Which is the best Mat of 2023?

Which is the best Mat of 2022?

As in every article, we recommend you make yourself comfortable to accompany us in the development of this text where we will tell you everything about rugs, a product for the home that helps to give a cozy touch to your spaces.

The rugs are an element that complements the interior design of our home or office, in addition to allowing our feet to touch the ground with total confidence and without sensations of cold. There are different sizes, fabrics, and designs and we will see them here later.

And we want you to have all the necessary information so that if you decide to, you can carry out the purchase of your future rug with total confidence and conviction. So we will see what they are, what advantages they provide, and the disadvantages they have, among many other details.

The important things

  • The rugs are decorative fabric items made of various materials, textures, and designs whose objective is to decorate, protect and provide comfort either at home or in offices. There are different spaces and activities.
  • There are several ways to categorize the types of rugs, but in the first instance, they are categorized by the manufacturing process and can be divided into those that are made by hand and those that are made by machine.
  • Among the criteria that we must take into account when undertaking the search and purchase of a rug, we will find aspects in which we will have to make important decisions, some of which are the material, the design, the patterns, and the shapes.

Ranking: The 3 best Mats

1st Place – Hisemy Large Plush Fluffy Carpet

Hisemy Large Plush Fluffy Carpet

Ideal children’s mat for babies and children to play safely and without being in direct contact with the ground, it is comfortable for babies from 0 months to play on it. It has educational prints that will attract their attention and they will learn.

Made with polyethylene that is pleasant to the touch, waterproof, and easy to clean. It is recommended not to place it in areas where it is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods so that it does not discolor.

2nd Place – Bath Mat

DiB Bath Mat Shaggy Coral

Mat made of gray microfiber, provides great comfort, quality, and design. The feet can immediately feel the softness that it feels to step on it. It is absorbent and does not slide around the bathroom when using it.

They also give a very stylish look to the bathroom. It can be combined with accessories in the same color, achieving coordinates that will make the set look very tasteful. Washing at home is very durable.

3rd Place – Plush Mat

Round Soft Bedroom Rug Fluffy Living Room Rug

White artificial sheepskin plush rug. It is a great option to give as a gift or to decorate the home or office with great style. It is very soft to the touch and can be placed on the floor, bed, or chair.

Its material is hypoallergenic and non-toxic and it causes allergies. It is a non-slip and durable backing. Its measurements are 65cm x 102cm. Can be washed at home without bleach. It is an environmentally friendly product.

The best Mat Shopping guide

This section includes essential information of which we must have prior knowledge of the purchase. This will allow us to act appropriately in the market, intelligently seeking and acquiring what we need.

What are mats and what advantages do they have?

Rugs are items for the home or office that serve as a decorative element, complementing the other furniture that is part of a space. They also help promote a more homey and cozy feeling, bring life to an area, and give our feet a chance to go barefoot. The diversity of rugs that exists is equally focused on their usefulness, so that, in addition to the decorative aspects, they also help us to retain the dirt that we have brought from the street, to get out of the bathroom without wetting the floor or to carry out the exercise, for example.

The selection of the mat together with the place where it is going to be placed must be chosen taking into account the personality of the decoration already installed in the area, as well as the personal taste of the buyer, this coordination will maintain uniformity in the place.


They provide warmth
Delimit spaces
Muffle the sound
Provide comfort


Dwarf the spaces
They catch dust
Hard to clean
They can load the style of a place
High prices

Hand-made or machine-made rugs – what should you pay attention to?

Although we probably don’t see it and don’t even know about it, the manufacturing process of a rug can be different from one to another. This step will also be decisive in the final price of the product since mass production is not the same as a handmade one. We tell you about both, so you can choose the ideal one for you. 

Handmade rugs: Artisans from different cultures have made rugs and rugs since ancient times, being an activity that has been consecrated over time. Those who generate these works are experts and it can be considered that they are almost unique pieces.

Machine-made rugs: Over time, machines were developed that allowed the manufacture of the necessary rugs on a larger scale to supply the market, first with looms that are still used today and later with machines. The advantage of the latter is that they can imitate any style, even those made by hand, and their product prices are lower.

Handcrafted rugsMachine made rugs
QualityHandmadeAny piece can be made and imitated
ProductionOnlyon a larger scale

Are there special mats for each environment?

To generate a warm atmosphere in a space or to improve its aesthetics, add color and contribute to the decoration, it will always be an option to acquire a rug. But which one should we choose?

Area rugs: They are those that are placed in the living room or television room. They are versatile, they are available in all sizes, shapes, and patterns. They provide comfort and warmth to an area where you share all the time with family and friends.

Hallway rugs:  They are more elongated and designed to fit into narrow areas and hallways. There are different lengths, widths, and designs. Whether they are corridors at the entrance of a house or office or corridors that connect other rooms.

Door mats: They are placed before people’s access to clean their feet, they can be at the front or rear door. They are available in a variety of designs and materials. They can also be customizable.

Outdoor rugs: The rugs created to be placed in external areas such as terraces are made with materials that make them resistant to weathering. They make a great game in the company of other garden furniture.

Bath mats: They are placed in front of the bathtub or shower so that we can place ourselves there before entering or leaving, preventing us from touching the cold floor and getting wet when we finish. They are firm and absorbent.

Other types of mats that exist are those that are placed on the stairs, children’s mats, kitchen mats, and those placed in the shower or yoga mats. There is practically a mat for every need and according to that will be the options that we can find.

How much does a rug cost?

Taking into account their manufacturing process, if they are made in an artisanal way, we will know that they are therefore higher-cost products. Other elements that influence the final price are the material they are made of, their size, and of course the store that puts them up for sale. The price range is as wide as the existing options. Alternatives can be found for almost $20.68, such as some plush ones that are for the foot of the bed, intermediate options between $31.02 and $206.82, and others with higher prices reaching more than $5,170.47.

Where to buy a rug?

These types of products are available in different stores such as Sears, Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool, Sam’s, and Home Depot. In specialized stores such as Terza, DIB, Dulce Hogar Carpets, Tufan Rugs, Unmat Mexico, and Carpet Warehouses, among many others. If yours is to peek into the world of rugs virtually, we recommend you visit sites like Amazon, Mercado Libre, eBay, or any of the aforementioned stores, since most offer a wide catalog with the option to buy.

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and qualify the different models of Rugs

When we go to a store to buy products that can come in many variants, then it is almost certain that we will have to make decisions to acquire what suits our needs. That is why the more prepared we are before the options, the better it will be. Below we will show you a couple of criteria that you should take into account.

  • Crafting Styles
  • Shapes
  • Materials
  • patterns

Crafting Styles

The method or style with which the textile fibers are used to create rugs varies according to the finish they give it. The sensation that they will give us to the touch has to do with that characteristic, some of these are:

Tufted: Also called tufted, they are those whose fibers cross the back of the rug mesh creating tufts of uniform size that are inserted according to the desired design and color.

Shag style: They are rugs that owe their softness thanks to the long and thick fluff with which they are made. They are dense but ideal for relaxation spaces, where you can walk and rest on them.

Knotted: The technique is associated with those that are of the Persian type. It is about making the mat by creating knots and every time one is created, it is cut. With this technique, a craftsman can spend up to a year making a rug.

Flat Weave: The method with knots, but instead of cutting each knot, continue weaving until the design is completed. This technique is widely used in the manufacture of rugs in areas such as the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and Asia.

Hooked: With this practice, patterns are created where the fiber is hooked through the holes in the mat’s mesh, achieving designs similar to those of a chessboard.

Braided: They are a classic American style. Long sections of fabric are braided and then joined together to create a finished piece. This technique is usually applied to round or oval rugs.

Any technique is suitable for living rooms, TV rooms, bedrooms, corridors, or offices. Those of special care are the bathroom, the stairs, or the exteriors where care must be taken that the material is resistant, absorbent, and smooth, respectively.


This product gives many variants in any characteristic and the forms are not the exception since you can choose between several types and surely one will be adapted to the space for which it will be destined. Some of them are:

Rectangular: One of the most common. It can be found in different sizes and occupy small or large-scale spaces. They are widely used in living rooms, dining rooms, television rooms, bathrooms, offices, or bedrooms, whether for adults or children.

Round: Another widely used shape, like the rectangular one, can decorate large living rooms or personal rooms. Their designs, materials, and colors are diverse, being able to find one that suits our needs.

oval: It is common to see them in bedrooms, dining rooms or living rooms, and even in offices. In some cases in halls, footboards, etc. Its designs and alternatives are as varied as any of the other forms.

Square: They are not as common as the others, but they exist and can be used in places where space and furniture delimit what would be an appropriate way to use them. They can be placed in the dining area for example.

Runners: They are those that look rectangular but are very elongated and narrower. Its use is directly related to places such as corridors or stairs, where the inhabitants and the views constantly pass by.

Other less traditional options are the octagonal, half-moon, or indefinite shapes that can be found in different sizes and materials and will look great if they are placed properly taking into account the spaces and the decoration that already exists.


The materials are a very important element in this type of product since they will determine its softness and comfort, as well as its durability. It is not the same to have a product for the interior as for the exterior or to rest and clean your feet. Each need requires different finishes.

Wool: It is one of the most used and popular materials in this area, being a natural fiber derived from sheep skin. They are soft, durable, strong, comfortable, luxurious, and easy to clean. It can be perfectly used in common-use areas but not in humid places.

Cotton: This material is used to create flat fabrics, they are cheaper than wool and at the same time less durable and luxurious. It is recommended to be used in more informal or casual places such as kitchens or bedrooms.

Jute or Sisal: These are durable, resistant, and versatile materials. Their characteristics make them a suitable and common option for outdoor use. They can even be kept in the sun since they do not discolor. They are rough so they are not recommended for rest areas.

Silk: They are rugs with which artisans can achieve very fine designs, they look very good, are very luxurious, and provide a great shine, but given their characteristics, they are not highly recommended for living in high-traffic spaces, added to the fact that they are not very durable.

Other materials to consider are leather or animal skin, plush, acrylic, and synthetic fibers. Each option has its characteristics that will be suitable for one or more spaces and the desired style.


Behind all the decisions that must be made, it is necessary to consider the style that we want to obtain in conjunction with the other furniture, pictures, or lamps or the design that we have already created. This is so that the mat and its features fit properly, without breaking the style or overloading it.

Among the various options that you will find in the market are alternatives that are geometric, abstract, animal print, oriental, solid, floral, with stripes, with borders or margins, Tibetan, chevron, from the Southwest, with dots, with children’s characters or clues of train and great etcetera because practically anything is possible.

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