you can use the inside of a door for it. That is, you can paint a door with chalkboard paint and turn it into one so that when you open the door you can easily write. This is not only a practical option but an aesthetic one. You will love the result!

How to order dishes in the kitchen?

Deep, flat, and dessert. Do not accumulate more types that you will never use. If you have them in cabinets, place them divided into those three.

How to order dishes in the kitchen

If you put them in a drawer, place them in one that is tall enough to stack them vertically. Arrange them in a stacked manner. The vertical helps you take better advantage of the spaces.

How to organize a small kitchen?

Order in small kitchens is the most complicated, but it is also possible. The first thing to order the small kitchen is to divide the space into zones according to its functionality.

Once divided, it is about using all the corners as best as possible. For this reason, I recommend that you play with height, that is, tall furniture that reaches the ceiling, or if you prefer, shelves or shelves. In the same way, play with depth and for this, a good alternative is pull-outs: in drawers, on doors, in corner units. You will create new places to put everything you need.

How to organize a small kitchen

In small kitchens, it is super important not to leave empty spaces, and it is not about overloading. But precisely that, you use everything necessary to give a greater feeling of spaciousness. Using the walls with double shelves or metal structures such as bars that go in the middle of the cabinet. A countertop is an option that is very practical and efficient.

Storage Space

If corner organizers, pull-outs, shelves, tall units, and sill frames aren’t enough and you need even more space, try a cart. This way you can have the most everyday elements at hand, and you can move them as needed. Use the first level to store the essentials, such as sugar for coffee, and the rest of the levels for things that are much less used.

Use boxes to separate and organize food. It visually helps to generate balance and harmony. To make it easier for you and even aesthetically beautiful, put name labels on it. So, you will quickly know what is in each box. Another hole that tends to go unused is the sink door. If you place two baskets at different heights in it, you will have the scouring pads, cloths, or cleaning products you need at hand. In this way, the hole below can be your recycling area.

As we seek to store what is necessary and keep it as clean and tidy as possible, choose to use folding chairs and the same with the table, use one that is retractable, that is, one that can be easily stored once you have finished eating. The same thing happens with furniture, buy them multifunctional, they are the best way to save space and gain resources.

Small appliances

Finally, another thing that I recommend for mini kitchens is also small appliances, since that is what they are for. From X’s refrigerators, through reduced version dishwashers to coffee machines or even some with a double function such as oven-microwave.

Nothing better than knowing how to adapt to what you have, so if your kitchen is small, also use everything small, in this way you will not only gain space, but you will also be more practical and efficient.

What do you think of these ideas? Without the ones, I use to order my kitchen, will you use them?

Nancy Myers

I look forward to sharing my discoveries, comments, tips, and suggestions to improve the quality of your Home. My purpose is to recommend only high-quality products, which help you live better.