What you should know to change the sink and get the most out of it

integrated into sinks with a hinged lid

Summer is also a time for improvements and renovations at home. If our goal is to renovate the kitchen, surely changing the sink is part of the change plans. Maybe we haven’t spent enough time on it and now we don’t know which stack works best for us. In this post, I have compiled everything you should not forget to successfully launch the new one.

One of the activities that are mostly carried out in the kitchen daily is scrubbing and washing food with water. That is why changing the sink is more important than it seems. It must be durable, aesthetically modern, and comfortable for our way of life. So, in addition to thinking about new cabinets, more functional lighting, and the latest coatings, this element is key.

Change the sink according to the meters of the kitchen

The dimensions of your kitchen are decisive when changing sinks. When the size is not an issue and we are happy with its dimensions, we can afford to install a double bowl model.  And even look for a design with a drainer for vegetables. Very comfortable.

But what happens when we are faced with a kitchen with personality but rather small, where everything is used to the millimeter? We probably have very little countertop surface. In this case, it is best to think of a solution with a single sink. Or maybe we opt for corner designs, less known but most practical to make these areas profitable.

Changing the sink is also a good time to take advantage of it and move it to another place. Perhaps its original location does not convince us. Perhaps it is in our plans to incorporate a kitchen island. These spaces are perfect for attaching a battery to them. It is even a good idea to put an auxiliary that allows us not to have to be moving every time we need to wash something.

Large, mini, and in various shapes

Change the sink according to the meters of the kitchen

Today, changing the sink allows you to choose from numerous solutions in terms of sizes and shapes. As a maxim, a large sink in the kitchen is everyone’s aspiration.  It will make our task much easier. That said, the idea is to look for the largest possible design within the characteristics of the furniture, and also deep. If it measures 60 cm wide, it will be easy for you to find a wide offer, as it is the standard format. And if it is somewhat narrower about 45 cm, it will not be a problem either, there are designs for these measurements. Even the so-called mini sizes, rather for auxiliary rooms or laundry type.

When changing the sink, its shape also deserves an analysis. The round ones take advantage of the space very well.  And the squares are the favorites for metallic countertops, that is, super modern. The available measures will condition the choice. But there is another decisive factor, and that is to consider what use we are going to give it. In other words, if we have a dishwasher in the kitchen, the logical thing is to use the battery in a residual way. Therefore, a single cuvette may be sufficient. But if we are some kitchen gurus, the ideal is a large model, with two buckets, or with a bucket and a drainer. This way we will have found a more professional solution.

What material do I put: another great decision

Changing the sink is perfect

When the measurements are clear, it‘s time to think about materials, finishes, and colors. Changing the sink is perfect to say goodbye to the usual material. Let’s take advantage of the moment to revalue the kitchen. Ceramic models are infallible in decorations with a Scandinavian air. Or for a fresh country look. They have usually glazed stoneware, clean well, and are hard. You can also opt for marble sinks, fantastic to form a whole with the countertop.

In a kitchen with an industrial aesthetic, nothing like stainless steel sinks. And more if they are installed and finished in copper.  Although you also have them in matte, gloss, and brushed. Changing the sink gives rise to discovering irresistible proposals, such as the models made of quartz and resin, ideal for integrating on countertops as if they were a single surface. They give a very authentic and natural look, but they are also combined with steel, glass, and black kitchens, which are so trendy. Surely the synthetic resin ones will also catch your attention. They give a vintage touch to the decoration with their color palette, they are easy to clean and they admit different types of installation.

A faucet at the height

 integrated into sinks with a hinged lid

After changing the sink, there are many possibilities to see the kitchen faucet with different eyes. Or that it simply does not adapt well to the new model. Placing a faucet of the same style and with the latest features is the best decision we can make. In this search, we will discover very functional and modern solutions, such as removable models.

And others that we did not even imagine, such as hidden taps that are integrated into sinks with a hinged lids. Ten ideas to extend the work surface when not in use. There is no doubt, that changing the sink will revalue your kitchen, and in what way.

Nancy Myers

I look forward to sharing my discoveries, comments, tips, and suggestions to improve the quality of your Home. My purpose is to recommend only high-quality products, which help you live better.