Which is the best Gas Stoves of 2023?

Which is the best Stoves

When you think of the “house”, in addition to the rooms, the television, and other elements associated with its stay, you also think about the kitchen. And the stove is the protagonist of this space, along with the freezer and the rest of the culinary elements.

At USAappliance, we give you all the elements you need to get it right, without previous mistakes, when you go to buy a stove. We take care of presenting you with the best menu of options so that you can make your decision assertively. Choose based on the advantages and disadvantages that we will teach you about the manufacturer to consider.

Which is the best Stoves

First things first

  • A stove is a fundamentally important household appliance. It is the element with which you cook, boil water to make it consumable, and heat food, among other things. It is one of the first purchases one thinks of when building a home, and it has multiple quality and service criteria.
  • Today’s most advanced equipment includes a timer. Of all the purchase criteria, it is perhaps the most ambitious, relevant, and innovative. With it, the user can allow himself to perform multiple tasks while something is cooking, allowing a relaxation that manual equipment does not have.
  • It is one of the products with the highest prices available. It is not a team that is at vertical extremes, that is, it is very expensive or very cheap. There are stoves for practically any type of client: from low strata, through the middle, and reaching the high.

The best stoves: our recommendations

LG Floor Stove

LG Floor Stove

The leading element of the LG is the presence of a timer. The stove is made with the most modern materials and its alloys are fully protected against rust. In addition to this, it has a cover that will prevent the deterioration of the upper grills, something infrequent in equipment like this.

The use of the timer is especially useful for those who need to automate the kitchen. In other words, it is a device that optimizes family development, and even work, since it can cook without requiring attention from the owner. It has 6 burners and weighs 70 kilograms.

Acros AF-5434D

Floor Stove 76 cm Stainless Steel Mabe

One of the products that have the most to say in terms of quality/price is the Acros AF-5434D. Despite being a mid-range device, it offers a variety of features typical of more advanced and ambitious devices, such as grills of three types. The lower oven has only one floor and its capacity is 5.1 p.

The material of the stove is based on aluminum, a resistant material that is often used in the most demanding appliances. In addition to this, the device weighs 53 kilograms and has 6 burners for cooking. The conditions of this product allow it to be easily placed in almost any space.

The best Stoves Shopping guide

Full belly happy heart. This is what our grandmothers used to tell us, and the reality is that if you know how to cook, you already have much of what it takes to keep your partner happy.

qualify the different models of stoves

What is a stove and what advantages does it have?

A stove is an electronic and gas-operated appliance that, through its multiple burners, produces enough heat to bring any food to the point of cooking. The most modern on the market also integrates a lower oven. This element is where everything that is consumed is made. Almost all products are prepared here, from meat to boiled foods, soups, and more. Few culinary utensils, such as rice bowls, serve as a complement to what she does.

A kitchen must meet several requirements, such as having good durability and being easy to clean, among other things. All this must be provided for in one of these products. The sum of these factors guarantees a longer useful life for the equipment and the facilitation of the development of life at home.


Make life at home easier
Indispensable utensil in modern life
Improves work performance
Different types for different needs.
Small designs for small spaces
Automated stoves with a timer
The integration of the oven varies the ways of cooking


There are too big and heavy stoves
More complete kits can be expensive
Large stoves are difficult to integrate into spaces
A built-in stove is often necessary
Small, comfortable designs produce little heat

Stove with or without a timer – what should you pay attention to?

There is an enormous plurality of options when it comes to stoves. They integrate a variety of alternatives that relativize too much, and it depends on what the client prioritizes, to know what should be the protagonist when choosing one. Despite that, perhaps the most important thing in one of these systems is the presence of a timer.

No timerWith timer
Fully manual kitchenPossibility of attending other activities besides cooking
Impossibility of programming the timeStreamlining of housework
Need to fully service the kitchenYou can better schedule the day
Slow and less agile cookingFast and efficient cooking

What precautionary measures should I take when using my stove?

Variables such as the material the stove is made of, for example, are also something to pay attention to. These devices must necessarily be guaranteed against rust because otherwise, they will require repair or purchase of a new one in less time, which is impractical and very expensive.

The stoves must prevent the proliferation of pests in the home, such as cockroaches, rats, ants, and others. This can only be avoided by paying attention to the sealing capacity of its burners, a characteristic that not all products of this type have. In addition, keeping it hygienic is essential.

Sanitation depends a lot on the ease with which dirt adheres to the surface. Those that are made with materials based on porcelain, or with porcelain itself, avoid this and facilitate cleaning, preventing pests and other inconveniences.

How much does a stove cost?

There are stoves located in a wide purchasing spectrum. In this sense, it can be in a range of costs that go from those that are luxurious, with an extremely high price, to ones that turn out to be small and modest. It is responsible to consider the following: the quality of this product is mediated by its price. The most expensive stoves show a performance percentage consistently higher than that of their cheaper peers. The most expensive with prices around $800 The cheapest can be between $250. Average prices can range from $150 to $350.

Where to buy a stove?

It is one of the most important kitchen utensils in every house and therefore they are not difficult to obtain. It is advisable to explore shops dedicated to the sale of these stoves such as Cocimundo. Regarding department stores and distributors, Wal-Mart and Coppel lead the characteristic list where this type of artifact can be found.

On the other hand, if these options do not measure up, you can always appeal to the increasingly diverse and complete electronic market. In such a quadrant, spaces such as Amazon or Mercado Libre can be explored, where the alternatives are quite wide. In them, you can see expensive, cheap, or average equipment.

Compare and qualify the different models of stoves

In addition to the quality of the supplier, the most important areas, and the customization of the product, there is a great variety of details that have to do directly with the quality of what is about to be purchased. Variables and characteristics that, altogether, can determine whether or not it is compatible with the buyer’s expectations.


When buying a stove, it is essential to know what is the ideal type of cover for it. In this case, you should take into account the following: how much time do you have to clean your stove?

By answering such a question, you will be able to choose. If you decide on a stainless steel one, you will obtain a product capable of resisting changes in temperature and acids, but that will require constant cleaning. On the other hand, glass-ceramic and glass, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, are easy to clean.

It should be noted that the ceramic hob has an additional feature that makes it more comfortable, and that is that it includes programming systems to control the fires.


The stove bottom oven is one of the vital pieces of modern equipment. This complement allows a type of cooking that cannot be done in superior products since the distribution of heat in this device is different from that of the emission of a burner. Your space is therefore something to be observed.

The more spacious it is, the more food you can cook instantly. Therefore, if you live with several people, opting for one with two or three grids is ideal. Make sure that these are adjustable in terms of height and sliders. All this will make it easy to prepare various dishes.

If you live alone, one compartment will be more than useful.


The stoves have various designs and are intended for different types of homes. From young singles to large and numerous families, as well as residences that share the equipment. Each of these forms of organization has specific needs.

A larger stove is advisable for an already consolidated family. It is also, of course, important that the kitchen where it will take place is spacious and can accommodate the space easily. Because these are usually 120 cm wide and 95 cm high.

Those that are small and mobile are only recommended for studios or small spaces. Whose measurements are usually 50 cm wide and 60 cm high?

Many stoves are temporary while one of higher quality is acquired concerning the user’s needs. Thus, a piece of small and mobile equipment can be purchased temporarily.

Number of burners

The presence of “jumbo” (the place used to locate the grills) limits the number of burners present in the equipment. This has an advantage since it can be said that this complement offers a different way of cooking. In addition to the burners and a disadvantage is that fewer things can be cooked at the same time.

Stoves commonly have 6 burners. Those that have a lower quality have 4 and those that can be high-end, but have less, have the aforementioned “jumbo”. If you are a user who cooks large amounts of things at the same time, a 6-burner cooker is more suitable for you than the aforementioned compliment.

Since you will save more time and enjoy the daily exchange with family and friends. The detail that, in the long run, makes the product quality or not.


Accessories are all the extra materials that the team has. A recipe book, instruction manual, and other things can be included in this section. The last mentioned must be in the native language and it must be reviewed so that it exposes, for example, the capacity of the team.

Some stoves can only accommodate a certain amount of weight on their burners because otherwise, they could deteriorate inside. This must be taken care of by the client before starting to use it. Therefore, said instruction is essential.

Remember that recognized brands, like some that we mentioned in the ranking (Mabe, Acros), are the ones that usually bring the largest number of accessories.

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