Which is the best hand mixer of 2023?

Braun hand mixer

Today, hand mixers are an indispensable appliance in most kitchens. They allow a wide variety of functions to be carried out, helping to prepare recipes easily and with great practicality. It is a product chosen by both professionals and amateurs in the kitchen.

Braun hand mixers are one of the market leaders due to their outstanding durability over time, the variety of accessories they offer, and good value for money. Next, we present a very complete guide with all the details you need to know to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

The Best Hand Mixer

The most important

  • We must first be clear about what our needs are and what we want to do with our Braun hand mixer. Thus, we will know what features and accessories the product we choose should have. A hand mixer is not the same for an expert in the kitchen as for someone who is just starting to cook.
  • It is important to know all the details of the brand and the models it offers. The wide variety of models can be overwhelming, so we will help you by answering all your questions.
  • Finally, issues such as power, crafting materials, and the number of speeds are very important attributes that will condition your final decision. These buying criteria will define which Braun hand mixer is right for you.

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The best Braun hand blenders: our recommendations

Braun MultiQuick 5 Maker and Hand Blender

Braun MultiQuick 5 Maker and Hand Blender

  • Power Bell Plus technology includes an extra milling blade
  • A larger cutting area for even smoother purees.
  • Spatter control technology, the unique hood-shaped design
  • Comfortable grip you’ll love the ergonomic design and simple
  • Two speeds and 350 watts of power allow you to easily adapt the texture of food to your baby’s age.
  • 1. 5-cup chopper ideal for adding texture to puree to help babies develop teeth

Braun Multiquick Hand mixer

Braun MQ505 Multiquick - Hand blender

  • Extra light and ergonomic design for maximum flexibility
  • Power Bell technology has durable stainless steel blades 
  • Technology exclusive to Braun
  • Easy Click ensures that all attachments can be removed in one simple click
  • Turbo boost for added power and a soft grip for comfortable use
  • Includes stainless steel blending shaft, 20fl oz

MultiQuick Hand Blender

Braun MQ735 MultiQuick Hand Blender

  • The world’s first-hand mixer with Smart Speed ​​technology
  • PowerBall Technology Durable stainless steel blades 
  • High-precision German-engineered motor is evenly balanced for power and durability
  • EasyClick Ensures that all accessories can be removed with a simple click
  • The soft grip handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable use.
  • 591 ml glass, mixer, and chopper included 400 W power. BPA free
  • Chopper Quantity: 350ml

Multiquick Immersion mixer

Braun Multiquick 1 MQ 100 Immersion blender

Everything you need to know about Braun hand mixers

When buying a Braun hand mixer, there are some questions and concerns about how to make the best decision. Therefore, here we leave you a guide with the most frequently asked questions by buyers to clarify all your doubts.

need to know about Braun hand blenders

What types of Braun hand mixers are there?

Braun currently has 4 types of hand mixers. Each one includes a variety of models that have particular characteristics and satisfy different needs. In the following table, we see a comparison of the types and their qualities.

What are the advantages of a Braun hand mixer?

When buying an appliance, the market offers us a wide variety of brands. However, when it comes to hand mixers, Braun is the undisputed leading brand. It is synonymous with quality, durability, and good prices. Some of its advantages are:

  • Innovation:  With its patented technologies, it is a pioneer in incorporating unique features that make its hand mixers stand out from the rest.
  • Versatility:  The great variety of models and accessories that it offers, allows it to facilitate and speed up the preparation time.
  • Quality:  It has multiple awards and recognitions for its quality. In addition, all products undergo extensive testing from the development phase to the end of the production line.
  • Design:  They have a minimalist, timeless, and easy-to-use design, balancing functional features with ergonomic ones.

advantages of a Braun hand blender

What do Active Blade, Powerball Plus, SPLASHControl, and Easy Click technologies mean?

  • Braun hand mixers are some of the most recognized on the market and this is due to the constant innovation of their products. Three exclusive characteristics of its models are: 
  • Active Blade: This is the technology that makes the blades go up and down permanently, thus allowing greater cutting efficiency, even with the hardest ingredients. These new blades extend the cutting area by 250%, thus obtaining up to 2 times finer and more precise results.
  • Powerball Plus:  This novelty from Braun includes an extra blade that expands the cutting area with each rotation, allowing you to process large amounts of food in less time.
  • SPLASHControl:  The innovative shape of the hood and the position of the blades inside it completely prevent splashes, allowing you to keep the kitchen clean when using it.
  • Easy Click: This allows the exchange of accessories quickly and easily.

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Purchase criteria

For those who are considering the possibility of buying a Braun hand mixer, knowing the most important criteria when deciding is key to making a good investment. Next, we develop the most relevant purchase criteria for this product.


Knowing the motor power of the Braun hand mixer is essential to know what to expect from it. Power not only affects the speed of the product but also how long it can be used continuously without damaging the motor.

In addition, the power is essential to know what types of food can be processed with each mixer, since for certain harder ingredients you will need a higher power kitchen mixer. Braun hand mixers fall into two categories:

High powerMedium power
Electric potential1000W or moreEntre 450 W y 750 W


The accessories are a complement that includes the Braun hand mixers that allow additional functions. Depending on the model, the accessories that we can find are:

  • Glass:  It is included in all models, its capacity is variable and it has a measuring ruler for quantities.
  • Rods:  To mount, stir and beat eggs and other creamy preparations that need fluffiness and aeration.
  • Chopper:  For a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that need fast and precise chopping, it saves time and avoids complications.
  • Food processor:  This multipurpose accessory allows you to cut, mix, slice, chop, and even knead all kinds of preparations.
  • Blend&Go:  For lovers of shakes and smoothies, the same accessory acts as a glass to move it comfortably.
  • Coffee and spice grinder: This allows you to finely grind all kinds of grains, seeds, and spices. It is easy to clean and does not absorb odors.
  • Food mill:  As its name suggests, it helps to prepare cooked vegetable purees quickly and conveniently.

Speed ​​control

The difference is between Braun hand mixer models that allow manual speed control and those that have an automatic speed control system. The former allows control to suit the user and the latter is adjusted to the type of preparation.

When choosing, automatic speed can be much more useful for some users, while others prefer to be able to control the speed they use themselves.

It is an individual decision according to the tastes and preferences of each one, but it must be taken into account that the most basic models only have manual speed, while the most complete models include the automatic function.

Arm material

Metal arms are generally considered to be of better quality and durability, but current technologies allow similar quality and durability to be achieved in plastic arms. In the Braun hand mixers, we can find two options among its models.

However, in terms of aesthetics and hygiene, metal arms are superior, since they do not stain, do not absorb odors or flavors, and are more resistant to continuous washing. For this reason, Braun hand mixers with a metal arm have a higher price than those with a plastic arm.

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Wireless design

Currently, it is common to find all kinds of appliances with a wireless design because they are characterized by providing greater comfort and freedom of use. Braun hand mixers also offer cordless models like the Multiquick 7 MQ 730 MR, which features Li-Ion recharging technology. This gives you autonomy of use and practicality to use anywhere, even if there are no plugs nearby.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Advantage” cons_title=”Disadvantages” ][i2pros]Useful for travel, camping, and places without electricity.
Lower energy consumption, it is more friendly to the environment.
They provide greater comfort and safety by preventing accidents with the cable.
Versatile and adaptable to any space.[/i2pros][i2cons]They tend to discharge after each use, so the battery needs to be constantly recharged.
The battery and charger can be damaged over time and must be replaced.[/i2cons][/i2pc]


With all this information, you are now more than ready to buy the right Braun hand mixer for you. Do not forget to take into account all the options offered by the brand and what are the advantages of choosing them.

In addition, being a key product in today’s kitchens, the purchase criteria will help you choose the model with the ideal features for your needs. We hope we have helped you make this difficult decision. You can leave us a comment to let us know which one is chosen.

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