Which is the best Electric can opener of 2023?

Electric Can Opener

Whether to prepare soup or some delicious beans, we will come across our beloved cans again and again. Perhaps you are here because you have already battled your manual can opener to death and want to try an electric one. You have decided to buy one for long-term use.

If you have already searched online, you will have seen that there is a variety

The Important Things

  • An electric can opener is an appliance that will allow you to have your canned food in just an instant, using a continuous and clean cut through the automatic operation.
  • There are 2 varieties of electric can openers: portable and stationary. The laptop can be used without using electrical power and can be stored in confined spaces. On the other hand, the stationary is usually made of a resistant material that will make it last longer.
  • Among the most important features to consider in your electric, can opener are size, weight, ease of use, type of cut, material, and cleanliness. It is important to review these aspects before making your purchase so that you can get the most out of the product according to your needs.

The best electric can openers: Our Recommendation

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch relates

Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Electric Soft Touch Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Lever

Unlike other can openers, Hamilton Beach offers this tool that cuts cans from the side. Its blade cuts on the outside of the can creating fewer dangerous edges and making a precise cut. The lid is easier to remove and less dangerous since it does not have sharp edges.

Its size allows it to be used with any type of can. It features a large lever that only needs to be depressed to activate the mechanism. Although its system is electric, it is necessary to support the can lightly during the process so that it does not fall.

Oster Electric Can Opener

Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener, Stainless Steel

This useful device has a beautiful and elongated design that allows you to open cans of any size. It has a magnet that adheres to the lid of the can. Automatically stops after finishing the cut, which makes it 100% hands-free. Its blade is removable, making it easy to clean.

Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener, Stainless Steel

It has a bottle opener, scissors compartment, and blade sharpener. As if the space it occupies were not enough, its retractable cable saves even more space and gives your kitchen a stylish look.

The best electric can opener for large cans

LUHUIYUAN Adjustable Bottle Opener and Rubber Tongs, 3 Pieces Multi-Purpose Rubber Jar Grips, Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener

The third specimen on our list is not far behind. With its tall and attractive design, it can open even the largest cans with ease. Thanks to its automatic cutting system, you don’t need to hold the can, as it will stop without letting go as soon as the cut is finished.

LUHUIYUAN Adjustable Bottle Opener a

Its easily removable blade will allow you to clean without problems. Our users choose this model for its ease of use and affordable price.

LUHUIYUAN Adjustable Bottle Opener

Can opener shopping guide

From food spills to finger injuries, your can opener can get on your nerves if it puts its mind to it. That is why below we will mention a list of points to take into account so that your new electric can opener does not cause you headaches.

What is an electric can opener and what advantages does it have?

The electric can opener is a useful household appliance that will save you the effort of opening a can on your own. The electric can opener will use its built-in blade to make a continuous cut through your can. The opening can without leaving a sharp edge that can hurt you. With hands-free technology becoming more prevalent, we can do something else in the kitchen while the can opener does its job, which is very useful. Its detachable blade makes its cleaning very simple. In addition to the fact that if it is made of stainless steel, the humidity of your food will not damage it and it will last for a long time.

Stationary models generally have an elegant design that will add a nice touch to your kitchen, while portable ones are so practical that you can use them on the go. In this article, we will give you the most important points to assess when you want to buy your new electric can opener. You can see them in the following table:

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Advantage” cons_title=”Disadvantages” ][i2pros]Automatic
Ease of use and cleaning
Minimal or no effort to use
Leaves a blunt edge on the lid
Long duration
Some models are portable[/i2pros][i2cons]Some are not 100% hands free
Higher cost than manual
Some require sharpening the blade
They take up more space than the manual
Some can’t open all sizes of cans
Most require power outlet[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Portable or stationary electric can openers – what should you pay attention to?

The main difference to find among the hundreds of electric can openers on the market is whether they are portable or not. Below we will explain why it will be good for you to consider the use you want to give your new electric can opener before making your purchase: 

Portable electric can opener: Most of them are automatic, and with a simple touch, they start doing their job without you touching them again. Their comfortable and lightweight design makes them easy to use and store after use.

As if that were not enough, they have a rechargeable battery that will allow you to use them without a power outlet, being able to take them away from home. However, its light material and battery usage can make it work for a shorter period.

Stationary electric can opener: These types of models are usually made of more resistant material than laptops, since being light is not their priority. Their weight will prevent even the heaviest cans from making them lose their balance, and with their automatic system, most of them will not require your attention once they are turned on.

Their design is usually attractive and the space they will occupy in your kitchen will be reduced. Thanks to its resistant material, you will be able to give it important long-term use. However, these will need the use of the electrical outlet, in addition to the fact that due to the weight already mentioned, their transport may not be so practical. Here is a table that will help you compare both styles:

Size and weight15cm in length and 300g in weight on average25cm tall and 1.5kg weight on average
MaterialPlasticPlastic or stainless steel
Power sourceUse of rechargeable batteryRequires electrical outlet

How much does an electric can opener cost?

Due to their ease of use, long life, and automatic operation, they are expected to cost more than manual can openers. The price range is wide, starting at around $15 and even exceeding $150 in some department stores. Depending on the brand and online site you can find electric can openers with rechargeable batteries that do not exceed $55, while the most popular stationary models among our customers range between $25 and $60.

Considering that the care required by this device is minimal, it is worth taking into account that the duration of your product will be prolonged and will maintain its effectiveness for a longer time than the manual design.

Where to buy an electric can opener?

Whether you decide on a stationary or a portable can opener, you can go to department stores such as Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, Elektra, or Walmart, where you can find various options and styles. Here, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and pocket. If you want to buy your electric can opener without leaving home, it is also possible. On online sites such as Mercado Libre, Costco, Amazon, eBay, or Linio, you can find other options for electric can openers that you can receive at the door of your home.

Compare and rate the different models of Electric Can Openers

Seeing so many options available on the market, it’s hard to know what to consider before buying our new electric can opener. That is why here we will show you what are the main factors that you should evaluate:

Size and portability

Electric can openers are for sale in 2 types of presentations: stationary and portable. They have some differences that we will mention here so that you can easily decide when making your purchase. Depending on your needs it will be how you will choose the one that suits you best:

Stationary: If you use multiple sizes of cans, you don’t want your can opener to be thrown off balance by a heavy can. Most reach 25cm in height and a weight of 1.5kg, so you will not have this problem.

Portable: With an average length of 15cm and around 300g in weight, they can easily be carried from one place to another without the need for an electrical connection. Of course, keep it charged to avoid surprises when you want to use it outside the home.

Easy to use

They are mostly automatic and turn off on their own as soon as they finish cutting, but there will be some that require you to hold the can or apply some manual pressure while they do their job. This decision will be yours, depending on whether you want your can opener to be 100% hands-free or not.

It should also be considered that some have a magnet system that holds the can while you open it. Although in some models this can cause the lid to stick or slip. In other cases, it will work perfectly and prevent the lid from flying off.

Anthony T Hincks

“When you think of things, think of a can opener for a penguin”

Type of cut

There are two types of cuts on electric can openers: top and side. You should pay attention to the type of cut that your new can opener has. Well, depending on the use you are going to give it, it is the one that you should choose. Here we explain what these 2 cuts consist of:

Uppercut: The blade pierces above the can lid and, with the help of a magnet, holds the lid at the end of the cut. If you use this lid to drain the liquid contained in the can, this cut is for you.

Side cut: Open the can below the rim, peeling off an entire lid like a jar. So you won’t be able to drain the liquid. Most models leave a soft edge to avoid causing cuts to your fingers. But you must consider this clarification on the product when making your purchase.


If what you are looking for in your new electric can opener is strength and long-term durability, the material is an important point to consider. First, you must make sure that the blade is stainless and, secondly, that it is made of one of the following materials:

Chrome steel: This type of steel has a layer of chrome that gives it resistance and facilitates its cleaning. In addition, preventing the accumulation of rust and giving it an attractive shine. However, it starts to corrode after a couple of years of use.

Stainless steel: Its rust resistance is impeccable, as well as its resistance to scratches, being only less shiny than chrome. If your priority is resistance to rough use and not so much the shine, this material is for you.

Carbon steel: Its hardness and resistance are what make this material stand out. But its defect is its lack of corrosion resistance. This is why the humidity of your food will not favor it much if you plan to use it frequently.

These 3 materials will be the most resistant to the impact of your cans. So the duration of your electric can opener will be longer. If you plan to use it daily, with different sizes and types of cans, do not forget to take this point into account.


One last factor to consider is the cleanliness of your electric can opener. The blade will not come into contact with the food, so there will be less need for cleaning.

If you have decided on a superior cut, pay attention to the ease with which the blade can be removed for when you want to clean it. Fortunately, the design of most electric can openers is such that the can does not move out of place and the lid does not slip when removed.

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